Game Chat – Essendon vs Richmond

Written by Thommo on June 5 2021

Where and when: Optus Stadium, Saturday 5th June at 7:40pm (AEST)

Last time they met: R13 2020: Richmond 10.13 (73) def Essendon 10.1 (61) in Darwin

Recent record: Richmond 5 – Essendon 0

Match Preview: Tonight’s match should help to judge where these two teams are at. The Bombers have looked amazing at times this season with their pressure and foot speed running rings around other teams. Their young players could be anything and things are finally looking up after a poor few years. However, as is expected with young teams, the Bombers can leak goals at times and they have lost a few disappointing games.

Similarly, the Tigers have looked very poor at times in 2o21 but that is understandable given their multiple key injuries. While they are off the pace right now, they are within striking distance of the top 8 and have recovered some important players. That said, Richmond need to start winning matches like this or their dream of a three-peat will soon be over.

Thommo’s Watch: 

Essendon – Zerrett, Parish and Ridley

Richmond – Do something Dusty! Bolton, Coleman-Jones and Collier Dawkins (it’s fun when these two kick to each other.

Thommo’s Tip: Tigers by 18 points (tipping record 18/33).

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76 thoughts on “Game Chat – Essendon vs Richmond”

    1. Thanks Macca, I completely forgot to post them.

      FINAL TEAMS | No late changes

      Patrick Ambrose (ESS) and Daniel Rioli (RICH) are the medical subs.


  1. Evening, all.

    Got more players in this one than I expected: Zerrett, Waterman, Short, Martin, CCJ and RCD.

    I’ve got CT in the admin league, so gonna need another 60 from Riddles lol.

    How’s everyone else looking?


    1. Evening Gunboat.

      Nice one Captaining Laird. 😉

      With news of extra trades , and poor scores from Warner and Rowe, I have got aggressive with trade plans.

      Bianco was already in. I was tossing up going early on Whitfield and have decided that needs to happen this week too.

      I’ve also passed on CCJ ( R14 Bye ) and have gone early on Reeves.

      I need to start setting my team up for R14.


      All on the chopping block next week , ( a week early )

      Zorko missing the next 2, puts yet another spanner in the works.

      This is going to be a huge trade week. Some may even look at trading Grundy ? Might need a poll on him and Zorko now we have extra trades ?


      I would normally favour the Bombers after Richmond’s recent success. But…

      With Dusty Short and RCD in this one..

      Go Tige’s !

      Should be a cracker.


      1. Yeah. Sounds good, FT. Think the way to go rn is to just run and gun with trades and look for a leg up coming out of the mega bye.

        Will definitely drum up some polls on trade strategy, covering Zorko and re-visiting Grundy.

        Should a good game.


        1. Something to clarify – in your “best 18” if you have the E on the ruck and all three rucks play, does the third one count in the best 18??

          May be interesting if you trade Grundy to NicNat and also have Reeves … thus Maxxy, NicNat and Reeves – do they all count??


          1. thought so – figured it would be “too good to be true” …

            cheers for quick response lads!

            REALLY wish we had confirmation of the news before the Pies match started – would have traded Grundy to NicNat …


  2. Evening,

    Great call on laird today, I didn’t jump on with the c but I was very impressed. Stuck between macrae and Walsh atm

    For this one I got dusty rcd Ridley so fingers crossed they all fire.

    For captain choices
    Tu macrae
    Td walsh


    1. Hey, Tom.

      Good to see you.

      Go Walsh. We’ve got no Shuey or Kelly and an underdone Yeo. Bleeding midfield points and expecting us to cop it tmmrw.

      I soured on Macrae after Longmuir mentioned him and Bont with regards to a tag.


      1. hmmmm GD looks like I should have followed you and also FT advice on Laird … I wasn’t convinced on him.

        Fingers and prayers for Macrae to go 180 now!!!


  3. Dumb question if i C a bye players i get the VC score right? so i captain Brockman on the field and Emergency a playing player i get the VC score right


    1. Yep, all bye players can be used as loops until the start of the last game of the round.


  4. Right now, with the draw change and the Bye change, I now don’t have to trade next week it seems as long as the Tigers guys play.

    BUT – big kick in the guts in Rnd14 now and more so with Zorko copping the 1 week suspension … dual standards at judiciary / MRO???


    1. Yeah, floored by the Zorko decision. We were all saying in the match chat that it’d only be a fine.

      I’d trade next week in preparation for the R14 mega bye, Macca. Still B18.


  5. Might give Langford a look after his bye.

    In great form and already getting a good CBA load, that’ll hold with McGrath’s injury looking serious.


    1. Had a good year last year, slow start this year but been very good of late.

      Key player for the bombers now.


        1. Will be starting him next year. Best kick at goal in the team. I have no spot for him this year.


  6. LMAO!

    The mic just picked up Vlastuin saying “I was going for the mark, you dumb c*nt”.

    Nice work, Channel 7.


    1. If that comment was made to an opposition player who was trying to show he cared, then that’s ok……but not on TV while young’ens might be watching…….
      However, if the comment was made at the umpire, then he should be banned for life……..
      How Rude……..LOL


  7. Looking like the play may have been to bring in CCJ

    AND, by any chance, could Waterman and RCD try and get their effing hands on the pill and stop being afraid of leather poisoning???? sheesh …


      1. RCD is not taking CBA’s now.

        I just hope he makes his breakeven?

        All my rookies marked for trade next week are losing value this weekend.


