Captaincy Candidates – Round 10

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on May 18 2023

Vice-Captaincy Candidates


  • L3 v Crows: 88, 87, 199 (125 av.)
  • L3 @ MARS: 87, 140, 99 (109 av.)

Simply has to be considered each week. High stakes top 8 altering match this weekend. A lock for 130.


  • L3 v Crows: 111, 90, 104 (102 av.)
  • L3 @ MARS: 111, 104 (108 av.)

Tailed off a little with a three round average of 100 flat but SLOB has just regressed so much and Tingles will work him silly on a small deck. Should be back in black for 130.


  • L3 v Dogs: 81, 141, 54 (92 av.)
  • L3 @ MARS: N/A (N/A)

Away from AAMI and against a very strong midfield not ideal for Dawson but a smaller sized ground will suit him and you’d back him to really drill down as the Crows angle for a big scalp. Solid for 120, more if Baird plays and he really gets cooking.

Captaincy Candidates

MERRETT v Tigers

  • L3 v Tigers: 150, 102, 137 (130 av.)
  • L3 @ MCG: 91, 88, 92 (90 av.)

A popular trade in option with the Dons’ juicy upcoming fixture. The Tigers really found some form last week but remain a soft midfield to crash into. Zerrett solid for 120 as the Dons try to convert on what’s otherwise been a good season.

DAICOS v Blues

  • L3 v Blues: 81, 59 (70 av.)
  • L3 @ MCG: 125, 81, 145 (117 av.)

We’re all avoiding him due to a slew of tags but eventually a team will give him a pass and he’ll go back to his 130 ways. The Blues profile as a flailing side mean they might try a heavy handed tag but no one immediately comes to mind and their I50 conversion has been very poor. Daicos a look to get off a chain and return to 130+.


  • L3 v Giants: 92, 118, 108 (106 av.)
  • L3 @ GS: 51 (51 av.)

Had what was honestly a career performance against the Crows off an ankle roll last week with 49 HOs, a career best HTA numbers and 8 tackles. If Mason Cox can slay Flynn and GWS, then surely RoMo can do the same for 125.

Steer Clear

SATAN v Port

  • L3 v Port: 68, 118, 105 (97 av.)
  • L3 @ AO: 176, 68, 118 (121 av.)

Not a Steer Clear in that you can totally VC him and he’s still a god but his record v Port isn’t great and they’re annoyingly restrictive. I’m looking elsewhere but still does 120~.

…now that I’ve semi written him off watch him pop off.

Also, Port are still running Teakle as R1, so Gawn could be a nice shout if anyone can stomach it.

Smoky Pick


  • L3 v Roos: 106, 52, 45 (68 av.)
  • L3 @ MRVL: 74, 106, 72 (84 av.)

Much like Taranto v Eagles a few weeks ago, Gulden against North might just be too good to be true. He’s done back to back 156s and is about to hit 600k. On paper, he should square North up for 120+ but a lower stakes game might not fully enliven his burst playstyle.

DAY v Eagles

  • L3 v Eagles: 52, 68 (60 av.)
  • L3 @ UTAS: 91, 83, 38 (71 av.)

More so a fun shout than anything given he really hasn’t shown a ceiling bar one game but Will Day is a truly a star. Tuned up DE last week and he would have tonned nicely. Should do the Eagles in Tassie for a ton. Fun flyer if you have a definite C you want to run with.

  • Round 1: Green 132
  • Round 2: Baird 147
  • Round 3: Satan 156
  • Round 4: Tingles 145
  • Round 5: Tingles 137
  • Round 6: Miller 40
  • Round 7: Satan 134
  • Round 8: Satan 136
  • Round 9: Tingles 88 (two subtons in a month!)


Got a little maneuver planned this week: Daicos into RoMo. Want to ride Daicos to bounce back and then given it’s Giants v Saints, RoMo and Madden are available. If you’ve got Bont however, give him a look.


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49 thoughts on “Captaincy Candidates – Round 10”

  1. Thoughts on big Sean Darcy? Has been in great form and could see him beating up on Ceglar and co at home.


    1. Yeah. Don’t mind it at all, Matty.

      DARCY v Cats:

      L3 v Cats: 156, 97, 74
      L3 @ OS: 77, 137, 132


    2. Just keep an eye as Hawks haven’t given up too many pts to opposition ruck recently. He should score well though


  2. At this stage Roberts is my only loop. So looking at Gawn VC.
    Probably into Sicily, but I am pretty worried about C choice this week. May end up choosing the highest floor, rather than highest ceiling . Thinking maybe Marshall.


