Fix My Team – Round 6

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on April 16 2023

We’ve of course got Trade Talk up for this week but thought we’d get a Fix My Team thread for those who feel their side is in need of a wholesale rework. If you feel you’re in that category, go ahead and post your full team and ITB and any areas, issues or pain-points that you need of shot of SCT guidance injected into. Also worth including your trades, boosts and rank as the season’s rankings start to shape up.


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88 thoughts on “Fix My Team – Round 6”

  1. I’m just going to Gloat ( whilst I can).
    My team ain’t broke equal first on points, go you Bombers!!!

    Ohh did you mean SuperCoach team?


  2. dawson,naicos, sicily, ginbey, mckenna, wilmot (cowan, chesser)

    bonts, laird, LDU, Miller. oliver, ashcroft, phillips, baker (mckenzie, cincotta, constable)

    grundy, romo (ryan)

    taranto, cogs, dunkley, sheezel, chandler, greene (JVR, long)

    $12,400 in the bank

    think i’m ok but advice is always welcome


    1. Mackenzie -> Roberts

      Then either boost Ginbey/Chandler to a premo or actually freshen up your CG. 3 dead rookies between MID and DEF is too much.


  3. DEF – Dawson, Daicos , Ginbey
    McKenna, Wilmot, Cowan
    (Chesser, constable)
    MID – Laird, Bont, LDU, Green, Hopper
    Worpel, Ashcroft, Baker
    (Mackenzie, philipou, long)
    RUCK – Grundy, Marshall (madden)
    FOR – Dunks, Taranto, Rozee, Gulden
    Ziebell, Sheezel
    ( Greene, Davey)
    31 trades $117k in bank. Trade thoughts?


    1. Mackenzie -> Roberts
      Davey -> Williams
      Ginbey -> 550k DEF

      Can cull a higher priced rookie to get a bigger DEF budget but getting Davey (assuming he is dead) off your books is a nice move.


  4. Can i get some advice on trading. $102.400
    N.Daicos,T.Stewart,R.Ginbey, C.Mckenna, L.jones, D.Wilmot (L.Cowan, t.young)

    R.Laird,M.Bont,LDU,J.Macrae,,j.hopper,w.ashcroft,o.baker (a.davey,c.constable, b.dury)

    t.english,r.marshall (l.mcandrew)

    j.dunkely,t.taranto,c.rozee,e.gulden,h.sheezel,a.caminiti (f.greene,j.van rooyen)


    1. Ashcroft -> Roberts
      Ginbey -> Mitchell
      Davey -> Dawson

      That’s if you want to sell the farm for Dawson. Could also replenish your bench. Entirely dead MID bench is cooked.


  5. Def – Stewart, Daicos, day, McKenna, Wilmot, Cowan (ginbey, constable )
    Mid- Oliver, laird, bont, green, setterfield, hopper, Ashcroft, Hollands (McKenzie, Chesser, baker)
    Ruc- Marshall, Witts (madden)
    Fwd- Dunkley, Taranto, rozee, ziebell, shezzel, f.Greene (Ryan, van rooyen)

    Got $101k in the bank with 3 boosts and 28 trades what should be the plan this week?


    1. Mackenzie -> Roberts
      Baker -> Williams/Mitchell (via Constable DPP)
      Ginbey -> Dawson

      If you don’t think Dawson is worth all that cash then just do a 1 up 1 down.


  6. Def – Dawson, Daicos, Ridley, Ginbey, Mckenna, Wilmot (Cowan and constable

    Mid – Laird, Bont, Green, Rozee, Setterfield, Hopper, Ashcroft, Mackenzie (Davey, Baker, Chesser)

    Rucks – English, Marshall (Ryan)

    Fwd – Dunkley, Taranto, Gulden, Ziebell, Sheezel, JVR (Greene, Caminiti)

    Currently have 27 trades with 24,900 in the bank. Was thinking of getting rid of Mackenzie and Ginbey and bringing in roberts and Johnson. Then going baker to a premo? Not sure which premo tho
    Any advice welcome!


