Game Chat – Adelaide vs Western Bulldogs

Written by Thommo on August 16 2020

Where and When: Metricon, Sunday 16 August at 1:05pm (AEST)

Last time they met: Adelaide 9.9 (63) def Doggies 2.14 (26) at Adelaide Oval

What it means for Adelaide: Nothing but pride in a shocking season!

What is means for the Dogs: There is a real log-jam forming in the top 8 and every win makes a huge difference in the scheme of 2020. The Dogs don’t want to lose their bye round.

Supercoach Watch: If you don’t own Macrae, you probably don’t want to watch at all. If you do watch you’ll want him to get tagged! The Bont and Laird should also enjoy decent days out. Dunkley may also be joining a few teams of late.

Thommo Watch: I need Laird to go HUGE for me to have a chance in my cash league. Go little man!

Thommo’s Tip: Dogs by 25 points.


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45 thoughts on “Game Chat – Adelaide vs Western Bulldogs”

  1. Bailey Smith didn’t start too bad in getting the ball, but inefficient with it, only having 1 effective disposal.
    Hoping he gets more time on field in upcoming quarters as was under 70% TOG to start and I don’t want that to continue


  2. VC on Neale C on Bont, but decided to take vc score yesterday , only changed 1 minutes b4 game started as weightman was only live loophole and wary of a late in. Wont complain about Bont score though!!


  3. Smith up to 71 at half time with 18 disposals. He is going at 44% efficiency, if that was just a little cleaner it would be beautiful.
    So far repaying all that held onto him after his last couple of games


  4. Shouldn’t complain when I’ve got a POD in Bont going large, but could C Macrae please lift? 130?

    Get it done, son.


  5. Funny game supercoach
    Happy I kept c on Neale
    Still own Macrae so still want him to post a good score but not too good to regret my decision of not putting him captain .
    Stoked with Bont
    Not so happy I traded B Smith instead of D Smith
    and now relying on Aarts as Loop hole.
    Neutral – I am relying on McPherson to outs score Cottrell


  6. Half Time – Bulldogs by 23 points and Bont’s heading for a huge score

    M. Bontempelli 108
    Bailey Smith 72
    Lachie Hunter 68
    Aaron Naughton 66
    Bailey Williams 66
    Tom Liberatore 62
    Easton Wood 56
    Jack Macrae 54
    Tim English 47
    Caleb Daniel 45
    Josh Dunkley 42
    Mitch Wallis 41
    Ed Richards 41
    Bailey Dale 39
    Rhylee West 35
    Sam Lloyd 30
    Patrick Lipinski 28
    Roarke Smith 27
    Ben Cavarra 26
    Toby McLean 25
    Alex Keath 15
    Ryan Gardner 11

    Matt Crouch 74
    Reilly O’Brien 67
    Brodie Smith 50
    Myles Poholke 43
    Rory Laird 43
    Ben Keays 40
    Rory Sloane 37
    Shane McAdam 37
    David Mackay 34
    Andrew McPherson 32
    Harry Schoenberg 31
    Paul Seedsman 30
    Tyson Stengle* 27
    E. Himmelberg 24
    Kyle Hartigan 23
    Jake Kelly 22
    Lachlan Murphy 18
    Luke Brown 17
    Taylor Walker 17
    Lachlan Sholl 9
    Daniel Talia 7
    Fischer McAsey 6


  7. Some SC relevant half time scores:
    Bont 108
    B Smith 71
    Hunter 68
    Macrae 54
    English 47
    Hunter 45
    Dunks 42
    Cavarra 26

    M. Crouch 74
    ROB 67
    Brodie Smith 50
    Laird 43
    McPherson 32
    Scho 31
    Sholl 9


  8. Plenty of time for Macrae to lift.
    Wasnt in the play that much especially second quarter but still scored 56.
    As long as Mr Magnets doesn’t decide to play him in a forward pocket still tipping him to get near Neale’s score


  9. Smith broken the tonne at 3 qtr time. Add Bont with 160 looking to make a double tonne.
    Macrae only on 85, but still looking to make his weekly tonne, just not his big projected score


  10. brought in laird , macrae C & greenwood this week
    was projected 2470 this morning
    looking more like 2300 now
    should have saved my trades
    wooda got starch’s 100 & wooda been able to take neale’s VC score
    or take grundy as C


    1. Supercoach is often a roll of the dice, can’t be too hard on yourself, just take it a week at a time


  11. This year SuperCoach is such a roller coaster. Went away a week and how much changes ? Couldn’t loophole Neale VC, but gladly taking 115 from Macrae. Bont you Champion. Sorry I sold you.


  12. Are the scores right, my game day is saying laird scores 39 and smith 75 and macrae 59, doesn’t seem like the right scores that I saw on fanfooty at 3qrt time. Can anyone help? Was well on to a decent score this round


    1. no cant be right – total scores for whole match on FF is only 1650 … the whole thing is shoddy.

      Will have to be updated … but its also flowed into the SC scores as well …


  13. Full time scores of Bulldogs – Adel game

    M. Bontempelli 199
    Bailey Smith 150
    Lachie Hunter 141
    Aaron Naughton 127
    Tom Liberatore 127
    Bailey Williams 119
    Jack Macrae 118
    Easton Wood 103
    Caleb Daniel 95
    Tim English 90
    Josh Dunkley 88
    Toby McLean 76
    Ed Richards 69
    Mitch Wallis 67
    Ben Cavarra 66
    Bailey Dale 64
    Sam Lloyd 59
    Patrick Lipinski 58
    Alex Keath 55
    Rhylee West 51
    Roarke Smith 47
    Ryan Gardner 30

    Matt Crouch 132
    Reilly O’Brien 124
    Brodie Smith 84
    Ben Keays 81
    Rory Laird 77
    Myles Poholke 76
    Rory Sloane 68
    David Mackay 65
    Luke Brown 64
    Shane McAdam 63
    Kyle Hartigan 57
    Paul Seedsman 53
    Lachlan Murphy 50
    Harry Schoenberg 50
    Jake Kelly 44
    E. Himmelberg 41
    Andrew McPherson 41
    Taylor Walker 36
    Lachlan Sholl 32
    Tyson Stengle* 30
    Fischer McAsey 17
    Daniel Talia 14


  14. well macrae pffff
    serves me right
    went against my longest standing golden SC rule
    never trade in dogs or dons over 500k
    & never never never make a dog or don captain
    burnt myself on that one
    ill enjoy trading macrae back out next week



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