The Fallen Premiums – Rd 12, 2020

Written by Chillo on August 13 2020

We’re on the home stretch of this twenty day Sherrin bonanza, and this will (probably) be the last round where you get three trades to improve your team. Are you saying goodbye to Gawn? Returning to the Fyfe life? Getting on board the Brayshaw Breakout? Or do you have something more exotic in mind? Here are the Fallen Premiums!


I recommended Rory Laird here last week. Hope you were paying attention!

Zac WILLIAMS (GWS), $468 000 (-$83.7K), avg 86, BE 65 – The bye is done and the Giants rebounder is here for that last spot in your backline. He’s well under-priced for someone of his capabilities, having hit the ton in his past two games and now looking fully recovered from the hamstring injury that kept him out of action for a month. Zac hasn’t always been the most physically reliable player, but he averaged 102 in 20 games last year and with so few games remaining this year, he seems a safe and logical upgrade right now.

Isaac won’t be battling for the Bridge tonight…but Zac will!

Backing it up….
James Sicily, $597K, BE 175
Callum Mills, $515K, BE 154
Caleb Daniel, $514K, BE 137


Dayne ZORKO (BRL), $499 200 (-$79.9K), avg 96, BE 64 – Yeah, the Magician is back again. I can’t deny he’s one of my favourite players to watch, although I admit he is capable of the odd shocker and pesky injuries have certainly raised question marks over his Supercoach relevance this season. But when he’s ‘on’ like he was last week against the Dogs – 24 possessions, nine tackles, and a whopping 163 points – his selection seems like a no-brainer at less than $500K.

Marcus BONTEMPELLI (WBD), $530 700 (-$92.3K), avg 104, BE 68 – Is the Bont back? He’s drifted in and out of the centre bounces and has copped a few knocks this year, but he played brilliantly despite a heavy Dogs loss to the rampant Lions last time out. Macrae is all the rage at the moment as far as Bulldogs mids are concerned and rightly so, but if you’re as short of cash as I think you might be then Bont represents far better value. Averaged 115 last year and has the ability to dominate a game that few others in the league can match.

Zach MERRETT (ESS), $545 700 (-$27.9K), avg 110, BE 73 – Three tons in four games and no upcoming bye has the Bombers ball magnet firmly in the frame this week. Form was patchy at best after the season restart, but maybe he was just taking a while to get warmed up? He certainly found plenty of the pill against the Suns last night (30 touches) and his scoring history suggests he can keep this form going. Having his running mate Dylan Shiel back in the engine room with him also seems to be a plus as Zach’s more unlikely to cop the tag now.

Just quickly – Tom Mitchell ($580 700, avg 113, BE 84) had a quietish game last week and still tonned up. Could find a footy blindfolded. May be over $600K next week….

Limbo land….
Josh Dunkley, $572K, BE 168
Tim Kelly, $547K, BE 167
Josh Kelly, $624K, BE 166
Jack Steele, $599K, BE 151


By the time you read this, you will know what Max Gawn’s fate is this week (and probably the next couple of weeks after that, too). So rather than go into detail on possible replacements, here’s my top 5 in no particular order along with their current numbers:

Brodie Grundy (COL), $596 100, avg 124, BE 112
Todd Goldstein (NTH), $575 200, avg 123, BE 145
Tim English (WBD), $507 500, avg 106, BE 89
Rowan Marshall (STK), $551 400, avg 102, BE 100
Reilly O’Brien (ADE), $478 500, avg 102, BE 133


Unfortunately I was once again unable to find any genuine Fallen Premiums in the forward line this week. Jy Simpkin ($394 800, avg 95, BE 61) is technically not a Fallen Premium, but is the obvious choice if you’re strapped for cash and looking for a forward upgrade this week. The flag here is that he seemed to struggle physically during his last game and is possibly carrying a niggle or two, so consider yourself warned!

Forward thinking….
Dustin Martin, $571K, BE 160


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10 thoughts on “The Fallen Premiums – Rd 12, 2020”

  1. Thanks for the write up Chillo!

    I am currently considering bringing in Boak (470k , 103avg, BE 89). Someone tell me i am crazy? Seems under priced, but he has been less convincing of late after a hot start.

    Also considering bringing in Williams as final DEF premo.


  2. I think I’m bringing in Williams, because he’s all I can afford, however I believe his run of good scores last year came when GWS had heaps of injuries, and he was running through the mids. From memory he averaged something like 125 in the six games when Whitfield was out.

    So probably tons of risk for little reward. But beggars can’t be choosers.


    1. His last 2 games after coming back from injury have been tonnes and looking at the team, not many massive outs.
      Could say Sam Taylor potentially affected him at the start of the year, but hasn’t played since round 4.


      1. That’s a good point about the past two rounds Nato.

        He’s scoring is pretty up and down, but his high ceiling means he probably averages at least 95 from here. My biggest concern is an in-game injury, where he pops a hammy in the first quarter.


    2. He did score well without Whitfield & when he was moved into midfield though his disposal efficiency did dip dramatically, his best role is across half back his kick is elite when not under super pressure & he intercepts well, both things worth a bit more in this years SC scoring than past.


    1. Yes, he is! The only downside is the prospect of a pre-finals rest, but his TOG is gradually increasing and he’s the only elite ruck (other than Gawn) who has had the bye already.

      If Max doesn’t make it this week, I’ll be sorely tempted to bring NicNat in.


  3. Could almost say Taranto is worth a shot at 537k. 4 games since injury scoring 81,111,126 and 92.
    Only in 0.4% of teams and has just come off the bye so could be a nice POD


  4. I agree with Taranto- will always get plenty of the ball. If he can clean up he DE he is a great POD.



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