Game Chat – Brisbane vs Collingwood

Written by Thommo on September 4 2020

Where and When: GABBA, Friday 4 September at 7:50pm (AEST)

Last time they met: Rd 5: GABBA, Collingwood 18.15 (123) def Brisbane 8.13 (61)

Match Preview: This is the match of the very short round. The Pies were much improved against the Blues this week (it feels like just yesterday) and have historically enjoyed playing the Lions at the GABBA but they are facing a rested Brisbane fresh from their bye. If the Pies win this, they are back in a big way despite their injury list. If the Lions win this it doesn’t mean much except they remain in the top 2, but if they lose they appear to be pretenders despite the chance of a home Grand Final.

SC Watch: For the Lions, Lachie Neale should be back to his perma-Captain ways while a few Supercoaches are rocking Zorko and McCluggage.

For Collingwood, Taylor Adams has been consistent with Treloar out while Maynard and Grundy have been less consistent but have impressive ceilings on their day.

Thommo Watch: Grundy is my only SC player in this match!

Thommo’s Tip: Lions by 18 points.


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48 thoughts on “Game Chat – Brisbane vs Collingwood”

  1. So many hopes rest on captain choice in this game,be it Neale or Grundy?
    After so many fails by elite players this round what will we get here?


    1. not to mention my fail yesterday after having traded Gawn in late the night before and thinking the match started at 5:40 … only to log on after being snowed under at work at 4:42 to check for final teams list and make sure it was OK to C gawn … and see the game had started!!! Damn!!

      Thinking roll with VC of Mitchell with 120 is the safe play yeah?? Good chance Neale gets tagged …


  2. I’m just hoping that the good Collingwood turns up tonight. Good record last 6 years but it’s a different Brisbane these days. I’m concerned greenwood will tag my captain tonight, Neale. Lastly, go pies….


  3. Alrighty tough decision here
    TU: Take VC Mitchell
    TD Run the risk of grundy or Neale tonight

    check comment for vote of these 2


    1. if you see my post above Tom – I posed same thought … i’m leaning towards taking the safe VC on Titch … thinking Neale cops greenwood tag and Grundy has been less than inspiring for a while now … but go with gut!


      1. Sorry macca I didnt see you had grundy in your comment too. Not feeling confident about any decision I make


    1. yeah mate I couldn’t make the call either way … then again, with the way this season is, and unless you are playing seriously in leagues for cash etc, then no better time to roll the dice on Neale I guess … which is what I could have done … anyway, I’ll happily sit with 120 a VC score and not stress watching the game … as a guide, post above asked about taking Oliver score at 130 and everyone said yes … so for 10 extra points, is the risk worth it??


      1. Oh spewing my HS yearly subscription has run out today! Do you really not get to see live scores without subscription?


  4. Starting to think it doesn’t matter how cheap Neale gets,with Miller and Curnow in the last three rounds,bringing him back in might just not be worth it.


  5. The scorers will make sure Neale still gets 130. Has had no influence whatsoever and already sitting on 30 5 mins into second and Pendlebury has dominated and is on 40


    1. can i have some of your trades if you have that many ‘luxury’ trades??!! – and the answer is, make sure you have premos in all your other positions on field before doing that type of trade


        1. I think you have to get Gawn – he’s still getting some pretty favourable scores from CD and seems better than the other rucks that way – so maybe target him next week as he will be at his lowest – your choice of Grundy or Goldie I guess .. but Goldie is being scored harshly by CD. Some ins for them this next round, it may help their midfield hold the ball.

          Tough choice with those players – they all still have cash to make – Riccardi should keep going well as long as Giants keep playing him … Close gives you DPP and Wicks is scoring OK too … so maybe Rivers as a trade out .. though he gives you DPP too.

          Good luck on your choices!!