  7. Dawson Daicos Ginbey McKenna Jones Wilmot (Cowan Constable)

    Oliver Laird Bont Green Dangerfield Hopper Ashcroft Phillips ( hollands Davey baker)

    Grundy Marshall (Madden)

    Dunkley Taranto Rozee Gulden Ziebel Sheezel ( Greene vanroo)

    29 trades 4 boosts 4k ITB – Ranked 1448 overall

    Thoughts on possible trades ?


  8. Happy to hear any suggestions! Except getting Stewart for H. Young (as H. Young is who I got for Stewart after round 1, though I definitely want to get Stewart in eventually or for another player)

    162k ITB

    DEF: Dawson, H. Young, Ginbey, McKenna, Wilmot, T. Young (Cowan, Constable)

    MID: Oliver, Laird, Miller, Bont, Green, Setterfield, Hopper, Ashcroft (Mackenzie, Baker, Davey)

    RUC: Marshall, Grundy (Madden)

    FWD: Dunkley, Rozee, Ziebell, Sheezel, Philippou, Chandler (Ratagolea, F. Greene)



      1. Hi Joe – your backline needs a boost, so how about :
        TRADE OUT : Ginbey, Mackenzie & Davey
        Move Phillipou to MIDS – gives you more flexibility with M/F swings
        TRADE IN : Dylan Williams, Matthew Roberts and choice of defenders (except for Dawson) – suggest Daicos, Stewart or Lloyd, in that order. Leaves you about $50K ITB.


        1. Thanks Lisa, what do you think about trying to move on Hayden Young too – do I just need to hold for now or should I move him to Lloyd/similar priced defender if I can make it work?


          1. I would get rid of Young if you can. Lloyd looks like he’s back to the Lloyd of past seasons (just not season 2022) and Sinclair is a fallen premium this week. Either preferable to Young I would think.


  9. $80.1k, 28 trades, 4 boosts, top 10% but eager to know what trades will get me higher up. If anybody has any ideas I’d love to hear them!

    Def: naicos , Stewart, ginbey, McKenna, wilmot, Cowan (Chesser, Constable)

    Mid: Oliver, laird, bont, Dunkley, green, setterfield, Ashcroft, Philips (Mackenzie, Hollands, baker)

    Ruc: English, Marshall (madden)

    Fwd: taranto, Rozee, gulden, ziebel, sheezel, ratugolea (Greene, JVR)


    1. Combine Ginbey, Mackenzie and any ITB into a DEF premo. Boost if you want to go all out for Dawson


  10. I’m at a loss
    Cash:$30,600. Trades Left: 28
    DEF: Dawson, Daicos, Ginbey, McKenna, Cole, Wilmot (Cowan, Constable)
    MID: Oliver, Laird, Neale, LDU, Green, Ashcroft, Phillips, Phillipou (Mackenzie, Baker, Long)
    RUC: Grundy, Marshall (McAndrew)
    FWD: Dunkley, Taranto, Moore, Rozee, Sheezel, Chandler (Greene, JVR)

    Right now I’m leaning-
    Ginbey, Mackenzie, Baker > Lloyd, Roberts, Williams
    The main problem with this is the forward line gets left looking a little bit weak, having to play 2 rookies. I also feel like I’m burning through trades but ultimately I’m gaining a premium here.


    1. Going a week early on S. Mitchell is a minor risk, would want to see him again.

      If M.Johnson from Freo is named and not sub (Friday game so we will know for sure) I would go for him, save Mitchell for next week.


  11. $228.7k in bank, 27 trades, 3 boosts.

    DEf: Daicos, Sicily, Buckley, Ginbey, michaelanney, Mckenna (Wilmot, Chesser)
    MID: Oliver, Bont, LDU, Brayshaw, Green, Ashcroft, Mackenzie, Hollands (Rawston, Cincotta, Drury)
    RUC: English, Grundy (Madden)
    FWD: Dunkley, Taranto, Rozee, Sheezel, Chandler, Greene (Comben, Davey)

    Given low trades im thinking just Chandler -> Gulden / Cogs then swing one of them mid if Green is suspended but i could also add Mackenzie -> Roberts and have the cash for more upgrades next week. Also planning to move grundy as soon as gawn is back.

