Cow Talk Round 12 –> Round 13

Written by Father Dougal on August 19 2020

Small or Far Away – Father Dougal on Cows

Hi Everybody!

The Human who brings food has returned.

Any Wisdom this week?

Um, maybe the Hamster could offer some up?

Sure! You can fit lots of pumpkin seeds in your cheeks, but be careful not to overdo it. Because owch!

Yes, all true that. Um, I don’t suppose…?

Sure! The best way to start a business meeting is by saying “Hi! Guess what you are all accessories to!” 

I suppose that depends on how you define best…..

Ok I’m gonna have to resort to some standard wisdom-like thoughts this week….


Nobody said anything?

Too easy.

We have standards.

I’d never have known. Ok, anyways, at this point in the season, ownership percentage starts to matter more. If someone is really well owned by the top players and you do not own them, then you are subject to big swings depending on how they do. If they are really good, you almost have to get them in, and then try to make up ground elsewhere. If they are really bad, well, odds are the really good teams won’t own them. If you do need to catch up, then you have to find players not owned by those above you that might score well and not be owned. And well means better than who the other guys have. Some sort of edge, like cheaper and lets you buy more points in total. Or a surprise and they really do better for less. The problem is all the obvious safe guys who are under priced get picked up by the good teams too. So, how much risk tolerance do you have? In the words of Bender Bending Rodriguez “Second place is just another word for didn’t win” and if you agree then you may as well risk going down to give yourself a chance to go up. Should still be well thought out calculated risks, but if I was in the #1 spot, which I am so, so very not, I’d be very slow to take a big punt that could drop me far back if it failed. But, I might try one with not too high risk. If I was desperate to play catch up, well, bigger risks.

Do you have examples?

Nope. I am all out. For some reason I have had hysterical Supercoach blindness between the end of last round and writing this.  Therefore I have been unable to retain memory of anything SC related I tried to look at, which wasn’t much. Hopefully it goes away in time for me to plan some before the next round starts.


This week’s commentary is again brought to you by the Cow Talk Advisory Panel, also known as the C-TAP.

I’m the hamster and I am afraid a lot

I’m the Imaginary Interlocutor and go with my feelings

And I’m me, and I try to make productive use of thinking. Emphasis on the “try”.



Starcevich: I so want to go find him and give him a good squeaking too!   Epic troll, that bastard.  At this point we have no idea what he will do. Keep or sell at your own risk!

Noble: Probably about topped out but there is a good case for keeping him until his bye and then selling him.

Brander: Welcome back, unless he was your loophole, in which case, “You bastard!”  I actually own him still and was lucky enough to not have used him as my loophole – but it was close! Very curious if he stays in the side. My hopes are not up.

Young: Did not play

 Williamson: Looks like one more week of growth, and then…he has a job…..

Day: Wow, Looks like one more week of growth, and then…he has a job…..and maybe a bit more growth.

McKay: Probably slow growth up to his bye. Hold him until then or trade him or whatever you need.

Hill: A season high of 79 should lead to a bit more cash. Seems like someone ripe for an upgrade but maybe hold until he gets hurt again?

The Eggman-Smith:  Did not play. What a shock.

Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg-Thatcher:   A 50. Well, beats last week. He did keep his job after a horrible outing, so that’s good.

McPhearson:  Hurt his hammy and will be back R15 or R16 per his team as of now.  Seems like a trade out for most people.



Brown: Did not play

Pickett: Scored well for his owners but of course lost money, which you know would happen since we said so last week.

Mcinerney: Did not play

Hayden: Did not play.

Serong: If you want cash from him now is the time. Seems like he is ready to be upgraded into a premium. Did his job well.

Caldwell: Did not play

Hibberd: Did not play

Simpson:  Did a hammy. Sell as soon as you like. Injury makes him a useful loophole option. Ha ha.

Mayes: Came back, scored 24 but even that wasn’t enough to keep his 124 from making him more money, But next round, yeah, going down. (cue guitar riff)



Pittonet: Did not play



Budarick:  Even less worth getting cash out of. Ick.

King: Another big score. With a BE of 51 he is likely to at least stay even and could make more before his bye.

Taylor: Did not play

Vandermeer:  Did not play

Rankine: With a BE of 50 is pretty safe to keep until his bye. Maybe even after if he does ok before that. He is a good best 18 player. I’m not sure there is a right or wrong thing do to with him, use as best needed.

Georgiades: Owch, that hurt., Lost cash, will lose more cash very likely.

Aarts: Did not go big. Has topped out. Could go up, could go down, could stay.

Close: Did not play

Mahoney:  Has topped out. Could go up, could go down, could stay, yadda yadda yadda….


Dodgy Advice

If you can get away with it, maybe focus on the best 18 and not the last few sots until after the byes. Not sure that is dodgy advice though, but it’s what I’ve got.



Remember the Cow Talk guarantee, all advice wrong or triple your money back! (Offer not valid if money is actually involved.)

I have been forgetting to mention: I am time zonally challenged.  When Cow Talk goes live, I’m probably asleep, so replies from me may take a while. Even more so now that I am getting up at zero dark 30 every day to watch footy…..Twitch, twitch…..

Thanks for reading!

Thanks for reading!

Thanks for reading!


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7 thoughts on “Cow Talk Round 12 –> Round 13”

  1. Thanks FD

    Buda’s cooked. MacKay gone @the Bye.


    Gould to get a run by the looks.

    Post Bye .Fresh cheap Cow. With decent JS. *


    *Rampe out for the season.


    1. Sorry FT, just saw your trade ideas on Trade Talk. What are you thinking now that Gould hasn’t been named? I still think bring in Foot if you can, seems decent enough.



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