Game Chat – Adelaide vs Melbourne

Written by Thommo on August 5 2020

Where and When: Adelaide Oval, Wednesday 5 August at 8:10pm (AEST)

Last time they met: Rd 11, 2019: Adelaide 14.6 (90) def Melbourne 12.16 (88) in Darwin.

What it means for Adelaide: Do I need to repeat it? The Crows kind of need to win a game at some stage! Even though most fans have no expectations of Adelaide, their capitulation to the Roos was disgraceful last week and they are going to cop some heat if they fold like a cheap deck of cards again.

What it means for Melbourne: Unofficially this is their bye round. If they don’t win, the pressure that the Crows are feeling will be stacked on the Demons’ shoulders.

Supercoach Watch: Petracca is a Petrappa no longer, Viney is kind of doing ok and Oliver is returning to the top of the midfield tree. For Adelaide: Meh.

Thommo’s Watch: I still own Laird and I’m hoping he can get himself up to a 95 point average. Please…

Thommo’s Tip: Melbourne will suck less, Dees by 20 points.


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46 thoughts on “Game Chat – Adelaide vs Melbourne”

  1. Dermie has stuck to the game but could the rest of these twits actually commentate on the footy? Adelaide just kicked a goal whilst Eddie was still banging on about “dinner dates”.


    1. The good ol’ days we would turn the TV volume off and the radio on.
      That was when there was radio protocol, when DJs didn’t talk over each other…….


      1. Too many egos / celebrities in commentary (Brian Taylor). They think supporters turn on For them rather than to watch footy.


        1. Victoria is just the 1 st state
          Its just because people in society are selfish , stupid & pretty much a waste if skin
          2400 diagnosed to stay home
          & 800 were out & about infecting others
          Sydney ppl not wearing masks are a ticking timebomb
          Then of course they’ll blame someone else
          Every state will have to deal with the virus at different stages
          It’ll go on for years


  2. Half Time – After 9 straight losses as Adelaide coach, and 9 team changes, is Matthew Nicks going to break the drought? Melbourne with a slim lead of 5 points. Hamill from the Crows out for the night with concussion after a sling tackle by Demon Neal-Bullen.

    Rory Laird 74
    Matt Crouch 72
    Tom T. Lynch 70
    Luke Brown 67
    Ben Keays 56
    Paul Seedsman 55
    Daniel Talia 53
    Lachlan Sholl 50
    E. Himmelberg 43
    Ned McHenry 36
    Fischer McAsey 35
    Lachlan Murphy 31
    David Mackay 30
    Darcy Fogarty 28
    Jake Kelly 27
    Chayce Jones 26
    Tom Doedee 24
    Taylor Walker 24
    Ben Crocker 19
    Harry Schoenberg 18
    Reilly O’Brien 5
    Will Hamill 5

    Clayton Oliver 76
    Jack Viney 62
    Max Gawn 62
    Ed Langdon 59
    Christian Petracca 51
    Luke Jackson* 51
    Tom Sparrow 51
    Sam Weideman 50
    James Harmes 47
    Steven May 44
    Christian Salem 39
    Bayley Fritsch 39
    Jake Melksham 35
    Jake Lever 35
    Nathan Jones 30
    Michael Hibberd 24
    Jay Lockhart 21
    Adam Tomlinson 19
    Angus Brayshaw 17
    Aaron Vandenberg 17
    Harley Bennell 7
    Alex Neal-Bullen 2


    1. Demons all seemed too worried to make a mistake so They don’t play with any confidence…. and then they make mistakes


  3. Very happy with that game:

    Great game by Oliver, not just SC, but he dominated the game


  4. Gawn finished up very sore at the end there. Is it worth spending one of my last 13 trades to bring in Draper as some cover?


    1. This is a brutal game, had vc on neale, changed to dusty late. Tossing up take Oliver or stick to Max, stuck with Max! Any way they all scored pretty well!!


      1. I know how you feel stuck the VC on Oliver cause they were Vsing Adelaide change it last minute to Gawn….


    2. He has been interviewed post game and has come into the game with a tear in his shoulder (lat area) so might be in doubt for their next game as well.


  5. FULL TIME – Very impressive 2nd half from the Demons who run out 51 point winners -Clarrie huge with a double ton, and Gawny spent a bit of time resting in the forward line.

    Luke Brown 120
    Rory Laird 119
    Matt Crouch 114
    Tom T. Lynch 100
    Ben Keays 92
    Tom Doedee 89
    E. Himmelberg 85
    Paul Seedsman 76
    Daniel Talia 76
    Lachlan Murphy 67
    Ben Crocker 66
    David Mackay 61
    Harry Schoenberg 59
    Fischer McAsey 58
    Jake Kelly 54
    Darcy Fogarty 52
    Lachlan Sholl 52
    Reilly O’Brien 50
    Ned McHenry 42
    Chayce Jones 31
    Taylor Walker 26
    Will Hamill 4

    Clayton Oliver 204
    Christian Petracca 130
    Max Gawn 109
    Jack Viney 107
    Jake Lever 104
    Steven May 99
    Sam Weideman 94
    Angus Brayshaw 90
    Christian Salem 86
    Bayley Fritsch 86
    Luke Jackson* 85
    Jake Melksham 82
    Tom Sparrow 78
    Ed Langdon 77
    James Harmes 65
    Nathan Jones 64
    Michael Hibberd 57
    Jay Lockhart 48
    Harley Bennell 42
    Aaron Vandenberg 41
    Adam Tomlinson 37
    Alex Neal-Bullen 22


  6. A warm welcome to recruit Petracca……complimenting Clarrie nicely with no byes to come. Zerrett is looking forward to joining you on Friday.


  7. Wow! Absolutely love this honesty!

    Gawn on fox footy just admitted that he has a tear in his ‘Lat’ muscle in his upper back.

    Very close to not playing, but decision was made that he could play without doing further damage to it, but needs to be careful with it.

    Could be something he carries for the rest of the year. Won’t make me trade him out, but most definitely could impact C/VC decisions week to week….

    PS…I love Max in the media, absolute champ and funny to boot



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