    1. Being forced into accountable match-ups and Redman & Heppell stealing his thunder, hmm.

      Will drum a poll up early next week on him.


  8. HALF TIME – 21 point lead to Tigers and big news with A McGrath subbed out of the match with a what appears to be a serious knee injury.

    Dustin Martin 64
    C. Coleman-Jones* 66
    Dion Prestia 51
    Bachar Houli 55
    Jack Graham 57
    Mabior Chol 60
    Jack Riewoldt 40
    Jayden Short 50
    Jason Castagna 44
    Jake Aarts 40
    Liam Baker 56
    Noah Balta 45
    Shane Edwards 35
    Trent Cotchin 34
    Dylan Grimes 39
    Marlion Pickett 45
    Josh Caddy 38
    Shai Bolton 35
    Nathan Broad 27
    R. Collier-Dawkins 17
    Kamdyn McIntosh 26
    Nick Vlastuin 15
    Daniel Rioli 1

    Darcy Parish 96
    Kyle Langford 68
    Nikolas Cox 47
    Zach Merrett 67
    Brayden Ham 44
    Andrew Phillips 50
    Cale Hooker 36
    Mason Redman 41
    Dyson Heppell 42
    Jordan Ridley 30
    Nick Hind 36
    Alec Waterman 26
    A. M-Tipungwuti 26
    Jayden Laverde 14
    James Stewart 26
    David Zaharakis 27
    Harrison Jones 13
    Andrew McGrath 10
    Archie Perkins 16
    Patrick Ambrose 12
    Jake Stringer 8
    Aaron Francis 12
    Matt Guelfi 5


    1. Yeah, he’s f*cking everywhere.

      Props to anyone who jumped on.

      A few in the captaincy article said they were going to C him!


      1. The only question is why has it taken this long before putting him into the guts full time!


      2. took him in Tech team a few weeks back … now wishing I did in main side … too costly now!! sheesh …


    1. yep – he’s now actually going to lose money when we needed him to make some … or at least not lose any FFS


  9. 3/4 Time and the Tigers lead by 22 points and congrats to those coaches with Parish…

    Dustin Martin 83
    Dion Prestia 75
    Mabior Chol 81
    Jack Graham 86
    Jason Castagna 68
    Bachar Houli 76
    Jayden Short 67
    Shai Bolton 87
    Trent Cotchin 58
    Jake Aarts 55
    Noah Balta 67
    C. Coleman-Jones* 62
    Jack Riewoldt 36
    Liam Baker 66
    Shane Edwards 62
    Dylan Grimes 58
    Josh Caddy 56
    Nick Vlastuin 52
    Marlion Pickett 68
    Nathan Broad 32
    Kamdyn McIntosh 31
    R. Collier-Dawkins 22
    Daniel Rioli 1

    Darcy Parish 128
    Nikolas Cox 83
    Kyle Langford 80
    Zach Merrett 98
    Nick Hind 64
    Andrew Phillips 76
    Mason Redman 76
    Jordan Ridley 64
    Brayden Ham 61
    Jayden Laverde 50
    Dyson Heppell 61
    David Zaharakis 56
    Cale Hooker 47
    Jake Stringer 31
    James Stewart 33
    Archie Perkins 29
    Alec Waterman 29
    A. M-Tipungwuti 31
    Harrison Jones 18
    Patrick Ambrose 19
    Andrew McGrath 10
    Aaron Francis 14
    Matt Guelfi 14


  10. Oh man – I held off on trading in Bolton due to the byes and Tigers on bye next week.

    That news of the extra trades and Tigers definitely playing next week hurting even more so now!


    1. I’m in the same boat, I decided on Whitfield this week as I needed the rd 13 coverage and was gonna upgrade rcd to Bolton rd 14. Sigh


  11. This game was a lot closer than the score suggests. Bombers ran out of steam and Tigers smalls too damaging with space inside 50.

    Bolton has to be a keeper in SC. Tigers have a reasonable draw so should be a threat for a tonne every week.


  12. Can somebody explain how Daniel Rioli can have 3 possessions & a goal, but only get 5 SC points


    1. goal is 8 points
      1 is listed as a clanger (kick) -4 points
      and his DE is 33% – which is the goal – so the other kick regarded as ineffective and 0 points


  13. I was at the game tonight.
    Now I’m home I’m trying to see how many SC points the umpires scored tonight?
    Anyone know?


    1. The umpiring was very disappointing. From a Dons point of vue anyway. Having said that, Richmond has also had a raw deal with the umpires this season.
      It looks like every week the umpires focus on something specific and ignore everything else. There is no continuity and consistency. Not their fault, they are probably given strict directives. Very frustrating


      1. Yep, kills a game though when there is continuous mistakes at pivotal times, Bombers didn’t kick straight which did not help.


      2. Jeannot,
        It may happen on occasions. (keep in mind my last days were not long after the 2 umpires system started)
        Did you know an umpire’s report is/was done after every game by both teams?
        The umpires do not see these reports and are forwarded along with all other required match sheets to the appropriate parties.
        They are then assessed and briefed back to the umpires in general, and if there appeared to be a common issue we were asked to be more mindful with these decisions.
        Hence the next games first decision could often be a more weaker or stronger emphasis than the last weeks interpretation……..and we probably have seen how long it takes both players and supporters to adjust to their new programming…….
        Ps A psychological profile was done on these reports, and as you have probably already guessed, the losing teams report was often an excuse for their loss and to use the umpires as their scapegoat …….sound familiar with supporters too???



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