Chillo’s Pre-AAMI Team Reveal

Written by Chillo on March 4 2021

The One-Weekend-Preseason-Cup-With-No-Trophy is finally here, and it all starts tonight at Stan Lee Stadium with the Blues taking on the Saints. I’ve been abusing the trade button since December and this is how my current mob looks. Don’t panic, I only have about 3000 trades to go before the first bounce in two weeks…


Like everyone else, I have little to no faith in rookie defenders this year so I’ve gone with four ‘keepers’ at the back. Everyone should have Lloyd and Laird, and I think Midfield Mills is a good pick (if a little over-priced).

Everybody has forgotten about Doc and that’s the way I like it. Averaged 92 last year coming off back-to-back ACLs, and has apparently recovered well from his off-season surgery. He’s still the Blues general at the back and should score above his price tag.

The rookies – honestly who the hell knows! I like Jones but he’s playing for a very strong team, the others are just place holders at this stage.


Don’t care about Lachie’s calf injury. He repeatedly saved me from pure disaster last year. He’s in.

Oliver looked surprisingly good in the scratch match so he’s back in. Danger and Cripps are easy picks, but I’m not as convinced by Rowell. Keeping the faith, but watching very closely this weekend.

Dow looks like a different player this year and I think most of the rookies pick themselves – although they’re all subject to change, naturally.


Last year was an absolute debacle. I’m not doing that again. Lock ‘n’ load.


Dusty looks fit and Heeney is underpriced. They’re the only non-rookies in the forwards because the def rooks suck so bad and Father Dougal’s rule number four is gospel. I’d like to fit Ziebell in there instead of Campbell, but not sure where to get the $$$ from.


I’m sure I’m not alone is saying that the reduced exposure for rookies in the pre-season this year is killing me. Need a couple of the coin tosses to cement their places this weekend so I can build a team around them.

Current bye structure for the keepers is 2-4-7. Thinking about swapping Mills for Stewart, which would give me the preferred 3-4-6, but still thinking.

I originally had Dunks instead of Danger, but from comments during the week it’s clear the coach still hates him, so he’s out. I also think Zak Butters will have a great year, but sadly you can’t pick them all.


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9 thoughts on “Chillo’s Pre-AAMI Team Reveal”

  1. Great team very well balance i’m also doing 4 deep down back can’t see much rooks being named round 1!


  2. Very nice teaam chillo!
    It has a Nice balance all round
    I look forward to seeing heeneys role this weekend and if he looks fit or not.


  3. Nice team Chillo. I haven’t been convinced up to now that you could have 13 premos including the big 4 and have a balanced team. Your side has me thinking that it css as. Be done.
    With Danger in the mids, you effectively have 4, 4,2,3 for premos. I think it’s harder to buy top shelf mid premis during the season, and probably easier to buy a forward. So I would consider a mid premo instead of Danger and go 4,5,2,2.
    The other consideration is that you have 4 defensive rookies. I guess at a pinch you could take Cox and downgrade Campbell if you had too to keep 4 rookies. But if it’s only 3 would you consider going to 5 keepers in defence? This could leave you 5,5,2,1. Scary, but given the scarcity of defensive rookies and appealing forward premo choices, it may work.


    1. Thanks Phil, interesting thoughts. I’m pretty set on starting with Dangerfield and I especially like his bye round, but you make a good point about the difficulty in making too many midfield upgrades. Hmmm….

      If the forward rookies turn up this weekend, 5-5-2-1 is a left-field option that’s just crazy enough to work!


  4. Very very similar to where I ended up. I’ve gone Tracca instead of Neale to enable me to pick up a bit more of the discount forward disease, given Neale’s very interrupted preseason.

    25 players the same right now though.


    1. Glad to hear I’m on the right Tracc! Just kidding. I’d rate Neale as my favourite Supercoach player of all time. He’d have to be wearing a cast before I left him out.


  5. You get the Ziebell money by going Oliver down. He had a great season no doubt, but massively overpriced and always throws in a stinker. You’ll get him much cheaper later on.


    1. 83 games in a row
      Lowest price in that time was $539K
      60 scores of 100+
      Doesn’t get shoved into the forward line or abandoned on the wing

      I love that ginger. Lock him in.



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