    Any help would be amazing!


    1. I think what you have suggested is your best option as Forward line is looking a bit thin.

      Your mid-bench needs some work, looks like you’re going to struggle for cash gen.

      No real bubble boys but you could consider M. Roberts (Syd) M. Johnson (Freo). If either of them can shake the weekly sub role they look like potential options.


  12. $182,900, 26 trades, 2 boosts

    DEF: Daicos, Stewart, Ginbey, McKenna, Wilmot, Rampe [Cowan, Constable]

    MID: Laird, Neale, Bont, Green, Setterfield, Hopper, Ashcroft, Phillips [Mackenzie, Baker, Rowston]

    FWD: Dunkley, Taranto, Rozee, Sheezel, Ratugolea, Van Rooyen [Greene, Davey]

    Not sure if I go:
    Ginbey & Mackenzie –> two rookies
    Ginbey & Mackenzie –> rookie + cogs/ziebell
    Setterfield/Green & Ginbey & Mackenzie –> Oliver + rookie

    Should I wait a week on Oliver? and is Dawson a must get?


    1. Fingers crossed on Green and Rampe.
      Ginbey, Mackenzie and Baker all probably on the chopping block.
      F Greene can play on field.


  13. At a bit of a loss what to do, think I started too many mid pricers.

    D: Sicily, Daicos, Bowes, Ginbey, McKenna, Wilmot (McVee, Constable)
    M: Oliver, Bont, Green, Gulden, Setterfield, Hopper, Ashcroft, MacKenzie (Hollands, Phillips, Long)
    R: English, RoMo (Madden)
    F: Dunkley, Taranto, Rozee, Sheezel, JHF, Chandler (Phillips, Davey)

    $132,900 itb, 29 trades, 4 Boosts. Any thoughts coaches?


    1. Rookies that have reached their peak or thereabouts Ginbey Mackenzie Davey.
      With a low number of trades hard to do another boost.
      I wonder if you side looks better balanced with Sheezel back and Gulden forward and work on your midfield. One player I am having a close look at is B. Cox. Take out his 35 in Round 3 he averages 116.


      1. Yeah the plan is eventually having sheez back and Gulden up front, just gotta find the way to work it. Cheers.


        1. You can trade a player out then back in to get the trade you used back.

          Just do that to flip positions with Sheezel, a M/D and a M/F.

          Just follow typical upgrade cadence and bring in cheap premo.


  14. Any thoughts would be appreciated. 31 trades 5 boosts. Only $10K.

    DEF: Daicos, Dawson, Dale, Ginbey, McKenna, Wilmot,[Cowan, Constable]

    MID: Oliver, Macrae, Brayshaw, Green, Hopper, Ashcroft, Hollands,Phillips, [Mackenzie, Baker, Drury]

    RUCKS: Darcy, ROM

    FWD: Dunkley, Cogs, Rozee, Sheezel, JHF, Pedlar, [Greene, Davey]


    1. Pretty good spot you’re in. I’d say with your ITB just look to bring in some cash cows and go upgrading in the next couple of weeks. Try get 2 out of Pedlar, Hollands, Baker, Mackenzie, Ginbey moved out this week for rookies, and then upgrade 1-2 of the remaining ones next week


  15. B: Diacos, Stewart, Saad, Ginbey, McKenzie, Wilmot (McVee, Cowan)

    M: Laird, Bont, Toranto, Green, Gulden, Ashcroft, Hollands, Baker (Mackenzie, Davey, Constable)

    R: Grundy, Marshall (Madden)

    F: Dunkley, Rozee, Cogs, Ziebell, Sheezal, JVR. (Long, Caminiti)

    Remaining Salary: $71,400

    Thoughts on trades?


