Captaincy Candidates – Round 13

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on August 20 2020

Vice-Captaincy Candidates


  • L3 v Dees: 93, 128, 90 (104 av.)
  • L3 @ MS: 199, 96, 87 (127 av.)

Promoted him from last week’s Smoky Pick to a VC option after the master class he put on v the Crows last week. With the Dogs and Dees squaring off for a spot in the eight, expect Bont to give it everything for 140.


  • L3 v Dees: 120, 105, 131 (119 av.)
  • L3 @ MS: 118, 162, 169 (150 av.)

Although Bont, Hunter and Bailey Smith hogged all the SC points last week, Macrae should return to captaincy material this round. Playing up at Metricon where he’s popped off this season, solid for 130.


  • L3 v Dogs: 75, 125, 136 (112 av.)
  • L3 @ MS: 175, 83 (129 av.)

Will be interesting to see how Satan goes against an opponent with plenty of midfield depth. Even so, with his form right now I don’t see him serving up anything less than 125.

Captaincy Candidates

FYFE v Swans

  • L3 v Swans: 101, 115, 145 (120 av.)
  • L3 @ OS: 121, 130, 112 (121 av.)

The complacency of parking Fyfe FWD and expecting their young blood to put away the Blues last week backfired. Guaranteed he plays increased MID minutes this week, giving him the potential to serve up 140+.

NEALE v Saints

  • L3 v Saints: 79, 118, 117 (105 av.)
  • L3 @ G: 167, 130, 147 (148 av.)

Fagan tried to take it easy on Neale last week and lowered his TOG down from his usual 98%, but they’re going to have to fire on all cylinders this week in a crucial match against the Saints. I’d be surprised if the Saints insult Steele and have him tag, so Neale a lock for 135 back at the Gabba.

KELLY v Eagles

  • L3 v Eagles: 94, 107, 144 (115 av.)
  • L3 @ OS: 119, 94, 107 (107 av.)

Had the numbers for a monster score last week, but just absolutely butchered it. With big potential INs, the Giants will throw everything they’ve got at the Eagles. Assuming Hutchings isn’t back, Kelly will  comfortably go 125 at a minimum.

Steer Clear


  • L3 v Port: 135, 105, 123 (121 av.)
  • L3 @ AO: 105, 101, 71 (92 av.)

Even in their loss to the Cats last week Port, like they’ve done all year, tend to clip the ceilings of MIDs with their excellent contested possession engine room. Couple that with Titch’s poor record in Adelaide, I’d steer clear of a likely low-ton.

Smoky Pick

DUNCAN v Crows

  • L3 v Crows: 118, 86, 86 (97 av.)
  • L3 @ AO: 118, 121, 80 (106 av.)

Always have to mention someone from Adelaide’s opponent each week. While Danger will be most people’s instinct, it’s pretty likely he gets parked FWD as the Cats should knock the Crows out early. With Duncan consistently on the ball, think he’s a chance for a cheeky 150 this week.


I’m thinking Bont into Neale, both with big ceilings in important matches – surely one of them goes huge.


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36 thoughts on “Captaincy Candidates – Round 13”

  1. As a saints fan I fully expect Steele to go to Neale around the stoppages and will use him as a starting point. If he’s getting too much of it, will definitely turn into a tag.


    1. You think, Will? Hmm.

      Steele’s been such a great inside generator in his own right lately, be a shame if they relegated him back to tagging.

      Might bring Fyfe into consideration for me then.


      1. Steele likes to have an oppo player as a reference point to play off. He hasn’t actually done a hard tag all season, just gets the job done off the back of his competitiveness at the stoppage. In reference to Neale, if Steele doesn’t play off him at stoppage, Ross might take up a tagging job on him.


  2. Cripps against Suns is almost acting as a smokey pick for me. Only 1 score above 125 for the season and it was rd 9, 149 against Hawks. I wonder if it is worth backing him in against the Suns.
    He is in over 50% of teams so I probably won’t be the only one thinking this


    1. CRIPPS v Suns

      L3 v Suns: 169, 73, 115 (119 av.)
      L3 @ TIO: N/A

      My issue with Cripps is he’s so clearly not 100%, Nato. Up to you though, good luck.


      1. Looking at my team, don’t really have any loophole options. This sort of makes Cripps as my only option for VC unless Schoenberg is unnamed.
        So just hope he does well, otherwise back in Neale to continue his super run of form


  3. Thinking Bont or Macrae into NicNat.

    GD, thoughts on NicNat against Sauce? I mean even Sinclair managed 130!


    1. Ooo, yes, Froff! I like it.

      I was going to list him as my Smoky Pick, but I thought I then might be open to the charge of bias lol.

      NAITANUI v Giants

      L3 v Giants: 115, 128, 83 (109 av.)
      L3 @ OS: 153, 129, 146 (143 av.)

      The really important numbers, like you mentioned, are the scores that Sauce gives away: Goldstein 164, English 120, Sinclair 130, etc.

      Go for it.


      1. Thanks for the confidence here. Ended up going Macrae VC but stupidly didn’t check to see if I had any loopholes. Turns out all of my players were playing so ended up rolling with NicNat and it was a great result.


  4. Macrae into.Neale for me
    Don’t be surprised Naitanui is rested .
    4 games in 19 days and B Williams listed E a few games running has been very impressive in practice games


    1. I wouldn’t look at Grundy this week, Nick. He and Goldy will cancel each other out.

      Nevertheless, here are his stats:

      GRUNDY v Roos

      L3 v Roos: 133, 113, 114 (120 av.)
      L3 @ G: 148, 147, 100 (132 av.)


      1. Didnt gawn and goldy last year both go like 160+ one game last year in tassy i think? Grundy and goldy could well do the same here…


  5. GD! As a recent convert to the ways of the smoky pick, I am shattered to not have Duncan in my team.

    Could you predict Rich to go 140+, just for me?


      1. Just so you know GD, I’ve put the C on Rich. Your special smoky pick wasn’t wasted at all.

        It’s to loophole Bont’s VC, but Rich got the C nonetheless.


    1. PETRACCA v Dogs

      L3 v Dogs: 105, 95, 53 (84 av.)
      L3 @ MS: 141, 92, 86 (106 av.)

      Note: Petracca’s scoring history shouldn’t be weighted as much as other captaincy candidates given this is his first year as an elite scorer.


  6. Reckon it’s really tough to pick which of the mids will go big in Dogs v Dees so will likely go Neale into NicNat


    1. Yep too many guns to share the points in that game. Wish I knew if Xerri was playing, would make my VC choice a lot easier. Damn this nightly naming of teams!!!


  7. Anyone thinking of Dangerfield for the C against Adelaide or will he be playing more forward?
    TU yes
    TD no
    Comment any thoughts


  8. VC on Oliver didn’t work at all but looking at a wild captain pick. Just looking for extra points but currently look like I’ll comfortably win my league match ups no matter what so want to have some fun with it.
    TU: M Duncan against Adelaide
    TD: N Naitanui against Mummy



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