Practice Match Game Chat – Brisbane vs Adelaide Crows

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on February 25 2022

Brisbane v Adelaide at Metricon Stadium (10.00am AEST).


3. Joe Daniher, 4. Callum Ah Chee, 5. Mitch Robinson, 6. Hugh McCluggage, 7. Jarrod Berry, 9. Lachie Neale, 10. Daniel Rich, 11. Lincoln McCarthy, 12. Nakia Cockatoo, 14. James Madden, 16. Cameron Rayner, 17. Jarryd Lyons, 20. Jaxon Prior, 22. Harry Sharp, 23. Charles Cameron, 24. Marcus Adams, 25. Daniel McStay, 27. Darcy Gardiner, 31. Harris Andrews, 32. Darcy Fort, 33. Zac Bailey, 37. Brandon Starcevich, 43. Noah Answerth, 44. #Darcy Wilmot, 46. Oscar Mcinerney

Notable absentees: Deven Robertson, Dayne Zorko, Keidean Coleman, Eric Hipwood, Rhys Mathieson


1. Chayce Jones, 2. Ben Keays, 5. Matt Crouch, 6. Jackson Hately, 7. Riley Thilthorpe, 8. #Josh Rachele, 10. #Luke Pedlar, 14. #Jake Soligo, 15. Brayden Cook, 16. Luke Brown, 20. Mitchell Hinge, 21. Sam Berry, 23. Shane McAdam, 25. Ned McHenry, 26. Harry Schoenberg, 28. Nick Murray, 29. Rory Laird, 31. James Rowe, 32. Darcy Fogarty, 36. Andrew McPherson, 38. Lachlan Sholl, 40. Ben Davis, 41. Jordon Butts, 43. Reilly O’Brien, 45. Kieran Strachan

Notable absentees: Fischer McAsey, Rory Sloane, Paul Seedsman, Jordan Dawson, Taylor Walker, Wayne Milera, Brodie Smith, Tom Doedee


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18 thoughts on “Practice Match Game Chat – Brisbane vs Adelaide Crows”

    1. He would be even better if his disposal was a little cleaner. Suppose it depends upon your team structure really. Like who you’re giving up and what’s more important, early Points or cash to upgrade . Worth thinking about all the same.


  1. Hard to to tell who looks amazing with Kayo Krap !!

    I got soo much buffering during the third quarter I reckon I missed at least 43 of the Lions free kicks.

    Seriously though, the quality is crap, the camera work is amateurish and the number of freezes makes me think I’m going to need a breathing coach…..whew, whew


    1. Hey Jimmy my Kayo is fine. I’m in Melbourne and all good. Remember it’s only a practice game with only a few cameras


      1. All cool Tiger, pretty much tongue in cheek comments. I’m in Darwin and it shouldn’t be any different. On NBN and all my other streaming is buffer free.


  2. Neale looks very fit and a lock…Berry’s form has the potential to change my structure to 3/4/2/3 Coleman at D4 Berry M5 and Cogs Curnow F4-5.
    Rachel showed enough for me to have him at F6 at this stage. 3 goals in a loss he looked class.


      1. Mann that price though…

        Especially in that SF role which isn’t overly supercoach friendly. can’t do it yet


      1. Berry is miles ahead of Caldwell in my book.

        Berry looks fit and has a proven history. Caldwell has potential, but is still being managed after an interrupted preseason.

        Berry every day.


  3. I may also consider Ralphsmith over Curnow at F5.
    If he plays back he could be more consistent without the ceiling.
    Trying to find 4 playing ( 2 bench ) Forward rookies looks tough.
    Atm I have Rachelle F6 D’Koning and Hollands F7-8
    De’Koning loops with Coleman. Hollands may not get up R1 but will play at some stage. I may use him as an early loop.

    Do you think we get Maginness ? or even Evans ?


    1. Gone this way myself, but waiting for the Richmond game to lock it in Eddie.

      Rachele might have made me eat my words, not for the first time, but I can’t see that being a regular occurance in season proper just yet. Definitely gonna get a go Round 1 though.



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