    1. Ginbey, Mackenzie plus one more player (possibly McKenzie) out, move ziebell/sheezel to backline, get taranto fwd and bring in a premo mid like Oliver or Miller plus two low BE rookies


  16. Back line is in the most need, any thoughts appreciated, 30 trades left 110k itb

    B: Daicos, Day, Michalanney, Mckenna, Wilmot, Ginbey (Cowan, Constable)

    M: Miller, Bont, LDU, Green, Bradshaw, Setterfield, Ashcroft, Callahan (Mackenzie, Davey, Uwland)

    R: English, Marshall (Mcandrew)

    F: Dunkley, Taranto, Rozee, Gulden, Sheezel, Chandler (Phillipou, Greene)


  17. DEF: Dawson, Daicos, Ginbey, McKenna, Wilmot, Cowan (Constable, Gilbert)

    MID: Oliver, Bont, LDU, Tom Green, Gulden, Hopper, Ashcroft, Phillips (MCKenzie, Oscar Baker, Long)

    RUCK: English, Marshall (Ratugolea)

    FWD: Dunkley, Cameron, Taranto, Liam Baker, Sheezel, Phillipou (Fergus Greene, Van Rooyen)

    Feel like my back line is pretty light on talent (and ultimately points). $161,500 ITB and 28 trades left.

    Thoughts/advice appreciated 🙂


    1. Assuming thats Jeremy Cameron in your fwd line?

      Ginbey and Mackenzie out, move Sheezel to backline, move gulden to fwd line and get a 600k mid in


      1. Better to get Tom Stuart then a 600K mid

        He has the good bye and is currently a POD. Your mid depth is fine.


  18. DEF: Dawson, Daicos, Ryan, Day, Ginbey, Wilmot, (Young, Cowan)

    MID: Miller, LDU, Green, Mitchell, Setterz, Hopper, Ashcroft, Phillips (Hollands, Phillipou, Constable)

    RUC: Grundy, Marshall (Madden)

    FWD: Dunkley, Taranto, Gulden, Ziebell, Sheezel, Van Roo (Mackenzie, Davey)

    Bank: $3,800
    Trades left: 24

    Thoughts on what to do please?


    1. Hmmmm you could potentially go with:

      Mackenzie to Cogs (FWD)
      Ginbey to Roberts (FWD)
      Phillipou to Cincotta (MID)
      Swap Ziebell from FWD to DEF
      Bank: $97,800

      Leaves you with 21 trades but pretty solid team. Just be mindful of less rookies to make cash, Constable not playing and Gawn coming back, etc…

      But see what some others think…


  19. DEF: Daicos, D.Rioli, Gineby, McKenna, Jones, Wilmont (Chesser,Constable)
    MID: Oliver, Bont, Dunkley, Green, Gulden, Hopper, Ashcroft, Callaghan (MacKenzie, Baker, Cincotta)
    RUCK: English, Marshall, Ryan
    FWD: Taranto, Rozee, Cogs, Sheezel, Bobby Hill, Philipou (Chandler, F.Greene)

    Only have 6k in the bank – 28 trades left
    Not sure if I should throw kitchen sink at Dawson
    Thoughts on what to do please?


    1. Does a triple trade sending Ginbey, McKenzie and Callaghan out for a Roberts, Williams and Dawson work? What’s the money ITB then?


      1. Can’t afford it
        Only way to get Dawson is to trade out a big gun
        Was thinking about trading Green but not quite sure


        1. Can’t afford it
          Only way to get Dawson is to trade out a big gun
          Was thinking about trading Green but not quite sure
          Any other good options for my team?


          1. Depending on your money ITB after the two rookies being out you’ve got:
            DEF: Jack Sinclair, Jake Lloyd
            MID: Touk, Neale

            You’ve got some good DPP mid/fwd options but backline needs some bolstering.

            If you’ve got money in the bank after going a more 500-550k premo then you could be looking at Sicily the week after…


  20. Some advice please, I would like to do a 3 way sub:
    Ginbey Def -> MID
    MacKenzie Mid -> FWD
    Sheezel Fwd -> DEF

    Is this possible in the app?


    1. I think you may be able to trade them all out. Then trade out the players you just got for your original players but in new positions. Should give your trades back and move them where you want.


