Game Chat – Brisbane v Fremantle

Written by Father Dougal on May 9 2021

Where and When: 4:40pm at the Gabba

What it means for the Eagles: A win means a 5-3 record and they are either in the 8. A loss puts them outside of the 8 for sure, in the pack of hopefuls at 4-4. With the Dockers shooting up past them yet. 

What it means for the Dockers:   A win means 5-3 and being in the eight. A loss means 4-4 and being right in the big pack of 4-4s. 

Supercoach Watch: 

Lions: Daniher, Zorko, Rich, McCluggage, Lyons

Dockers:  Fyfe, Treacy, Ryan (if he plays), and Brayshaw 

Father Dougal’s Watch:  Roberton, because I own him and I really want to see him both score well and make money! (Please score well and make money) 

Father Dougal’s Tip:  I feel like the Lions are home to a travelling WA team, and thus are sort of a clear favorite. So,the  Lions by 5


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15 thoughts on “Game Chat – Brisbane v Fremantle”

  1. FINAL TEAMS – No late changes.

    sub: Keidean Coleman
    sub: Connor Blakely


    1. Not sure why a few thumbs down there HH, I had a long hard think about Daniher coming in this week in the fwd line too. Comfortably in Top 10 fwds on rolling 3 week AVG.
      Has that juicy back up ruck fwd role and takes contested marks regularly which boost SC scores hugely when taken.

      Great call I reckon and you look like you have reaped the rewards with a nice 90 odd score.


      1. Conca injured his right hamstring but still playing. Wrong player was notified as subbed off.


    1. Nope, he’s just a consistent worker and doesn’t do anything fancy. He’s been a brilliant POD for the past couple of years


  2. wow – what an epic fail bringing in brayshaw for Rowe this week has been … seriously … i hate SC


    1. yeh not a good scorer V good teams away
      makes up for it @ home though
      just short of top dollar for him now


  3. Hopefully not too many brought in D.Robertson after Lachie Neale went down thinking he’d get more mid time. He looks to have been a massive trap.



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