Cow Talk – Round 19

Written by Father Dougal on August 5 2015

Small or Far Away – Father Dougal on Cows

Even fewer trade floating around now. High and low lights for those who still care about the bovines.


Oxley was rested

Brown has a nice 73 and went up a bit. Might go up a bit more. Has almost certainly entered the Hotel California of any team he is on

McIntosh is rising back up but will soon top out. Soon meaning after one more week. Went for 78, will rise a bit more and then go up and down a bit with his weekly scores.

Saad appears in the post with a bang, nice 107! If he goes for his average of 84: $12,400, $8,500, -$3,100.

Lever posted a blah 60 but still went up thanks to his good score last week. He should go up $15-20k and then top out or even drop, depending on his next two weeks scores. If you want cash from him, keep him one more week and then cull him unless he has another big score. Or check here for details!


Ellis-Yolman saved us from another drop by not playing again. (and again and again and again)

Miller went for 85, which helped him rise this week, but with his huge score leaving his TRA next week, cash him in now for sure, if you want cash from him. His BE is 112 and his average is about 73 and hitting it means losing $16,200.

Vandenberg played again and made 81. With that 20 from last week he still dropped and his BE this week is 111. At his average he’ll go down $14,700 and the rise $11,700.

Boston finally played and went for 57. His BE is 51, which is certainly possible. At this point if he avoids the vest he will probably rise little bit each week, about $20-30k total over the next three if he goes about 65. He has room to grow if he gets a bog score. If you are actually still caring about long term profit, he has a shot as some before the last round.

O’Brien went up, I was so smrt! His new BE is 38. His price should go up, down, up, with the 2nd up mostly covering the down. That’s what happens when you have a big score about to go out of your three week average. If he makes his average of 70.5 that up-down-up will be $13,400, -$5,000, $7,600.


Lobb doing well means I had to make a “Ruck” Section. Maybe someday I will get to change that to “Rucks.” His has more money in him, although not a lot more. At his average of 68 he’ll go: $12,400, $1,300, then $4,100


Steele is apparently not a great backup. Oh, I had to start him, ha, yeah, 29, Bleeping bleep, Kermit vest, bleep. His BE is only 78, so if he avoids putting on the Miss Piggy Seduction Suit he is not likely to go down much, and may even stay even. I wouldn’t blame you for cashing him in now if you need cash and do not want to risk another match of hot Cow in a Frog Vest on Pig action

Hogan has a BE of 113. After he drops this week (I assume) he’ll be stable.

Clark did not play.

Krakouer, as expected did not play. Stable value at least

Tarrant had a big score and went up! Surprise he had a big score, not a surprise he then went up. His BE is only 20, so he ought to go up more. He could rise $10,300 and $5,700 if he can manage 45s over the next two weeks. Actual profit potential. He does seem to have a job, so maybe some cash by seasons end.

Lonie was rested.

New Cows

If there are any new cows I have missed them. Let me know in the comments and I will add them in tomorrow.
Random Cow Thoughts:

Hard to watch cows grow with all the end of season excitement. With so few trades left and so many injuries, I expect some cows to avoid slaughtering at this point. Is it me or did the mid season cows pretty much all disappoint?





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