  21. Getting done by my students in a classroom league, so help me out!
    DEF: Daicos, Stewart, Zeibell, McKenna, L. Jones, Wilmot (Cole,Constable)
    MID: Oliver, Bont, Mills, Green, Hopper, Ashcroft, Phillips, Edwards (Hollands, Baker, Davey)
    RUC: English, RoMo (Madden) – Ruck Rookies suck this year BTW…
    FWD: Dunks, Taranto, Gulden, Sheezel, Owens, Phillipou (Greene, Brockman)
    194,000 in the bank
    27 trades
    Already ditched Ginbey > Ziebell & McKenzie > Edwards
    Thinking of Mills>Libba – Thoughts?


    1. Try and maintain the value of a trade.

      Typically a trade should get you + 150k or +1 premium.

      Mills is scoring well enough to be a mid premo and typically he has 1-2 massive scores a year which tops off his average. If you trade him you miss those. Better to hold.


  22. Def: Dawson, Daicos, Gibney, McKenna, Wilmont, Gibney (young Cowan)

    Mids Oliver, Bont, Touk, Wood, Setterfield, Holmes, Ashcroft, Mackenzie (Philapou, long, Davey)

    Ruck English Marshall

    Fwd Dunkley, Taranto,Rozee, Gulden, Sheezel, Ziebell ( Chandler, Greene)

    23.4K itb

    Currently debating bringing in Cogs or Stuart.

    Definitely switching Sheezel and Ziebel to Def for this week. Focusing on brining in Fwds and Defs. Targeting Day next week.

    Anyone see anything I’m missing?


  23. DEF – Dawson, Daicos, Stewart, Ginbey, McKenna, Wilmot (Cowan, Constable)
    MID – Oliver, Macrae, Merrett, Green, Hopper, Ashcroft, Mackenzie. Phillips (Baker, Davey, Rowston)
    RUC – English, Marshall (Madden)
    FWD – Dunkley, Taranto, Coniglio, Ziebell, Sheezel, Phillipou (Greene, Caminiti)

    27 trades left/ $24k remaning

    Merrett, Green and Caminiti suspended, PLUS Mackenzie and Ginbey around the financial peak (but are capable of reaching their BEs)

    Not sure what should do here. Don’t want to get rid of Merrett or Green, plus I feel getting rid of MacKenzie and Ginbey is a bit rushed (last weeks scores were only affected due to being subbed out or being the sub player).


    1. I think at a minimum you have to get rid of the two rookies and bring in a premium so you don’t fall too far behind the eight ball on scoring and upgrading. The lack of downgrade options sting a bit, I’m in your position of having Green and Zerrett out and will most likely and regretfully be trading out Ginbey, Baker and MacKenzie (in descending order of regretfulness) for two downgrades and an upgrade. You could swing some Sheezel DPP action for Ginbey cover and get in a premo mid? Touk?


  24. Dawson, Daicos, Ginbey, McKenna, McVee, Cowan (Chesser & Constable)

    Oliver, Neale, Macrae, Green, Hopper, Ashcroft, Mackenzie, Phillips (Callaghan, Hollands, Baker)

    English, Marshall (Ratugolea)

    Dunkley, Taranto, Rozee, Sheezel, Horne-Francis, Phillipou (F. Greene & Davey)

    Only have 28 trades and 4 boosts left due to a horrid run with injuries and picking up players who then get injured. Just looking to win my local leagues.

    Have 228,900 in the bank so am thinking Mackenzie to Cogs whilst he had bottomed out and swinging The Cheesel down back.

    Unsure if I should sideways trade other dead rookies (Davey, Chesser or Constable) or sell Ginbey for Roberts.

    Might have to wait for teams to come out however any advice is appreciated


    1. Davey got rested for a week. I wouldn’t consider him dead. Chesser is injured and constable got dropped so they count as dead.

      Could sideswap one if you wanted.


