Game Chat – Carlton v Melbourne

Written by Father Dougal on July 7 2019

Where and when: MCG, Sunday, July 7, 1.10pm AEST

What it means for Carlton: The Blues have looked a different side since David Teague took the reins as interim coach, winning two of their last three matches and playing an exciting brand of footy. Victory here will continue to build some nice momentum.

What it means for Melbourne: Having started the year as one of the premiership favourites, defeat will see the Dees slip beneath the Blues on the ladder. That is simply unacceptable and must provide Melbourne with some motivation this weekend.

The stat: Ed Curnow racked up an incredible 16 clearances in Carlton’s victory over Fremantle on Sunday. Only eight players have had more in a single game.

The match-up: Clayton Oliver v Jack Silvagni

Having nullified the impact of Nat Fyfe throughout the second half on Sunday, could we see David Teague trust Silvagni with a role on one of Melbourne’s big-bodied midfielders? Oliver appears the obvious choice, with his work in close crucial to the Demons’ success.

It’s a big week for: Mitch McGovern (Carlton)

With both Harry McKay and Charlie Curnow hobbled by injury, a lot of responsibility falls on the shoulders of McGovern to lead Carlton’s forward line this week. He hasn’t kicked multiple goals in five matches, so must step up to inspire the attack on Sunday.

Father Dougal’s Tip: Blues by 10 points if the Great Bearded one sits out.

**Our Admin isn’t always online. If you have access to the SuperCoach scores, the SCT Coaches would be very appreciative if you could pop them into the comments below. Thank you!**


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64 thoughts on “Game Chat – Carlton v Melbourne”

      1. Boak, Daniel, Whitfield, Gawn, Cripps.

        You’d think so, Andy. Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself.


      2. Missed the carnage, don’t have Boak, Daniel or Whitfield and put Lycett in for Gawn yesterday. Rare benefits of having to buy on the cheap. Did cop the Hore carnage tho to avoid a donut in the mid/fwd..


      Carlton: Nil
      Melbourne: Max Gawn (ankle) replaced in selected side by Braydon Preuss

      Carlton: Sam Petrevski-Seton, Darcy Lang, Dale Thomas, Michael Gibbons
      Melbourne: Angus Brayshaw, Marty Hore, Jay Lockhart, Kyle Dunkley


  1. If I was trading Gawn (which I’m not), I’d give serious consideration to Preuss. On the bubble, pretty cheap and could earn some decent cash. Absolutely dominating in the VFL and with Melbs forward woes, he could easily hold his spot, espically if Gawn misses more than one.


    1. Ha… looks like I’m alone on this one. He scored 111 without Goldstein a couple of years ago, and 97 earlier this year. Blues today, then Dogs next week, who opposition ruckmen are scoring well against.


  2. SC relevant scores at QT

    Murphy – 37
    Newman – 23
    Walsh – 23
    Simpson – 11
    Setterfield – 9

    T. McDonald – 57
    Salem – 39
    Oliver – 31
    K. Dunkley – 12
    Brayshaw – 10
    Hore – 5


      1. Was going Hore to Hurn at the start of the week but changed plans and went Young to Marshall to avoid Boak’s donut. Great


    1. Actually on that, can somebody that knows how roughly calculate what Hore will be worth after lockout? He’s $409k with a BE of 117 and a score of 3. TIA


      1. approx. $357k. Can still afford Sicily … just. Phew.

        but it has still made what was looking likely a v good score this week, look ordinary and Setters isn’t helping matters either.


        1. Tell me about it AS,was looking like winning most of my matchups due to opp. not covering Gawn,but now Hores score gunna bring me back to the pack.Ffs!


        2. I have hore and sicily

          i’ve got logue on the bench. Thinking just wait to logue inflates enough I can merge logue and hore into a premo?


  3. Hore with a broken collarbone. Will be interesting to see if we’ll see him play again before the season’s up.


        1. Ah, sh*t. Misread your comment about whether “we’ll” play Hore again. My bad lol.


  4. Setterfield is such a dud. Two eases misses and needed to soccer it just then and the Blues were on.


  5. So Preuss is currently on 137, will make over $80k this week and have a BE around -45.
    Don’t understand the TDs earlier. If you went Martin instead, you’d still have to use another trade to get Gawn back in, could score less and won’t make nearly as much cash?!?


  6. Guys apparently footywire has live supercoach scores. Anyway, here are the relevant players:

    McDonald 150
    Preuss 131
    Harmes 120
    Oliver 118
    Salem 90
    Brayshaw 69
    Dunkley 66
    Hore 4

    Walsh 73
    Murphy 97
    Silvagni 115
    Kreuzer 133
    Setterfield 59

    Don’t know how accurate these are but it’s better than nothing I guess.


  7. Hore out injured ?
    thats the 1st thing to go my way this weekend
    traded him to sicily this week


  8. carl . 15 . 10 . 100
    melb 15 . 15 . 105

    before scaling

    M. Kreuzer 141
    C. Oliver 157
    E. Curnow 107
    B. Preuss 139
    N. Newman 106
    T. McDonald 138
    J. Silvagni 105
    J. Harmes 117
    M. Murphy 90
    B. Fritsch 107
    S. Walsh 84
    C. Petracca 102
    K. Simpson 78
    S. Frost 96
    W. Setterfield 73
    J. Viney 96
    D. Thomas 70
    A. Neal-Bullen 85
    M. Kennedy 69
    C. Salem 83
    S. Petrevski-Seton 67
    J. Hunt 83
    L. Casboult 63
    N. Jones 79
    D. Lang 59
    A. Brayshaw 75
    L. Plowman 54
    J. Lewis 72
    C. Marchbank 53
    K. Dunkley 61
    L. Jones 48
    S. Weideman 58
    J. Weitering 48
    S. May 53
    M. Gibbons 44
    M. Hibberd 52
    Z. Fisher 43
    H. Petty 43
    P. Dow 36
    M. Hannan 43
    L. O’Brien 33
    J. Lockhart 31
    M. McGovern 22
    M. Hore 3


  9. Carlton are a rabble.
    Melb are in poor form but Carlton only got into the game after Melb lost 3 players (1st, 2nd & 3rd quarters). Blues also lost a player late but should have done better.


    1. A rabble that, in 4 games under Teague, has lost two games by an average of 4 points, managed to score 100 points in both of those losses, and has beaten two top-8 sides, including a current top-4 side in Brisbane. And has done it in the last two games without Cripps, McKay, or Charlie Curnow.

      Yep, some rabble.


      1. Plus, stats:

        Carlton under Teague:
        Points-for: 89 (4th)
        Points-against: 87 (15th)
        Percentage: 103 % (8th)
        W/L Percentage: 50 % (2/4)

        Carlton under Bolton (2019):
        Points-for: 67 (17th)
        Points-against: 90 (15th)
        Percentage: 74 % (17th)
        W/L Percentage: 9 % (1/11)

        We were a rabble under Bolton. Though we may still be a work-in-progress, we’re hardly a rabble under Teague.


    2. Also, “poor form”? A month or so of crapness might be poor form. Melbourne has been like this all year.

      That’s not form. That’s just their baseline.


      1. Yep – Melb are in poor form. Void of confidence. Ripe for the picking without Gawn, Lever, Jetta, Melksham, Garlett, Vandenberg etc……..they became even riper losing a soldier in 1st quarter, another in 2nd and another in 3rd. 1 player left on bench had them vulnerable and Carlton could not finish the job. In fact the pattern of the game proves this in that when Melb had full (or close to full) contingent, Carlton never looked likely. Melb are average and Carlton are worse. Looks, smells and feels like a rabble.



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