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Written by Father Dougal on April 6 2022

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Hi Everybody!

We’re now past the biggest trading week of the season. But, that doesn’t mean we’re done trading for a while, even though we might want to be.  Circumstances have a way of forcing our hands


Or paws, in a few cases.  So this week we’re gonna talk about trade outs and trade ins.  For every trade we replace a player with another player. One out, one in.  The motivation for trade are not always the same though. Sometimes we are making a trade because we want to get rid of someone. A trade out. Other times we’re making a trade because we want to bring in a player. A trade in. 

How about when we want to do both?

Sure, that happens sometimes. When you need to do both it is a lot easier to justify making a trade, that’s for sure. If you own McGovern, and do not own Martin

Which Martin?

The Supercoach relevant Martin

Which one is that?

Nic Martin, obviously! 

Anyways, McGovern is injured and out for a while and Nic “The Relevant” Martin costs $102,200 and has a BE of -124 with an average of 92.5.  Get if you don’t have.  So we would want to trade in Martin and out McGovern so super easy call. But not much to talk about there so let’s move on to trade ins.

For now, we’re talking about a trade in where you have to get rid of someone who might be or even is worth keeping. No dud Cows, no injured Guns, nobody who needs to go. But….

Hey Daddy, I want a goose that lays golden eggs! I want it now!!!!!

Yeah, first thing, are you really better off with whoever you are bringing in v who you have and a trade? Are you sure you’re not being a silly duck bringing in a goose? Martin is hard to argue against, especially since he is still on the bubble, but Hinge or Bowey…well….much harder to argue for.  They had their first price rise and so will make some money and points but probably not enough to justify an unforced trade. 

Assuming you do want him for sure, well, is there a two trade combo move you can make? One down and one up? There doesn’t have to be, but if there is that’s an argument for. But a lot of the best trade ins from last round went up in price. Hewett is not as good a buy now. Not Cripps. Maybe Rowell? Xerri, ok I can see him still, but mostly, last rounds bargains are not worth it unforced. 

If it is just a straight swap, well, pick who you think looks like the slowest burn or the worst JS. 


Then there are the trade outs. 

First, is the trade out a must trade or a nice to trade?  Long term injury or short term injury. Would you be better off using him as a loophole? At this point we do have trades to use, although later in the season that might be an issue. 

If yes, and you do need to trade out, then who comes in?  This brings up the part of this that I think might be most useful. All those guys who already had a price rise and are not worth an unforced trade in? They are often the best trade ins available. When you have to pick someone, you go with the best available. If you need a Gun defender, then Hewett is still a good value. Depending on how much you have to spend, Cripps and Rowell are still value. Xerri is, I think, good enough to bring in now, especially with his Fwd/Ruck status coming soon.  Butters is still under $500,000 for a probably 100ish average. 

If you only have the money for a cow, well, find the best BE you can for what you can afford. Or get someone who has not done well and is still cheap, and has room to rise like MacDonald. 

Anyways, now we want to be letting the cows grow and the guns score. But if you have to trade don’t worry about the past, just look at the current situation and take whoever is best, even if they were cheaper last round. 


Dodgy Advice:  As hinted above If you do not have Xerri, he is probably still worth bringing in. He looks like he will be the #1 ruck and that means occasional high scores over 100 and that means a nice price spike to cash in on, assuming he isn’t kept to play ruck or forward as a ruck backup. He is only priced at about 52 now, and is still in cow territory. 

I think this might be good advice, but I can’t think of any other advice so we’re going with it. 

This is the way.

This is the way.



Remember the Cow Talk guarantee: “All predictions wrong or triple your money back!”  (Offer not valid if money is actually involved.)

I am time zonally challenged.  When Cow Talk goes live, I’m probably asleep, so replies from me may take a while.

Thanks for reading!



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7 thoughts on “Cow Talk: R3 –>4”

  1. I have Rachele, ward, Stephens, Dixon, durdin, MacDonald and Hayes. unfortunately no Martin.

    Who has too make way here?
    I am absolutely torn.

    I really do not want to move on Stephens, ward and Rachele they’ve all got money too make yet. They have the ability to drop big scores. MacDonald looks like he will tick along for me also.

    Hayes and dixon give me DPP but I do have English R2 anyway but again more money to be made.. durdin looks a good player and solid JS.

    this is a disaster.


    1. I’d say Rachele or Stephens (if he gets dropped).

      Rachele has a high BE (43 IIRC), priced the highest and looks to be a slow burn.


      1. Cheers Abs.
        Of all my options I’m almost leaning toward Stephens. I almost think Rachele is the one I wanna really hold. But before this 23 he scored a 55 and 90. So he has the ability too. Decisions decisions


    2. Ugh, rough choice.

      My choice would be Ward, but any of them could be right or wrong at this point.


    3. Similar list and pretty happy with it. I have two non players, so one for Martin. You cannot always get everyone. Wanted Rowell but could not fit him in. Cheaper Brodie doing pretty well though.


  2. What’s everyone’s thoughts on T.Dow at 198k and 74.5 average. He had very high CBA in the 3rd game and increased time on ground which translated to 100 points.



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