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Written by Father Dougal on July 29 2020

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Hi Everybody!


Can you believe we’re at one of the two halfway points of the season?

One of the two?

Well, we have a 17 round season, that means halfway is round 8.5.  So since we only have round number Cow Talks, that means 8 and 9 are both sort of halfway points. Now most seasons, round 8 is the one third point. That’s a good time to look at the player pool and maybe think about who had been lucky and unlucky, and who has raised or lowered their bars. But, this year we have the same data at halfway. Argh. 

In addition to the normal variations we will always get from luck, we also have the variations we get from the short quarters. I’m still not really sure how those have affected everything beyond higher highs and lower lows.  Those will average out over time, high balancing out the lows – except for bye rounds and best 18. 

If someone who looks like James Sicily puts up a 40 during a best 18 round, there is less impact than if he did it during a normal round. We are going to have at least two bye rounds. We might have 4 or more. We might just keep this up the rest of the season! Who knows? Players who are known to be good aside from their occasional stinkers might end up being better than normal investments. 

Anyways, while I am sure we’re all going to be sucked in by over-performing players who regress back to their real selves, they only have 9 rounds in which to punish us instead of their usual 15. That’s 6 fewer rounds of cursing yourself for the punt that went wrong! Get in the real solid guns who put up the big scores every week first, but once you have them, well, James Sicily awaits!

This week’s commentary is again brought to you by the Cow Talk Advisory Panel. 

I’m the hamster and I am afraid a lot

I’m the Imaginary Interlocutor and go with my feelings

And I’m me, and I try to make productive use of thinking. Emphasis on the “try”. 


Unlike previous weeks, Not every member of the panel will add comments, just the ones who have something worthwhile to say. 

So I’m doing it all?

No, he meant I’m doing it all!





Starcevich: Bored now. He seems to have set a level of 50-60 which he does pretty much every week. Yay pretty much every week! 

Noble: I’m afraid he will be right back out this week and he is in the last match of the round and if I own him and need him to play to avoid a donut I’m so hosed! Ah! Ah! Get cover for him! Trade him to a good and cheap defensive cow, of which there are none! Ahh! Pick good or cheap. But If you pick good he cost and then score badly, and if you pick cheap he will lose his job. Cats and hamsters living together! Ahh! Briefly! Ah! 

Brander: Did not play

Young: Did not play


Brown: Did not play


Last week: I’m not that afraid right now, but I do worry something bad will happen. I’m still in love with him and he can keep it up, I just know it!.  I think the rule of three says he stays two more playing rounds. And he could do another big score and make more but even if he does not, his peak and a hopeful Neale low may meet in the middle. 

This week:  One more round, unless he puts up another big score. And even then he may need to go in order to fund a discount dude. 

Mcinerney: Did not play


Last week:  I’m still afraid he is done making money and hasn’t made enough to be worth culling. I’m ..agreeing with you. Yeah, same as last week, it’s hard to do much with him. Seems to be playing though. 

This week: What the heck happened to him! Rule of three, odds are he makes money over the next two rounds and then is ripe. 

Serong: Shows up on his Rule of Three week! Wow. Wonder if he will get to keep up the increased time on the pitch? Sure worth holding for at least two more. 

Caldwell: Why are we even talking about this guy? Is he owned?  Well, about 1.7% of teams. At least for now we cover him. He’s sort of slowly making money when he is able to get a game in. Curse of GWS cows.


PittonetThanks for the ever decreasing amount of cash; don’t let the door hit you in the butt on the way out!



Both last and this week: I’m afraid he will putter along, playing and scoring 40-45 and just being blah. I’m hoping he will putter along, playing and scoring 40-45 and just being blah.  I’m pretty sure his having a job and a Fwd/Mid swing is more important than getting cash from him. Someday He’ll put up a money score.

King: Both last and this week:  I’m worried….that everything seems fine with him  I’m so happy his job is secure. He has topped out and his price will wander around based on his weekly scores. In the before times he would be a sell now. Currently he is a hold ‘cause he plays. 

Taylor: I’m sad because he did lose some money last week. What if he loses more! Well, if he does lose more it won’t be a lot more since he has an achievable break even. If his every other week thing keeps up he could go back up some. He is playing the Crows, so a good score and at last some more points could happen. And he seems best 22. I don’t think he has to go, although for some  teams he is the probably most obvious out. 

VandermeerI’m afraid he hit his peak last week and it is all money lost from here!  While that is far from certain his BE is 78, and it’s not a good bet he will hit. If you have both him and Taylor, I’d be selling him if cash is the concern. 

Dodgy Advice

You know, Devon Smith doesn’t have that much more cash to lose…and he has already had his bye….and deciding to hold him isn’t mad, although it will be hard to ignore the cash stored in him during upgrade season with all the fallen premiums floating around and about to show up….. 

Remember the Cow Talk guarantee, all advice wrong or triple your money back! (Offer not valid if money is actually involved.)

Thanks for reading!

Thanks for reading!

Thanks for reading!


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14 thoughts on “Cow Talk R8 → R9”

  1. Great work FD! I’ve grown way too attached to Vandermeer and really dont want to let him go after picking him up in Round 2 before his first game. Is he likely to get any higher? Or with Richmond, Port and Brisbane in his next 3 games is likely to drop quite a bit?


  2. Thanks FD

    I was just wondering if you were planning on running the numbers on M Hibberd ( ESS) or Tom Willamson ?

    I think this ( R9) will be their 5th and 6th week in the system respectively.

    Thanks again FD 🙂


    1. This is just an idea and not fulling research but Scott Draper for Essendon is in the mix for selection this round.

      Definitely do more research though…


  3. Good on ya FD. Taylor stays for me this week, hoping he can kick a couple through the big sticks and make some more cash. King is Maxed out though and it’s time to hit the T button on him I reckon.

    Would love some ruck cover in case Max or Brodie want a rest some time soon, and no I don’t have Cameron. Can Sam Draper get a game or three?



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