Game Chat – Carlton v Collingwood

Written by Father Dougal on August 30 2020

Where and when: Sunday 30th August 3:35pm at  Optus Stadium

What it means for the Blues: If they win they are in reach of a finals spot. How cool is that? They’d have to keep winning of course.  Beating the Pies also implies they deserve a finals spot and might not go out in the first round. A loss is a near fatal blow to finals, although not 100% doom

What it means for the Pies: A win keeps them well in the finals hunt. A loss to the Blues would not say good things about them and would put them in the “might miss finals” group. It would be something of a collapse maybe, starting with a loss here. It would not be a good sign if they lose to Carlton.

Supercoach Watch:

Carlton: Cripps, many still own Docherty.  Martin has nwe owners. Walsh maybe.

Collingwood: Half list team! Grundy, Treloar, Sidebottom, Adams, Maynard, Crisp,  Noble.


Father Dougal’s Watch: The Mighty Mason Cox of course! Not for SC, but the question is “my watch” and I’m a-watching the American Pie.

Father Dougal’s Tip:  I think things would be much more interesting if the Blues win, but I am expecting the Pies to be the ones who end up singing. Collingwood by 15


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34 thoughts on “Game Chat – Carlton v Collingwood”

    1. We are up in a Qualifying Final in the SCT Contributors League GD and it will be close and should go down to the wire with your Grundy C probably going to decide the contest.

      Good Luck!


  1. Take Lloyds 141 or match opponent with Grundy captain to nullify captain score. Only 130 points up with Simpkin to come vs Crisp and Noble?


  2. TU: Take Titchs 122
    TD: Captain Grundy
    I’ve already won my matchup this week so I’m just trying to maximize points if it’s worth it, or just play it extremely safe


  3. I am taking Mitchell’s score this round
    I think Grundy will be managed a bit and both Cox and Cameron will spend a bit of time in the ruck.
    Better for Grundy owners if it is a close gamr


  4. C’mon Cpt Crippa …Go you good thing !
    Sorry whitey , My conscience won’t allow me to be a Dons supporter who’s barracking for the Pies !


  5. Drop it throw it what’s the rules now looking more like rugby. I got no idea anymore. Not that i had one anyway but can someone explain.


  6. if the blues are smart , they would be looking @ early minor surgery clean ups on cripps to get him right for next year now
    they should have a good shot @ finals next year with fit guns



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