Poll: Over and Under Achievers

Written by JimmyDee on April 6 2022

It’s about this time of season when many of us start searching for answers  on trying at all costs to snaffle those who have flown out of the blocks, and make all kinds of moves because we think they are “must haves”.

The following two polls are a little general, but what will make them relevant is coaches sharing their thoughts and logic for the moves.

Which of the following bolters are "must have" targets for the very near future?

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Part two of this is those non SC friendly team members who have refused to adhere to their predicted pathway and have dropped a bundle of points.
So help anyone who started the following five by letting them know who should stay and who should go.

Conversely, which under performers must be dumped before more damage occurs?

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18 thoughts on “Poll: Over and Under Achievers”

  1. Of all the top 5, I’m thinking English is the biggest unknown. If the Dogs end up needing him up forward, scores could take a sizeable hit. Green looks the goods but we havent seen the best of Kelly or Whitfield yet, although very different roles.

    Mitchell has played pretty well but it just hasnt translated to big scores yet, will be interesting to see if he gets that mid % time up. Crisp, Daniel and Heppell could ideally be moved to a Hewett or even Sinclair pretty easily, or to a midfielder with a DPP switch.

    Marshall I’m 50/50 on, if he gets DPP in round 6 then maybe, but I’d be moving him to a Witts or even Preuss for the cash grab.


  2. For must haves I only see Coniglio and Cripps as it is known what they have achieved in previous season and the prices they were at.
    I am unclear how Hewett will perform with Cerra returning as well as his scores when the side loses. He also only had around 35 points at half time last week to then really have more of an impact 2nd half.
    Seeing Cripps as more of a must have sort of rules out Green as it becomes harder to fit him in with players like Neale likely already in the team.
    English as a ruc/Fwd at 520k is then almost a top tier premo and would be hard to get him in unless you were probably trying to get rid of Marshall.

    Titch at 580k has already dropped 60k with 3 80 odd scores is going to drop a lot more and will really hurt if holding him. Looks as a potential fallen premo if he finds form soon.
    Daniel seems a bit unlucky with his scores as his stats don’t seem to far from Dale’s but is averaging almost 20 SC points less than him. He just needs some more intercept possessions and that will definitely help his scoring


      1. Can say Kennedy and Cerra spent 66% and 72% TOG for last weeks game. 2 of the 3 lowest for Carlton


  3. I started only Coniglio of the ‘overachievers’ with the aim of keeping him all season. I think that if you don’t have the others in already then there is no point bringing them in now as they have probably played their best games for the season already. It’s unrealistic to think they can maintain what they have done so far and more probable that they will head back towards previous season averages, although maybe slightly higher. Green and Cripps could average 100-110 though and for their price would be worth the money, I just can’t really see them at the end of the season averaging over 110.

    For Mitchell, in the first 11 games last year he scored below 90, 5 times. After the bye and for the last 11 games, he didn’t drop below 110. I think he is better when the game slows down, often second half of the weather the weather is worse and makes it harder to play fast attacking football, also a lot of players get sorer and the games lose that bit of zip, all of which I think work really well for Mitchell’s game. Definitely an upgrade target for me later on.
    Crisp still has 3rd most CBA’s at Collingwood, 3 behind Adams and 9 behind De Goey so far. Adams and De Goey have both missed many games through injuries over the last few years so I think Crisp is pretty safe in his role.
    Marshall still has the role in which he can average 100 and has done so with Ryder in the team previously, similarly for Daniel who has still put up big numbers even with Dale playing a similar half back role. They would both be holds for me.
    Heppell’s numbers are drastically down and if I had him, would look at moving him on.


  4. Cogs isn’t an upgrade target, he’s someone who should have been in everyone’s starting side. Literally no reason not to have started him.


  5. Was hoping Sean Darcy was gonna be a gun this year and that hasn’t yet happened, do I hang tight or get in T English and pocket the $150 k difference before Darcy drops in price
    TU Keep Darcy
    TD Get English


    1. Why wouldn’t you keep Darcy ? He’s played one half practically and was on 65 and was just getting started . You’ve waited all this time and still got him why go away from your pre season thoughts ? It’s not like any other ruck is really doing anything much ( except English ). I’m keeping him As I’m in exactly same position.


        1. Yeah, that’s what i was thinking (hoping)……but with a few extra mids in the team now they may try the GWS effect……


  6. Started with all except Green
    Is he a must have? To get him I would have to trade Grundy. I have English Preuss,Hayes and Xerri so plenty of Ruck cover
    TU yes bold move
    TD Dont be stupid. Keep Grundy



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