Game Chat – St Kilda v Essendon

Written by Father Dougal on August 16 2020

Where and When:The Gabba, Sunday 18 August at 3:35pm (AEST)
Last time they met: St Kilda 10.16 (76) def Essendon 9.11 (65) Round 2, 2019.

What does it mean for St Kilda: If they win they move into 14th, and clearly separate from the pack. If they are who they wan to be, they should be able to polish off the Bombers no problem. IF they don’t, then maybe there are who they are and not who they want to be.
What does it mean for Essendon: A win and they go up two spots to 8th. Keeps their finals hopes alive. A loss and they sit at 10th, and maybe go down more by the end of the round. The Jekyll Bombers win and make finals the Hyde bombers lose and finish too high for good draft picks but out of finals.

Supercoach Watch Saints:  Steel! Also Butler, Marshall, Billings, Ryder, and Bytel.
Supercoach Watch Bombers:   Merrett is still both in teams and on radars. Devon Smith, bastard, maybe the bench will motivate him! Ridley, Saad, some others maybe…they are all auditioning for a spot in teams ’cause their bye is done.
Father Dougal Watch:  Draper!  Yeah, we all want to see how he goes, extra after the week off.

Father Dougal’s Tip: If both teams Jekyll or both teams Hyde, then it could be a good match. But if they mismatch could be a slaughter. I’m delaying….Saints by 10.


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27 thoughts on “Game Chat – St Kilda v Essendon”

  1. Champion Data crashed, so they are unable to update the scores. Plus what is the need of having them instantly? You can’t really do anything with them so it doesn’t mean that much


  2. Full time scores of Bulldogs – Adel game

    M. Bontempelli 199
    Bailey Smith 150
    Lachie Hunter 141
    Aaron Naughton 127
    Tom Liberatore 127
    Bailey Williams 119
    Jack Macrae 118
    Easton Wood 103
    Caleb Daniel 95
    Tim English 90
    Josh Dunkley 88
    Toby McLean 76
    Ed Richards 69
    Mitch Wallis 67
    Ben Cavarra 66
    Bailey Dale 64
    Sam Lloyd 59
    Patrick Lipinski 58
    Alex Keath 55
    Rhylee West 51
    Roarke Smith 47
    Ryan Gardner 30

    Matt Crouch 132
    Reilly O’Brien 124
    Brodie Smith 84
    Ben Keays 81
    Rory Laird 77
    Myles Poholke 76
    Rory Sloane 68
    David Mackay 65
    Luke Brown 64
    Shane McAdam 63
    Kyle Hartigan 57
    Paul Seedsman 53
    Lachlan Murphy 50
    Harry Schoenberg 50
    Jake Kelly 44
    E. Himmelberg 41
    Andrew McPherson 41
    Taylor Walker 36
    Lachlan Sholl 32
    Tyson Stengle* 30
    Fischer McAsey 17
    Daniel Talia 14


  3. Hey guys, when does this game start? Channel 7 are just showing the Saints training drill at the moment….


  4. I’m a super pissed bombers fan as most will know.
    I’m going to write a letter of complaint…..that will tell em !!!

    Now watch my week end ruined with wce williams a late in !!


  5. 3/4 Time – Saints 9.5.59 to Essendon 4.1.25. Champion Data has been playing up so no responsibility if these scores are wrong…..

    Patrick Ryder 111
    Tim Membrey 100
    Rowan Marshall 97
    Josh Battle 95
    Jack Billings 88
    Hunter Clark 82
    Zak Jones 80
    Nicholas Coffield 77
    Seb Ross 76
    Max King* 73
    Jack Steele 69
    Jack Lonie 66
    Callum Wilkie 58
    Dougal Howard 57
    Nick Hind 49
    Bradley Hill 43
    Jack Sinclair 43
    Jarryn Geary 42
    Daniel Butler 38
    Ben Long 38
    Jack Bytel 34
    Ben Paton 5

    Michael Hurley 95
    Dylan Shiel 88
    Adam Saad 84
    Andrew McGrath 84
    Darcy Parish 81
    Martin Gleeson 70
    Tom Cutler 66
    Zach Merrett 63
    A. M-Tipungwuti 63
    Sam Draper 57
    Jordan Ridley 52
    B. Zerk-Thatcher 45
    Will Snelling 38
    Kyle Langford 37
    James Stewart 33
    Josh Begley 32
    Kobe Mutch 30
    Matt Guelfi 26
    Conor McKenna 24
    Dylan Clarke 24
    Jacob Townsend 15
    Shaun McKernan -10


  6. Is Parish good enough for F6? My final forward spot.
    Thinking he’s had his bye and can hit triple digits at time.


    1. He is on a steady upwards path and attending quite a few cb’s. Very worthy f6 at his price, and quite a pod. I swapped that stain D Smith for him this week.


  7. After some thought, traded McGrath to Steele two games back knowing that I’d be copping a bye out of Steele but hoping his scores would make up the difference…
    McGrath has gone 124 & 113,
    Steele 86 & 92
    Them’s the breaks…



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