Game Chat – Carlton v Adelaide

Written by Chaos Theory on April 13 2024

Carlton v Adelaide

Marvel Stadium 4.35

A late change for Carlton with Marc Pittonet replacing Adam Cerra (hamstring).


Carlton – Jack Carroll

Adelaide – Sam Berry


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16 thoughts on “Game Chat – Carlton v Adelaide”

  1. Is Flanders worth bringing in or wait. No longer in the midfield and playing off half back might see his scoring drop .
    What do we think ?
    Tu -buy now
    Td -wait for a price drop.


  2. Dawson has the same condition as Steele and Cripps in previous years. Team about to challenge for finals, captain who’s carried in previous years has a hidden injury which we hear nothing about. Try hard, DE drops, disposal count drops, cue 80s and 90s. Going to get a week too.


  3. How have we ended up with Zac Dawson. I started, I’ve held and I’ve still got. I would be blaming Jordan but I’m such a poor Coach that I can’t even put Super in front of it. Bevo gimme a call.



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