Dual Position Changes – Rd 6

Written by Chaos Theory on April 16 2023

Dual Position Changes
H.Sheezel D/F
J.Ziebell D/F
L.Ash D/M
L.Whitfield D/M
C.Rayner D/F
D.Wilmot D/M
W. Day D/M
K.Farrell D/M
N.Wanganeen-Milera D/M
C.Daniel D/F
J.Hunt D/M
J.Bruce D/F
W.Milera D/F
Miles Bergman D/M
C.Hamilton D/M
A.Kennedy D/F
F.Maginness D/M 
K.Turner D/F
R.Mansell D/F
Z.Cordy D/F
H.Clark D/M
H.Cunningham D/F
J.Johannisen D/F
C.Mackenzie M/F
B.Smith M/F
J.Caldwell M/F
B.Keays M/F
D.Zorko M/F
M.Roberts M/F
T.Cotchin M/F
L.O’Brien M/F
W.Hoskin-Elliott M/F
J.Soligo M/F
C.Ward M/F
C.Taylor M/F
A.Phillips R/F
L.Meek F/R
J.Rachele F/M
T.Adams F/M  
MISSED OUT ON DPP : S.Docherty DEF,  N.Daicos DEF,  D.Moore FWD, C.Guthrie MID,  C.Mills MID,  M.Bontempelli MID, T.Liberatore MID, J.Macrae MID, C.Comben FWD, S.Darcy RUC, C.Petracca MID, W.Ashcroft MID

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3 thoughts on “Dual Position Changes – Rd 6”

  1. Christian Petracca

    80% of game time in the midfield in Round 5 (2nd highest % for the year) pushed him under the 35% threshold. In the end, he ended up on 34.3% as a forward.



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