Cow Talk R16 –>17

Written by Father Dougal on July 7 2021

Small or Far Away, Father Dougal on Cows

Hi Everybody!


I started a new job today…

I will not starve, yay!

And I am dumber than the hamster, at least at the moment

Double yay, pumpkin seed poker time!

So, I’m sticking to the numbers and maybe a little comment if there is anything to say.

At least this week he’s clear on what he has to say….

I’d attempt a witty comeback, but if I was up for one I’d probably be writing more.  Anyways, best of luck this week everyone.




Nikolas Cox:  Going down


Jack Buckley: Out for the season

Jacob Koschitzke: Bleh

Thomas Highmore:   Still a rookie, still score like one, but, still making money

Nathan Murphy: Came back with a 72. Still not looking like much cash wise, but decent cover hopefully.



Jordan Clark:  Out hurt.

Changkuoth Jiath:  Also still a cow and scoring like one. But a pretty good one.




Sam Berry: If you own him, he seems to have a job

James Jordan: Cash him in now if you need to.

Tom Powell:  Did not play

Lachie McNeil: Did not play.

Riley Collier-Dawkins: Came back, but was pretty blah.

Ryan Bynes: Puttering along. I have no idea what he will do week to week. Trade or hold as needed



Matt Flynn:   Damn, dammity, damn damn damn.

Jordan Sweet:  Did not play.

CCJ:  Hurt after scoring 5. Rhymes with clucking bell.





Robertson:   Keeps on being decent

Warner: Did not play

Scott: Meh

Rowe: Nice again

Bergman: Looks downhill from here

Farar: Did not play

Owies: One more round of growth

Poulter: He is playing and is DPP, so, useful.

Jones: Sadly did not back up the ton again.

Madden:  Did not play

Weightman:  Oh my!  Sell two rounds from now or forever keep.


Atkins: Up and down and up and down

Daniher: Now heading down in price, but fine to hold. Who needs a premo F6 anyways.

(Please let me know if someone is missing or if something is messed up.)

Dodgy Advice:  Do not play high stakes poker with hamsters.


Remember the Cow Talk guarantee: “All predictions wrong or triple your money back!”  (Offer not valid if money is actually involved.)

I am time-zonally challenged.  When Cow Talk goes live I’m probably asleep, so replies from me may take a while.

Thanks for reading!


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9 thoughts on “Cow Talk R16 –>17”

  1. Best of luck with the new job, Father!

    I probably shouldn’t admit this publicly, but it took an embarrassingly long time after I first started posting here for me to work out that you weren’t an actual priest.


    1. FD asleep rn, Tipp.

      Loosely, if Bianco keeps scoring 60s his price should run out something like this:

      R17: 227k (+23k, BE 7)
      R18: 246k (+19k, BE 16)
      R19: 260k (+14k, BE 26)
      R20: 271k (+11K, BE 35)
      R21: 279k (+8k, BE 41)
      R22: 285k (6k, BE 46)
      R23: 289k (4K, BE 49)


      1. Probably not the thread to be asking this question on but now that I have you here since I do value your opinion.

        If playing for league not overall score, would you rather go into finals with a fully premo side and 0 trades, or 2 trades in the bank and a rookie (highmore) on field?

        Was blindly trying my hardest to figure out how I’m going to get to full premo but realised I’ll have no trades left in doing so, am I crazy for thinking a couple trades in the bank would be more useful than a fully premo side when the end of seaaon carnage strikes?



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