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Written by Father Dougal on August 13 2020

Small or Far Away – Father Dougal on Cows

Hi Everybody!

Hi Everybody!

The news that we’re going to have the “day before” team sheets for the rest of the season appears to have been too much for the human who brings food.  

I made him a mug of Mexican cocoa and left him sitting quietly. 

At least he did the numbers and player stuff before he found out.

Yeah, it’s way more fun to comment on those then to actually write them. 

I’m not sure why he’s so upset. I’m up before long before dawn every day.

Sure, but normally humans aren’t nocturnal. 

Oh yeah, he has been looking a bit tired lately.

It’s the eyebrow twitch that worries me. Usually you just see that in cartoon characters…..

Well, anyways, we handled this part, right?

We ought to say something useful.

Why start now?

Hee hee, yeah, well… about a “Smarter than a Hamster” test?

Ok, don’t bring in non-cows who have not had their bye. 

I think that’s a “Dumber than a Hamster” test, but close enough. 

We’ll check back at the end of the season and confirm of course.

Yeah, the human is big on that.  Think anyone out there is dumber than the Hamster?

Bazillions of them!

Ah, yes, One, Two, Three, Many, Bazillions……


This week’s commentary is again brought to you by the Cow Talk Advisory Panel, also known as the C-TAP.

I’m the hamster and I am afraid a lot

I’m the Imaginary Interlocutor and go with my feelings

And I’m me, and I try to make productive use of thinking. Emphasis on the “try”.

Due to the short turnaround, there will definitely be reduced comments.

And probably extra tpyos.  

And ungood Grammar! 



Starcevich: Ahh! He scored an 11! Must go!  Must go!  Gosh, he’s pretty much a must go.

Noble: Back to his more normal scoring level, but still going up in price. Probably for one more round

Brander: Did not play

Young: Did not play

 Williamson: Nice 87. Rule of Three again.

Day: Wow, I wish I had known he’d hold his spot. The Hawks must have finally given up for the season, playing a kid so much.

McKay: Slowly bringing in cash while bringing in ok points. Still can go anytime you need him to. This would be a great round for him to go big, running out of time for the Rule of Three to take effect. True for all cows though.

Hill: Probably won’t lose money. So ready to go out for someone more useful.

The Eggman-Smith:  Ugh, just ugh. I hope nobody held him.

Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg-Thatcher:   He raised his owner’s hopes and then dashed them most expertly! Well done.

McPhearson:  Should have been here last week!  He’s doing well and with Doedee gone for the season I’d be slow to trade him out.



Brown: Did not play

Pickett: Stick a fork in him, he’s done.  So long and thanks for all the pumpkin seeds! Fish! Dollars!

Mcinerney: Did not play

Hayden: Did not play.

Serong: I still hate not owning him. Sure would hold another week. Keeping after that depends on how he scores.

Caldwell: Did not play

Hibberd: Did not play

Simpson:  Did not play.

Mayes: Did not play.





Pittonet: Do people still have him? I mean, he is playing.  He’s kinda hovering now, if you do own him. I still wonder why he went from tons to 70s.



Budarick:  A bit of a low score. If you need cash from him get it now, or wait a long time, unless he puts up a surprise big score. I’m wondering if I will end up keeping him for cover all season. He’s not made so much that I want to spend a trade getting cash out of him.

King: Once again, gonna make money, but not so much you have to hold.

Taylor: Did not play

Vandermeer:  Just like last week:  I’m not just afraid he will lose more money, I’m nearly sure of it!  He probably won’t lose so much money this week you can’t hold him, but why on earth hold him in the middle of upgrade season?

Rankine: If you have him probably keep him. He still could put out a 30 or so, but he can also go big enough to make those ok, extra so when best of 18. With the 34 out of his three round average he is way likely to make money. If he ends up at D^ that might not be so bad.

Georgiades: Again seems to have more money in him.

Aarts: One more week of up and then time to sell. Unless he goes big this week. Playing the Suns, so maybe….

Close: Well, he’s more like a better scoring Budarick. Still looks like slow cash but He may end up harvested before the end of the season. Much better backup.

Mahoney:  Sell now.


Dodgy Advice

You know those guys who are barely scoring better than rookies? Docherty, Dev Smith, Wingard? Maybe they need to go.  It may be the best way to add points to your team is to turn a guy like that into a premium. A real premium, not a better mid pricer. I am not a fan of sideways trades, but an average of 70-80 to an average of 110 is a 35-40 point a round increase. That’s like a 55 to a 90-95.  Also will help on Best of 18s.


I see someones used cocoa as a distraction so they could write unsupervised…..I am sure there are some players worth bringing in even if they have not had their bye. For one thing, non-bye players might get “managed” and then it’s like they had a bye. With no notice……arghhh……

More cocoa, stat!


Remember the Cow Talk guarantee, all advice wrong or triple your money back! (Offer not valid if money is actually involved.)

I have been forgetting to mention: I am time zonally challenged.  When Cow Talk goes live, I’m probably asleep, so replies from me may take a while. Even more so now that I am getting up at zero dark 30 every day to watch footy…..Twitch, twitch…..

Thanks for reading!

Thanks for reading!

Thanks for reading!


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5 thoughts on “Cow Talk Round 11 –> Round 12”

  1. Thanks FD

    For everything you do on this site, not just the cow stuff 😉

    Gives me giggle every time!

    Now I have to decide on a GWS Cow…

    Both “Post Bye” and the JS of anyones guess ?

    Some guy called Hutchesson $117K M/F called up as well.

    So I guess he’s out first 😉

    The reasoning of Socrate’s first cousin Whateverserous.

    Thanks again Father.



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