  25. 1.5k overall, wanting to boost this week so here for inspiration

    dawson, daicos, redman, buckley, ginbey, mckenna (constable, cowan)
    oliver, laird, bont, green, setters, hopper, aschroft, cmac (baker, davey, chesser)
    grundy, marshall (madden)
    dunkley, taranto, rozee, ziebell, sheezel, chandler (greene, jvr)
    20k itb


  26. Rookies starting to stall cash generation, and a few with BEs a touch difficult.

    ITB: $28,900 , Trades Left: 31, Boosts: 4
    (thinking of using a boost this week for 2 down, 1 up)

    DEF: Dawson, Daicos, Ginbey, McKenna, Wilmot, Cowan
    (Constable, Bergman)

    MID: Laird, Neale, Bont, Green, Setterfield, Hopper, Ashcroft, Phillips
    (Mackenzie, Hollands, Baker)

    FWD: Dunkley, Taranto, Rozee, Gulden, Sheezel, Phillipou
    (Greene, Davey)

    Obviously need to start looking at moving on Ginbey, Mackenzie & Baker.

    The trade I am thinking is (with boost)…
    Ginbey, Mackenzie & Baker -> Lloyd/Sinclair, Roberts & Williams

    Who is more of a priority?
    TU: Lloyd/Sinclair
    TD: Cogs


  27. DEF. N. Daicos, Stewart, L. Ryan, Cox, Ginbey, McKenna (Cowan, Constable)

    MID. Oliver (C), Laird (VC), LDU, Green, T. Mitchell, Hopper, Ashcroft, Holland’s (MacKenzie, O. Baker, A, Davey)

    RUCK Marshall, Ratugolea, (S. Ryan)

    FWD. Dunkley, Taranto, Gulden, Sheezel, W.Phillips, Phillipou, (Chandler, F. Greene)

    Trades 27, 3 boost. Cash $9,600

    ANY HELP WOULD BE HUGELY APPRECIATED! The ruck situation is just cash generation hoping I can get a read on best 2 ruckman hoping English or Gawn (who will) come down in price. Trade suggestions this week in particular but even next few weeks would be very helpful. In a mess with Gawn traded to Cameron buggered me along with perhaps some dumb-dumb selections

    Good luck to everyone out there! Thankyou in advance for any advice!


      1. Chandler is close to maximising his cg so i’d trade him for Roberts. That adds $150k. If you want to be conservative just do that and wait a week to upgrade to a premo.

        If you want to be aggressive, use boost and trade baker to Johnson and then upgrade Ginbey or Mckenzie to a premo. English will be the best ruck this year if he stays on the field. If he is out of reach wait for Gawn to bottom out or aim to get Darcy.


  28. $90,800, 32 trades, 5 boosts.

    Dawson, Daicos, Sheezel Ginbey, McKenna, Jones
    (Cowan, Constable)

    Laird, Neale, Macrae, Green*, Hopper, Ashcroft, Phillips, Phillipou
    (Baker, Wilmer, Davey)

    English, Marshall

    Dunkley, Taranto, Coniglio, Zeibell, Mackenzie, Pedlar
    (Chandler, Green)

    Every time I make a move I reverse it as I feel all rookies could make more over the next month and don’t really like the ones coming through with no one screaming to be picked.
    At times have dropped Ginbey, Baker, Mackenzie and Chandler. With Stewart or Sinclair in along with random rookies.

    *Will hold Green through the suspension.

    Any advice would be appreciated.


  29. Hey GD, just wanted to make sure you checked this out. Also posted in Dawson poll.

    Chayce Jones into Dawson.
    A big gamble, but it gets you cash, and possibly good points on field. Can hopefully 1up/1down to Dawson in a couple of weeks.
    Or could get a sub. Should look into it.


  30. Gday everyone. Well after starting slowly (75k after RD2), I have managed to push up inside the top 10k. I am concerned about cash gen going forward and not entirely sold on the long term JS of of the rookies on the bubble this week. However, with Day out for another week and now Green, I am concerned of falling behind having to field two more poor scoring rookies this week. Here’s the team in pre-trades:

    DEF: Dawson, Daicos, Day, Buckley, McKenna, Wilmot, Cowan, Chesser

    MID: Oliver, Neale, Bont, Green, Hopper, Ashcroft, Ginbey, Mackenzie, Baker, Hollands, Constable

    RUCK: English, Marshall, Madden

    FWD: Dunkley, Rozee, Taranto, Ziebell, Sheezel, Chandler, Greene, JVR

    26.7k ITB, 28 trades left with 3 boosts.

