Practice Match Game Chat – Collingwood vs Hawthorn

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on February 25 2022

Collingwood v Hawthorn at Morwell Recreation Reserve (4.00pm AEDT).

*The two sides have agreed to play six periods with a host of VFL top-up players set to feature.


1. Patrick Lipinski, 3. Josh Daicos, 4. Brodie Grundy 5. Jamie Elliott, 6. Tyler Brown, 7. Isaac Quaynor, 8. Trent Bianco, 9. John Noble, 10. Scott Pendlebury, 11 Sam Glover (VFL), 12. Tom Wilson, 13. Taylor Adams, 14. Darcy Cameron, 15. #Nathan Kreuger 16. Oliver Henry, 17. Callum Brown, 18. Finlay Macrae, 19. #Arlo Draper, 20. #Will Kelly, 21. Trey Ruscoe, 22. Steele Sidebottom, 23. Jack Madgen, 24. Caleb Poulter, 25. Jack Crisp, 26. #Reef McInnes, 27. #Cooper Murley, 28. Nathan Murphy, 29. #Liam McMahon, 30. Darcy Moore, 31. Beau McCreery, 32. Will Hoskin-Elliott, 33. Jack Ginnivan, 34. Isaac Chugg, 35. #Nick Daicos, 36. #Harvey Harrison, 37. Brayden Maynard, 38. Campbell Hustwaite (VFL), 39. #Aiden Begg, 40. #Ash Johnson, 41. Brody Mihocek, 43. #Charlie Dean, 44. Jacob Booth (VFL), 45. Michael Hartley (VFL), 46. Mason Cox, 47. Callan Wellings (VFL), 60. Derek Eggmolesse-Smith (VFL)

Notable absentees: Jordan De Goey, Jordan Roughead, Jeremy Howe


1. Harry Morrison, 2. Mitchell Lewis, 3. Tom Mitchell, 5. James Worpel, 6. James Sicily, 7. Ben McEvoy, 8. Sam Frost, 10. Jaeger O’Meara, 11. Conor Nash, 13. Dylan Moore, 14. Jack Scrimshaw, 15. Blake Hardwick, 16. Lachlan Bramble, 17. Daniel Howe, 18. #Joshua Ward, 26. Liam Shiels, 27. #Ned Long, 28. Kyle Hartigan, 29. #Jai Serong, 30. #Sam Butler, 31. #Conor Macdonald, 32. #Finn Maginness, 33. #Tyler Brockman, 34. #Fionn O’Hara, 36. Callum Porter (VFL), 37. Ned Reeves, 38. Vincent Adduci (VFL), 39. #Emerson Jeka, 40. #Seamus Mitchell, 42. Ed Phillips (BH), 43. #Jack Saunders, 44. Jai Newcombe, 45. #Jackson Callow, 50. Fergus Greene (VFL), 51. James Parsons (VFL), 52. Luis D’angelo (VFL), 53. Mitchell Sruk (VFL), 54. Lachlan Wynd (VFL), 55. James Blanck (VFL), 56. Jaylon Thorpe (VFL)

Notable absentees: Jarman Impey, Changkuoth Jiath, Will Day, Chad Wingard, Luke Breust


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16 thoughts on “Practice Match Game Chat – Collingwood vs Hawthorn”

      1. Jamie Elliott had 9 CBA’s in 3 quarters.
        Stats not counted last 3 quarters after VFL players joined the mix.


  1. Final
    HAWKS 141 – 141 PIES

    Collingwood lead clearly at end of third quarter, then VFL players joined into the mix.
    Pie fans will take this as a decisive victory whilst Hawks will be impressed with their younger brigade for getting a draw.


    1. This was a game of two halves, with the better players playing first three quarters then the VFL players added to the mix playing last three quarters. Next weeks games will be a better guide as who is going to line up for round 1.

      So for what it is worth –

      Sicily is looking good and trending towards his old self intercepting and taking some kick outs. He gaveaway a 50m for back chatting an umpire.Maybe some aspects of his old self he could discard. At least he is still passionate.
      Daicos,still a solid lock for me. 8 CBA’s.
      Finn Maginness 7 CBA’s. I rate him the best of Hawks rookies at the moment.
      Josh Ward 2 CBA’s. Solid performance.


      1. How did Macdonald go and CBA’s?

        Currently have him and Ward in the mids, need to see who gets the nod out of Ward, Maginness and Macdonald.

        Will Kelly?


    1. I’m not sure he’s relevant anymore at that price. He is still small and others are ahead for inside time. It seems Collingwoods midfield set up will be something like Crisp and Adams the mainstays with DeGoey / Elliot / Lapinski , rotating Forward. and Josh Daicos/ Poulter / Sidebottom wing / half forward rotation and Pendles / N Daicos rotating Mid / Back.

      I see young Macrae out on a Forward flank if he gets a game.


  2. So, Ned Long 102k outscored everybody in the Collingwood team except Elliott & Cox in AFL Fantasy makes Daicos look like a total waste of 90k plus Long is DPP



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