30 thoughts on “Game Chat – Carlton v Collingwood”

  1. No Late Changes

    Carlton – Matthew Kennedy
    Collingwood – Lachlan Sullivan


    1. CT
      Hoping next year this BS stops as it’s a joke
      I thought picking the right rookie to field was hard enough
      AFL just have 5 players on the bench
      Kennedy has been playing well and surely Orazio should’ve been SUB

      Appreciate all your efforts
      Good luck


      1. thebopper
        Thank you.
        I agree with you.

        Get rid of the sub. I know there has been rumblings from some coaches, whether there is enough to initiate change, I don’t know. We can only hope.

        Good luck to you too. Have a great weekend.


        1. IMO Just name the sub when you name the interchange at selection.

          In reality, yes 1st game as sub, but alas in SC it’s a no……..

          ie ……remember the old days before interchange????


        2. They did a double bait and switch with the sub rule. When they were first talking about it, it was all about a “concussion” sub, then at the last minute before it was approved they changed the terminology to “medical” sub. And now they use it on any whim as a tactical sub. It was just a deceitful way for coaches to get a 5th interchange. And now they use it as a “tactical” sub. Easy way to fix it. They should make it so that the person subbed off has to miss at least one week, and if they are reported in that game they have to miss their report period plus one week.


  2. I hate any team that starts with C, but it would be nice to see blues win this….if my bombers best weagles we are 8pts clear of pies.


  3. I am not a fan of a debutant being sub for supercoach but more so for the family and friends of the player who come to watch them make their long awaiter debut and they spend 3 and a half quarters on the pine in a moment they’ve dreamt of since a little boy.. some interstate family organise travel flights accommodation etc to watch their kids make their AFL debut and they might see them play 15 minutes. What a joke.


    1. I totally agree Maverick.
      I was implying on a broader aspect than just Supercoach.

      A big occasion marred by a stupid rule. Not just for Sullivan but for all debutants.

      Good for the lad scoring a goal.


    2. I didn’t mean they had to be named sub, just inform everyone earlier to avoid the reasons you stated……..

      …….also remember there has been a few 1st gamers only last a short time due to injuries early….


  4. Love Walsh VC here if anyone’s done it.

    Pies lost some midfield personnel over the week. Expecting him to slay.


  5. Given Cox’s one handed gloved grab and goal, I get the feeling that there is a question to be asked again much like Cloke 8 years ago – why the glove and is it legal?!


  6. TU/TD:
    Powell – sweet
    Marshall – yeo
    Bonner – touk/Anderson
    Bank – $25k

    Not sure if I should be axing those above. But gets me a few ubers. Should I be prioritising dead rookies and the cash gen. ie hore sexton


  7. Walsh was on 90 at 3QT and had plenty of football in the final quarter, 9 touches to finish on only 91…..wtf happened there?



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