7 thoughts on “Game Chat – Essendon v Carlton”

  1. Nic Martin is a hard own. Sloppy and just gave away a 50m for a goal. Don’t think Ill put myself thru the pain next year


  2. Merrett is a must have. He was useless with more than 60% of his disposals resulting in turnovers and he was given a bath by his tagger who kicked 2 goals and setup another all due to Merretts laziness yet he scores 125 in SC. Shows how ineffective CD analysis is in determining relevant players in a game.

    Ridley was even worse. beaten in every contest that he didn’t run away from yet CD score him the 3rd most influential on the ground.

    What a joke


    1. Eh. Such a random thing to get worked up about.

      11 tackles and 4 FF. 15 x 4. There’s 60 points.

      14/21 contested, which is strong. Use was driven down by the tag. Lot of his touches were extractions, where the contested possession itself balances out the ineffectiveness of the disposal.

      About right. Maybe generous by 10 or so points. Certainly not egregious.

      Yes, I have him.


  3. Merrett score is ridiculous, agreed must have. Lads at CD just taking the p1ss. 21 @ 66. Oh my, and i did not see 11 tackles



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