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Written by Father Dougal on August 26 2020

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Hi Everybody!


Round 15 is going to be the biggest Overall v League choice probably ever. If you are for sure into leagues, R15 bye players mean nothing. If you are all about overall, then R15 is a nightmare. And, I suspect, most teams really will have an either/or choice, since the best ways to cope with one are bad for the other.

My main thoughts this week are to figure out which you are doing, look at how many trades you have , and then go for it, whatever it is.  If leagues, then bring in Steele. Sell Neale and use the cash for some good guys and bring him back later. All sorts of stuff, which mostly will depend on your team.

Overall wise, as a Draper and Goldy owner I plan to see how Draper does and then maybe turn Goldy into a non-playing ruck or ruck/fwd and use that cash elsewhere, since I’m going for overall and am struggling with R15.

The main thing for the best 18 rounds is to be sure to focus on the best 18. There is little reason to finish out your best 22 unless that also improves your best 18.

A suspect that is all obvious, but this and next week may well be the weirdest rounds we ever shall see. I hope so at least.  Everyone and his hamster are talking about what to do….and my thinking has led to “it all depends on your team and goals.”  In a way it is all about the basics. Bring in players you know are good if you can, and bring in players your willing to take risks on if you have to. If you need a long shot to hit in order to win a playoff, go for a long shot. If you are ahead of you opponent bring in the best guys he has to defend yourself. If you are behind bring in guys who have a chance at scoreing well for a few weeks. Now is when PODs can be a good idea. We have time to think, so if you have any brain cells left, now is the time to spend them.


Just a metaphor little dude.



This week’s commentary is again brought to you by the Cow Talk Advisory Panel, also known as the C-TAP.

I’m the hamster and I am afraid a lot

I’m the Imaginary Interlocutor and go with my feelings

And I’m me, and I try to make productive use of thinking. Emphasis on the “try”.


Oh, I remember watching a match over the weekend and thinking,  “wow, I should have been doing that guy in Cow Talk weeks ago!” but I didn’t write anything down and now I have no idea who it was. If there is anyone I’m forgetting please let me know.


Starcevich: A good squeaking too is not enough!    Epic troll again, that total bastard.  My god, it is worth holding him for the upcoming price rise.

Noble: Probably about topped out but there is an ok case for keeping him until his bye and then selling him.

Brander: I’m afraid he will not keep it up! Given he has no bye, and scored a 70, I’m awfully inclined to keep him and hope he helps with the R15 challenge. And/or that he makes more money. Your situation may vary.

Young: Did not play

 Williamson: Growth done, but…he has a job…..

Day: Growth probably mostly done and…he has a job…..and maybe a bit more growth.

McKay: Sell now, sell next week, sell whenever.

Hill: I’m afraid of his horribly uneven scoring combined with his dodgy body parts. I’m thinking he goes on the never again list. I am still kicking myself for going with him. I knew why it was a bad idea. I really need to start…um…yes start, listening to those voices.

The Eggman-Smith:  Did not play.

Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg-Thatcher:  Did not play. 

McPhearson:  Did not play.




Brown: Did not play

Pickett: If you held him he has paid you back with some good scores.  No rush to trade before his bye right now.

Mcinerney: Did not play

Hayden: Did not play.

Serong: Likely to keep dropping some. Might be worth playing anyways. Scored more than Fyfe last week. That’s more about Fyfe though I suppose.

Caldwell: Did not play

Hibberd: Did not play

Simpson:  Did not play.

Mayes: Just sell him already.



Pittonet: Just sell him too. Is he owned by any non dead teams?

Draper: Ohh, Rule of Three. That takes us to Round 16. Well, still. Money money money!


Budarick:  Even more less worth getting cash out of. Ick.

King: Probably safe to hold until his bye.

Taylor: Did not play

Vandermeer:  Meh. Hold till his bye. Unless you have a lot of those guys. I mean more than 3 is no good.

Rankine: Hum…That 81 BE means sell. I mean, you really gonna hold him the week before his bye when we have good downgrade options? If you do not sell now it should be because you are gonna keep him all year.

Georgiades: Looks remarkably like Irving Mosquito for some reason.  I am so sad Irving did not debut sooner and play a while, because of all the fun I have missed at his name’s expense.

Aarts: Has topped out. Could go up, could go down, could stay.

Close: Came back! Still has money to make before his bye. Maybe after but not someone I’d hold past his bye.

Mahoney:  Has topped out. Could go up, could go down, could stay, yadda yadda yadda….


Dodgy Advice

Trade in Joe Daniher, the groin injury that walks like a man!

That’s really not fair though. That’s just bad advice not dodgy advice.

Dev Smith, highest score of the year last week, no byes left, cheap. Now that’s dodgy advice! More so because I think the Bombers have a tough last few games….Um, maybe he is just bad advice too…..



Remember the Cow Talk guarantee, all advice wrong or triple your money back! (Offer not valid if money is actually involved.)

I have been forgetting to mention: I am time zonally challenged.  When Cow Talk goes live, I’m probably asleep, so replies from me may take a while. Even more so now that I am getting up at zero dark 30 every day to watch footy…..Twitch, twitch…..

Thanks for reading!

Thanks for reading!

Thanks for reading!


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11 thoughts on “Cow Talk Round 13 –> Round 14”

  1. Thanks Father D.

    Great stuff as usual.

    This crazy best 18 finals round, maybe my best shot to make up a few ranking spots.

    Oh also, could you please say a prayer for my “spud pod” Taranto.

    He came in for Pickett (90 85 ) a few weeks ago and scored 69 61

    I believe he is possessed by a demon potato.

    Somehow he has put a spell on me that makes it impossible to trade him. I just keep hearing ” but he’s had his Bye” and I can’t do it.

    Any help / advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks again 🙂


    1. Not sure if my prayers will have the effect you want, but I can give it a shot!

      Taranto is a hard one, since odds are you have other uses for that trade. Can’t say for sure without seeing your team, but he sounds like a hold and hope type, along with Dev Smith, and Chad Wingard.


  2. Thanks Father!

    Was thinking your missing player was Darcy Cameron, but he didn’t play on the weekend (technically!)

    Shoenberg or Sholl? Maybe Bell? We are getting to that time where most will be keepers…


  3. Thanks Father … most enjoyable as always … and missing lots of interruptions from the Hamster … and ummm …. your other voice!!

    On the subject of your Hamster, I hope he hasn’t seen the news here in Aus tonight about the supposedly good advances our University of Queensland has made on the vaccine for the CoronaVirus … they have had excellent results testing it on Hamsters (in Europe – as not allowed to have Hamsters in Aus apparently!!) – apparently it reacts the same in Hamsters as humans and the trial vaccine is working great on the little critters!!

    Don’t let the Hamster read this post … and no Hamsters were injured in the … ummmm …. testing!!


    1. I’m sure they will both be back soon. Sometimes when I really need to focus to get thing done I add pumpkin seed vodka to his water bottle…

      I am definitely not letting him know the hamster news. Last thing he needs is more fear. Talk of “testing” might even be worse than the idea of trading in Higgins!


  4. Thanks again Father, probably the most-read but least commented article every week (other than maybe the injury lists).


  5. Love you father – may god be with you over this finals period. I myself would not have made finals let alone finish on top of my league without your tireless work every week as well as everyone else in this community – this thread how ever is by far my most valuable tool during the season so thank you.


    1. Thank you very much! I can sure use divine help this season. Very glad to know Cow Talk is helpful.



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