    1. Ive been blessed, I brought him in round 8 for dev smith. Cant even imagine how many points that upgrade has brought me


  6. 3QTR time scores – Lions lead Pies

    Brisbane Lions: 6.5.41
    Jarryd Lyons 114
    Jarrod Berry 106
    Hugh McCluggage 88
    Lachie Neale 86
    Oscar McInerney 80
    Cameron Rayner 69
    Eric Hipwood 69
    Ryan Lester 60
    Mitch Robinson 52
    Harris Andrews 50
    Dayne Zorko 47
    Callum Ah Chee 47
    Keidean Coleman 46
    Noah Answerth 46
    Charlie Cameron 46
    Darcy Gardiner 46
    Daniel Rich 45
    Brandon Starcevich 45
    Grant Birchall 39
    Zac Bailey 39
    Daniel McStay 25
    Tom Fullarton 7

    Collingwood Magpies: 3.3.21
    Scott Pendlebury 105
    John Noble 86
    Josh Daicos 81
    Jack Crisp 80
    Tom Phillips 72
    Brayden Maynard 72
    Brodie Grundy 69
    Jack Madgen 69
    Callum Brown 67
    Jordan Roughead 66
    Taylor Adams 58
    Darcy Moore 56
    W. Hoskin-Elliott 53
    Isaac Quaynor 51
    Jamie Elliott 48
    Tyler Brown 44
    Josh Thomas 42
    Mason Cox 42
    Brody Mihocek* 41
    Levi Greenwood 30
    Max Lynch -2 21
    Jaidyn Stephenson 16


  7. Lions win 42 -34 – Scores pre-scaling – still 203 points to allocate

    Brisbane Lions: 6.6.42
    Jarryd Lyons 132
    Jarrod Berry 131
    Lachie Neale 106
    Hugh McCluggage 103
    Daniel Rich 94
    Oscar McInerney 85
    Cameron Rayner 74
    Darcy Gardiner 74
    Eric Hipwood 68
    Callum Ah Chee 65
    Ryan Lester 64
    Noah Answerth 60
    Brandon Starcevich 60
    Mitch Robinson 59
    Keidean Coleman 56
    Grant Birchall 55
    Dayne Zorko 54
    Harris Andrews 45
    Charlie Cameron 41
    Zac Bailey 37
    Daniel McStay 30
    Tom Fullarton 5

    Collingwood Magpies: 5.4.34
    Jack Crisp 127
    Scott Pendlebury 125
    John Noble 109
    Jack Madgen 105
    Brodie Grundy 100
    Josh Daicos 93
    Taylor Adams 91
    Brayden Maynard 91
    Jordan Roughead 79
    Jamie Elliott 73
    Mason Cox 72
    Tom Phillips 68
    W. Hoskin-Elliott 67
    Callum Brown 66
    Isaac Quaynor 59
    Darcy Moore 57
    Tyler Brown 43
    Levi Greenwood 42
    Josh Thomas 39
    Jaidyn Stephenson 38
    Brody Mihocek* 35
    Max Lynch 20


  8. And here’s the updated Scaled up scores

    Brisbane Lions: 6.6.42
    Jarrod Berry 141
    Jarryd Lyons 138
    Lachie Neale 113
    Hugh McCluggage 112
    Daniel Rich 99
    Oscar McInerney 85
    Darcy Gardiner 83
    Cameron Rayner 80
    Eric Hipwood 74
    Ryan Lester 68
    Callum Ah Chee 68
    Noah Answerth 64
    Brandon Starcevich 63
    Dayne Zorko 61
    Grant Birchall 60
    Mitch Robinson 60
    Keidean Coleman 59
    Harris Andrews 49
    Zac Bailey 48
    Charlie Cameron 38
    Daniel McStay 31
    Tom Fullarton 6

    Collingwood Magpies: 5.4.34
    Jack Crisp 134
    Scott Pendlebury 134
    Jack Madgen 112
    John Noble 112
    Brodie Grundy 104
    Josh Daicos 100
    Taylor Adams 94
    Brayden Maynard 93
    Jordan Roughead 82
    W. Hoskin-Elliott 78
    Mason Cox 78
    Tom Phillips 74
    Jamie Elliott 74
    Callum Brown 72
    Darcy Moore 69
    Isaac Quaynor 64
    Tyler Brown 46
    Josh Thomas 42
    Levi Greenwood 41
    Brody Mihocek* 38
    Jaidyn Stephenson 37
    Max Lynch 22

    Interesting upgrades to players …



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