    Now, one option like many is going two down this week and one up which would allow me to bring in Sinclair (Ginbey, Baker and Mackenzie would make way). But I am concerned about the long term JS (and therefore CG) of the likes of Johnson, roberts, Williams etc and am conscious I already have three dead rookies on the bench and would hate to have more. I think that Mackenzie and Ginbey probably still have cash to make long term, despite likely stalling this week, and have better JS.

    Do I prioritise holding rookies with JS and maybe only going Baker to Roberts for some cash, or do go hard and get Sinclair so I don’t lose too many points this week

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


  31. Def: Dawson, N. Daicos, H. Young, Sheezel, McKenna, Ginbey (Wilmot, Cowan)

    Mid: Bont, Macrae, Green, Hopper, Ashcroft, Hollands, Phillips, McVee
    (O. Baker, Davey, Constable)

    Ruc: Tingles, RoMo (Madden)

    Fwd: Dunkley, Taranto, Rozee, Gulden, Coniglio, F. Greene (Chandler, JVR)

    28 Trades left (4 boosts), $252.2k ITB, Overall Rank 32,723

    Having typed this out I feel my Midfield might be my weakest line at the moment and where I’m losing most points week to week. I’m tempted to hold Ginbey, Baker & Chandler for at least one more week and reassess after round 6.

    Would holding all trades this week set me back too much or is it short term pain, long term gain with that strategy?

    Any advice appreciated, cheers legends.



  32. 8.2k in the bank, 28 trades, 4 boosts
    defense: dawson, daicos, l.ryan, rampe, ginbey, mckena, (cowan, mcvee)
    midfield: oliver, ldu, cripps,, setterfeild, ashcroft, w.phillips, n.long, (o.baker, a.davey, c.constable)
    rucks: t.english, r.marshall (l.mcandrew)
    forwards: j.dunkley, t.taranto, j.zieball, h.sheezal, j.horne-francis, m.phillipou, (f.greene, b.durry)

    any suggestions appreciated, cheers legends,


  33. 26k ITB, 29 trades, season rank 21k after falling 11k last round. Pretty grim losing green this week with Rampe likely out too.

    Defenders: Stewart, Ridley, Rampe, Ginbey, McKenna, Wilmot, (Cowan, Constable)

    Mids: Oliver, Bont, A Brayshaw, Green, Rozee, Setterfield, Ashcroft, Mackenzie, (Hollands, Phillips, Phillipou)

    Rucks: Grundy, Marshall, (Madden)

    Forwards: Dunkley, Taranto, Moore, Ziebell, Sheezel, Chandler (JVR, F Greene)

    Need to trade out some of the dead rooks, open to suggestions.


  34. Hey everyone. Need some serious help this week. Currently ranked 297 overall and with Merrett and Green both suspended, I have some serious thinking to do.

    Defenders: Daicos, Stewart, Redman, Ginbey, Mckenna, Cowan (Chesser, Constable)

    Midfielders: Oliver, Bont, Gulden, Hopper, Ashcroft, Mackenzie, Hollands, Wilmot (Merrett, Green, Gillbee)

    Rucks: Grundy, Marshall (Madden)

    Forwards: Dunkley, Taranto, Rozee, Ziebell, Sheezel, Chandler (Long, Davey)

    28 trades left and $31k. Need to make some changes this week to ensure cash generation but also really don’t want to play Cowan on the field. Welcoming any suggestions.


  35. DEF-Dawson, Naicos, ginbey, mckenna, cowan, young (saad, cincotta)
    MID- LDU, Liberatore, Cripps, Brayshaw, Hopper, Ashcroft, Callaghan, Phillips (mackenzie, hollands, constable)
    RUC-English, Marshall (madden)
    FWD-Dunkley, Rozee, Gulden, Sheezel, JHF, JVR (bruce, drury

    33,800 in the bank with 28 trades.

    as you can see im in desperate need of help

    i was thinking of downgrading this week then trading out cripps and maybe JHF to two performing premiums



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