Poll: Angus Brayshaw

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on August 19 2020

TrooRoo has asked whether Angus Brayshaw now enters our calculations as an M8 option. All the evidence right now points to Gus reclaiming an inside MID role: in rounds 10, 11 and 12 he notched up either second or team high CBAs with 15, 19 and 19 translating into scores of 91, 113 and 131 respectively.

While these numbers are undoubtedly appealing, consider the following variables:

1) Will the idiot savant Goodwin keep him on the ball?

2) Brayshaw only played inside and popped off against three of the leagues weakest teams right now in Adelaide, North Melbourne and Collingwood. Was he just feasting on the dominance of the Dees and the SC points that followed?

3) Does a returning Max Gawn perhaps have greater synergy with the trio of Satan Oliver, Petracca and Viney?

4) Might it be more prudent to cap off your MID line with Fyfe or a discounted Eagle instead? Or is coin king at the moment with the dried of river of cash generation?

Consider these questions and tell us, coaches:

Is Angus Brayshaw a viable option?

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19 thoughts on “Poll: Angus Brayshaw”

    1. Here here AJ

      Let me paint the picture for you’.

      Its the end of R14 2019 Angus has just scored 119 and 101 either side of his Bye. Melbourne have had a shocking start to 2019 but are starting to show some form.

      Young Angus is only $445K and back in the guts and flying.
      I’m low on cash and he” looks” like a perfect post Bye M7 now / M8 come seasons end.

      I excitedly hit the trade button..

      Then he scores..


      With my season shot,I then traded him out @ $342K

      He then went on to score


      I hate to have someone still so young in my “never again list”

      But Angus Brayshaw ain’t getting a gig in my team.

      No sir-ree.


  1. My justification for Brayshaw is that he’s replacing Dev Smith at M8 in my side. The upgrade costs 45k and a trade, however with a low BE of 0, even if he does stink it up with two 70s I’m copping Dev Smith numbers but will get a couple or nice price rises so he can then be flicked on at around 470k. If he does stay inside which I think he will, I’m confident he can average 100-105 which are 417k is supreme value. Heck he’s even capable of 120+. He just needs to stay inside and ride his good form for the next 6 weeks. Could be a season ending or season making move. I’m hoping it’s the latter but expecting the former. Ah pessimism


    1. You realise that means if it spuds up that you’re spending a trade and $45k now, to make approximately $50k in a later trade?

      Which means as a whole you’ve spent 2 trades to make $5k… and then have to bring in a premo replacement anyway. Personally I’d cut the middle man (being Angus) and wait until you can get a premo.


      1. Dev Smith will need be traded anyway so I’m taking a risk which has massive upside for no cash loss but only a solitary trade if it doesn’t eventuate as I hope.


        1. I just can’t understand why Dev “needs” to be traded.

          Are you at full Premo ?

          Surely there’s a Pre Bye rookie that needs upgrading first.

          His B/E is 56 ,He has had his Bye, and just had a rest.Two weeks ago he scored 105.

          I know he sucks right now, but Dev is just not my weakest link.

          I’m pretty sure if you look closely at your team. You could find better ways to improve it too.

          Now I get if you have some cash league game, and you “need” to make finals. You’ve checked the match up and Dev is your POD weak link. Fair enough.

          I’m pretty sure most of his owners “want” to trade him out.I’m just not too sure many people actually “need” to trade him out. Yet anyway.


            1. Troo Roo

              I can totally see where you are coming from.

              After I re-read my post, I was wrong to put my “advice” towards keeping Dev.

              If your focus is league wins. Heading into best 18
              Dump him .. use the funds..

              If like me low on trades and still with an eye on improving my OA rank.

              I’m holding to see what he can do off a break.

              Each to their own I guess.


              1. I couldn’t care less about leagues. I’ve always played aggressively for overall. This is by far the riskiest move of my SC career but I’m willing to risk it to improve my awful rank of 1550. My only concern is that Dev will respond with a few tons off his break but I still reckon this is unlikely as he’d just an ass player and I’d love to cackle instead of cry when he gives away his 7th free kick of the game this week.


                1. Ha ha.

                  I think you’ve turned me.

                  Your rank alone, gives me no reason to doubt you.

                  I might just end up looping Rankine and a rookie @F6 and dump Dev myself.

                  Thanks for that.

                  Good luck with the Gus thing.

                  I just can’t do it again.


                    1. Fyfe is Fyfe.

                      Pretty much 110+ every time he plays
                      wherever he plays.

                      I’m just not 100% sure he plays every game coming home.

                      There’s a slightly larger risk of injury than some other players.

                      The other slightly smaller risk is him being rested. Fyfe has said publicly he wants to play every game possible.

                      I think they are managing him forward, so this can be a reality.

                      I’m confident he plays he plays.

                      He still comes with a touch of risk.


                  1. I’m a mad bombers fan as most of you know, but traded Dev last week as I just had to win my cash league game and would have had a donut.
                    He will of course now average 120 for the rest of the year.


  2. Melbourne supporter here, and I’m trading him in this week. He has been sensational the past few weeks, and I think that Goodwin has finally clicked that the midfield is his best position (he bloody better have, as every supporter can see it!).

    With no bye for Melbourne, and best 18 scoring in 3 of the next 4 weeks, he is very low risk, but high reward in my opinion. As said above, if he stinks up the next few weeks, he can be traded out at more than you pay for him now.


  3. Idiot savant is a bit harsh lol. What a dilemma he has, Oliver, Petracca, Viney, Brayshaw… and to make sure they all go 150+ to keep us happy. Expect load sharing in Footy Frenzy 2.0, as they have Syd, Freo, GWS & Adel to finish the minor round


  4. Brayshaw has had his bye but his scoring is position sensitive. He goes back forward and you are stuck with an expensive mid priced. Remember his 6 games prior when he didnt ton up. Unless you are really cash poor, It is pretty risky. I will wait and see his scoring him with both Gawn and Viney in the team. However With so many fallen premium, it is not time to chase points but use trades smartly to get to real full premium as possible. That of course if you have limited trades like me.


  5. Max Gawn is questionable.
    “We are taking it day by day and see how he pulls up for the weekend” – Darren Burgess, Performance manager.

    Braydon Preuss. Had scans today for A “tweak” of hip/groin according to club.
    He is expected to be available rd 13.
    “We are confident that he will get up” – Darren Burgess, Performance manager.


  6. Sparrow was the one hurting him moreso than Viney looks like they’ve switched roles, will score well as long as nothing changes.



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