  3. GD, how are you gonna ride Daics into RoMo? The games are only an hour apart… right? Am I taking crazy pills?

    Love the analysis though. Long time reader, first time commenter 🙂 I like your thoughts on Tingles, might try him into RoMo in an all-ruck combo this week


    1. Will have an hour to see if he’s being tagged or not! Lol.

      Double ruck super solid. Good luck, Pana.


    2. I’ll pass on bont at Mars I hate the ballarat conditions it’s always freezing and windy at that stadium .

      Zerrett into daicos for me I think..
      Otherwise gulden into zerrett..


        1. I was trying to reply to GD’s Daicos/Marshall combo and something stuffed up :/ nothing high risk about Oliver/Bont lol


  4. GD is the GOAT.

    If Teakle is named, no Lycett will be Gawn VC.

    Otherwise Errol / Bont can fight for the VC lol.


    1. On the flip side, Gawn against Lycett with no Teakle – could it still be worth a shout? I don’t think Lycett was hard to score against when in the side.


  5. Really tough this week. Simple solution is Oliver into Bont.

    Like Gulden, Merrett and Shrek as VC options… but they play after Bont.

    So it may have to be Bont into Naicos.


    1. Would have named options ahead of both as they’re crashing into relatively strong midfields.

      Suppose maybe one has a CP blinder but hard to pin down.


    1. Not ahead of named options and not away from home.

      If you’ve got a major feel for him this week, do it – but on paper, no.


  6. Good evening Gd.
    Stats re liberator v crows please.
    Tossing up between him or Bont as vc.


    1. Hey, Tinka. Hope you’re well.


      LIBERATORE v Crows:

      L3 v Crows: 137, 123, 127
      L3 @ MARS: 92, 123, 78

      Love Libba as a pick. Crows midfield a lot stronger since his string of 120-30s against them but still a good shout with Tingles on top and Baird potentially not 100%.

      Best of luck.


  7. Any stats for Tom Stewart @ Optus Stadium? Thinking of bringing him in this week and possible VC into Marshall but if he’s got a bad history out west then might change the trade to D Cameron. Thanks GD, awesome write up each week.


    1. As a Tom Stewart owner for the last 2-3 seasons straight.

      No, not in Perth, and not against Freo who have been hard for defenders to score against.

      Still a great in, but just not a VC candidate this week.


    2. You can walk and chew gum, Bindu.

      Bring Stewart in, just don’t VC him.

      STEWART v Freo

      L3 v Freo: 187, 102, 89
      L3 @ OS: 95, 102, 145


  8. Thanks GD

    I finally bring in Clarry as a VC option and you have the Steer Clear on him LOL.

    The main problem for me is nearly all my other options in Dawson/ Laird / Bont and English. Play in the same game. I do have left field options in Gulden, Anderson, Marshall or Daicos but I don’t really trust them.

    My Captains choices have been terrible this year as I haven’t managed a 120+ score in over a month.

    I think I will stick with my original plan and go with the guys averaging the most.

    Oliver into Bont for me.


  9. Thoughts on Sicily with Jiath out injured and against the Eagles this week?
    Scored 134 last week against the Dees


    1. You’re misreading Jiath’s absence, Nato.

      He and Sicily play distinctly different roles and are in totally different defensive zones.

      The real impact of Jiath going down is it shores up Mitchell’s JS.

      The Hawks have regressed defensively a little this year and really haven’t had a strong 3rd lockdown come through (Blanck, DBG flops, they had Weddle last week), so that’s why his scoring hasn’t been that great. Hasn’t been able to beat his man then, knowing the other talls are accounted for and the defense is set, start to peel off, intercept and distribute. Playing a harder lockdown and general role.

      Jiath down not going to alter that modus vivendi.

      He’ll still be capable of decent scores but, no, the Jiath rationalisation is misguided.

      The boon this week is Sicily is playing in Tassie and the Eagles are down a key tall in Darling, lightening the load for the Hawks’ defence.

      Even still, the diceroll seems unnecessary with Bont and others available early.


      1. Fair enough, I wasn’t really looking at putting the C on him
        It was just looking at last season, when Jiath didn’t play, Sicily had a tonne in 7/8 games with his lowest 97. He had 3 over 130 in those 8 games.


    1. Sorry, EHC. Missed this.

      Suppose it’s lucky I didn’t follow up and potentially affirm the call because Ziebell fell off a cliff after a hot start.


  10. Take Oliver 120 as VC or put the C on the Bont? 120 for your C feels like you don’t win or lose!

    TU: Clarry
    TD; Bont


  11. Strongly considering Marshall as C now that Flynn has been dropped and GWS are playing Briggs as their only ruck. Thoughts?



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