Game Chat – West Coast v Hawthorn

Written by Father Dougal on August 16 2020

Where and When: Optus Stadium, Wednesday 12 August at 6:10pm (AEST)
Last time they met: Hawthorn 16.9 (105) def West Coast 9.13 (67) Round 23, 2019.

What does it mean for Hawthorn: A change to mess up their draft by winning.
What does it mean for West Coast: A win helps their bid to end up top 4.

Supercoach Watch Hawks:  Mitchel Sicily Wingard, Day
Supercoach Watch Eagles:  Gaff, Kelly, Sheed, Yeo, Shuey
Father Dougal Watch:  Nic Nat! Many have brought him in and he’s been getting more time on ground. Could go big. It’s hard not to barrack for Nic Nat even not owning him. But still, his non owners would be happy if he keeps it under a ton. Good luck with that.

Father Dougal’s Tip: Eagles by 20. No reason to think the Hawks will fix things vs the Eagles.


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46 thoughts on “Game Chat – West Coast v Hawthorn”

  1. Take Neales 134 as VC (loophole) and Mcphersons 41 or throw Capt on Nic Nat and put Will Day on field? Brander was my loophole, so have to reassess!!!


  2. Another example of holding trades till game time, was considering bringing him in for D.Smith , took Zorko instead as I knew he was playing. That’s one thing right for the year!!


  3. Was going to take a donut up forward with Dev Smith out, put Brander on field in the off chance he would be a late in and sometimes you get lucky. Likely he will only put up 12 or so points now but hey its better than 0


  4. Good to see my boys Wingard and Sic playing well to start :(. Praying my new recruit Nic Nat and the ever reliable Mitchell can carry them to something respectable and not ruin a great sunday for me


  5. Does anyone else find it peculiar that prior to today’s game, Naitanui had taken only 3 marks for the entire season?
    An average of 0.3 marks per game!
    It seems weird that a gun big bloke as athletic as NicNat does not mark.


  6. Starting to feel better for not owning Sicily. Sits close to my never again list, due to this exact situation he is in, as well as becoming a key forward.
    I just find it hard to a good reason to bring him in, when he can have absolutely shocker games


    1. He is the third highest averaging defender coming into this round. Yes he can put in bad games but you should never rule someone out (unless they are consistently injured)


      1. If Clarko finally leaves Hawks, Sicily will come more into thought, I just don’t like inconsistent players. Yeo-Yeo is another example of who I ignore. If Sicily was just set in his role every week, then sure. But seeing this forward switch occuring, is just too off putting for me.


  7. Half Time – Eagles in control 6.5.41 to Hawks 2.3.15

    Nic Naitanui 74
    Jack Darling 69
    Tom Barrass 65
    Liam Ryan 63
    Andrew Gaff 55
    Luke Shuey 54
    Jeremy McGovern 54
    Jackson Nelson 54
    Shannon Hurn 53
    Tom Cole 50
    Josh Rotham 49
    Brad Sheppard 48
    Brendon Ah Chee 44
    Dom Sheed 44
    Tim Kelly 38
    Jamie Cripps 37
    Josh J. Kennedy* 33
    Nic Reid 28
    Jarrod Brander 25
    Oscar Allen 22
    Brayden Ainsworth 19
    Jack Redden 18

    Tom Mitchell 68
    Ben McEvoy 57
    Jaeger O’Meara 56
    Liam Shiels 56
    Chad Wingard 41
    Jack Scrimshaw 38
    Blake Hardwick 37
    Harry Morrison 36
    James Worpel 35
    Will Day 28
    Conor Nash 26
    Jack Gunston 26
    Conor Glass 25
    Changkuoth Jiath 24
    James Frawley 23
    Tim O’Brien 22
    James Sicily 20
    Shaun Burgoyne 19
    Ben Stratton 19
    Luke Breust 18
    Sam Frost 15
    Jarman Impey 10


    1. hawks still pretty good considering they haven’t had a top draft pick in a decade
      clarko should drop every player with a niggle for the rest of the year
      no ones gna rate the corona cup winner down the track anyway


  8. Full Time – 12.9.81 defeat Hawthorn 7.7.49

    Nic Naitanui 147
    Jack Darling 118
    Liam Ryan 106
    Tom Barrass 105
    Brad Sheppard 103
    Luke Shuey 95
    Jeremy McGovern 94
    Josh J. Kennedy* 92
    Andrew Gaff 91
    Shannon Hurn 91
    Jackson Nelson 85
    Josh Rotham 80
    Tom Cole 76
    Jamie Cripps 74
    Dom Sheed 72
    Tim Kelly 65
    Jarrod Brander 63
    Brendon Ah Chee 55
    Nic Reid 50
    Oscar Allen 47
    Brayden Ainsworth 42
    Jack Redden 35

    Tom Mitchell 126
    Jaeger O’Meara 107
    Ben McEvoy 90
    James Worpel 86
    Liam Shiels 85
    Shaun Burgoyne 70
    Chad Wingard 68
    Jack Scrimshaw 67
    Will Day 65
    Tim O’Brien 65
    Jack Gunston 63
    Blake Hardwick 60
    Conor Glass 55
    Harry Morrison 52
    James Sicily 48
    Jarman Impey 40
    Changkuoth Jiath 39
    Luke Breust 38
    Ben Stratton 37
    James Frawley 37
    Conor Nash 28
    Sam Frost 26



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