Breakout City #3 – Josh Daicos

Written by Chillo on February 10 2021

In this ten-part series we’ll try to find you that elusive breakout contender, the underpriced and undervalued gem who could decide your Supercoach season’s fate. Some basic criteria (which are a little flexible):

  • Player is entering their second, third or fourth season in the league,
  • Starting price somewhere between $350K and $500K, and
  • Averaged somewhere between 70 to 90 ppg the previous season.

Next up is a Pies midfielder with a fearsome pedigree….


2021 Starting Price: $442 200 midfielder

Scoring History (most recent first): 82.3 (16 games), 53.0 (5), 59.1 (10), 49.5 (2)

Why he will BREAKOUT this year: Son of the Macedonian Marvel, Josh Daicos was drafted by the Pies as father-son with the 57th pick in the 2016 draft as a skilful half-forward type. Given time to develop by Collingwood, Daicos only played a handful of games in each of his first three seasons, but emerged into the spotlight in 2020. Josh managed 20+ possessions in eight of his 16 games and four Supercoach tons, all topped off by the Goal of the Year award for an effort against the Swans that is best described as “Daicosesque”. With Treloar moved on to the Dogs, Pendlebury moving into the twilight of his glittering career and the next generation of Pies poised to take on more responsibility, it’s not difficult to see Daicos advancing his game even further in 2021.

Why he won’t: Even after four years in the system, Daicos is still very much an outside player and might not get the time on the ball he needs to further boost his scoring. His natural savvy around goals probably means he’ll spend a portion of his game time in that part of the ground also, which may spell trouble if the Pies struggle this season as predicted by many judges.

VERDICT: Another example of just how important forward status can be! All that time spent on the wing in 2020 means Daicos is mid only this year, which probably spells the end as far as many coaches are concerned. He should be watched closely however – pre-season reports on his form and fitness are very, very encouraging…

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6 thoughts on “Breakout City #3 – Josh Daicos”

  1. Who is Collingwood’s midfield this year with Trealor gone?

    Adams, then… Pendles, sidebottom (listed at mid-forward),Elliot and De Goey might go through, Quaynor? Mayne? Sier should if he can get a game, Brown?

    I think Daicos will be kept in the forward half mostly, and if so, will score inconsistently.


    1. Disagree, Brad. Think the Pies midfield is Daicos’ for the taking.

      Pendles and Adams are there no questions, but Sidebottom plays off of HF starting on the F50 line not on ball, Elliot and De Goey won’t be perma-mids, Sier and Brown will take a backseat and Quaynor is a half back rebounder – that leaves a spot for Daicos, who has reportedly had a terrific preseason developing in that role.

      Doesn’t mean he’ll be a great SC pick, but that midfield spot is his imo.


      1. Agree with all of that. Pendles finished last year like a freight train, but he’s now 33 and can’t keep going forever. Adams misses games and already has a hammy complaint. Sier couldn’t get a game last year and Daicos is clearly the best of the rest. It’s just a question of whether he’s good enough.


      2. Cheers Gunners. I was really scratching yo put names there. Hopefully the preseason can give us some sort of indication.


  2. last year the Pies had 12 non-rucks attend CB’s and Daics wasn’t one of them

    The % is the season % of CBA for that player in their total games played

    Adams 76%
    Pendelebury 74%
    Treloar 59%
    Elliott 57%
    Wills 54%
    Sier 54%
    De Goey 39%
    Sidebottom 24%
    Greenwood 22%
    TBrown 16%
    Crisp 4%
    CBrown 3%

    Obviously a couple have left a couple are old and one can’t attend many more CB’s in a game than he does but of the rest I see a couple who could easily increase their inside mid time before Daicos gets a go in there.
    Like you said at the start, 2020 was his best year but what didn’t say was is that he didn’t have a single CBA!
    He might get a go at some stage even the Browns got a go last year but he wont do enough for SC



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