Game Chat – Footscray v Melbourne

Written by Motts on May 28 2021

Where and when: Docklands, 7:50pm (AEST)

Last time they met: R13 2020: WBD 12.8 (80) DEF Melbourne 7.10 (52) at Metricon.

Six unanswered goals from the Dogs turned a seven-point Demons half-time lead into an unassailable 27-point buffer at the final break. Half-backs Hayden Crozier, Bailey Williams, Jason Johannisen and Caleb Daniel set up the turnaround, while Marcus Bontempelli and Tom Liberatore were brilliant around the stoppages throughout. With Josh Bruce taking the ruck duties from Tim English and Josh Dunkley, the Dogs relied on attacks from defence with six of their first 10 goals generated from their back half.

Match Preview: A wheel fell off the Dee Train with their loss to lowly Adelaide last weekend. Whether it was a freak occurrence or a sign of more sinister things will be proven out tonight when they take on the new ladder leader.

Motts Watch: 

Macrae, Daniel, Bontempelli, and Smith.

Gawn, Oliver, Petracca, and Jordon

Mottsy’s Tip: Footscray by 25 (tipping record 22/30).

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57 thoughts on “Game Chat – Footscray v Melbourne”

  1. No Late Changes.

    Medical Subs:
    Melbourne – Tom Sparrow
    Western Bulldogs – Louis Butler


  2. Evening, all.

    Looking forward to this one, even without a crowd.

    Still undecided on my tip and VC lol. Got Bont, Macrae, Gawn, Satan, Petracca, Jordon and Weightman.


    1. Still deciding on v too. Leaning towards Maxy with doggies a little soft there. All the gun kids might neutralise each other a bit.


  3. As I just posted in coaches box:
    To all those in Melbourne / Victoria under another lockdown: thoughts are with you and your families folks. Stay safe and take care.


    1. Cheers Macca, I like to echo your thoughts.
      It is no fun being in Victoria, that’s for sure.
      All the best everyone.


    2. Ah, thanks Macca.

      Even though I live in Melbourne’s northern suburbs (where the COVID cases are concentrated), my biggest priority is drilling the VC tonight lol.

      Too many good options and no f*cking idea.


      1. yep – I have no idea either!! Sad to say with Gawn playing first up and you would normally say an absolute lock.

        But CD are screwing him this year on his HTA and Jackson has also messed with his stats and plays … a tad frustrating for sure!!


      2. Keep safe GD.
        I have the same problem as last week with my bench so I am forced to VC in this game. What a choice?
        Facing your dilemma GD.
        After last weeks bad luck I am not going too left field this week!


        1. Argh. No idea 10 minutes out.

          Thinking SURELY Bont gets attention, so not him.

          That then frees up Macrae, liking him.

          BUT there’s Gawn against Sweet and English.

          Then there’s Satan in deadly form and even Petracca could be due for a big one.

          Gonna leave it to the last minute and flip a coin. Literally.


  4. Hi all, This should be a great game.
    Like many I have quite a few in this game.
    Good luck to all.

    Remember this is an ordinary round, Supercoach wise.


  5. Tonight’s game, 1st vs 2nd, would have been so much more awesome to watch with a huge crowd at the MCG. Instead they will be playing to an empty stadium, such a shame . Fingers crossed we get through the rest of the season without any more disruptions or fixture changes – the byes are hard enough to deal with!


  6. do we have any real concrete info on whether or not Madden and Weightman have any decent JS making them worth bringing in??

    I actually could not trade at all tonight for the first round all year I think and not have to cop a donut … its messing with my head!!


    1. Weightman rock solid JS.

      Madden a little foggy given the potential returns in the coming weeks. Holds his spot on form.

      See the Table For Two thread for more, we got into it there.


    2. I totally get where you are coming from Macca. All week I was saying to myself “I don’t need to make any trades this week, I actually have a full team and emergencies”…and it feels so wrong NOT to trade. I know I shouldn’t trade as low on numbers, and “trades are gold” but I need cash to try and resurrect my team over the byes, so have gone Scott to Weightman, even though he’s not the cheapest option but I feel will hopefully have better JS than Madden.


      1. Ended up doing just that Lisa although I’m also short on trades. Weightman looks to have the good J’s, and the starting price of $170k will still be part of his price when culled.


  7. Why didn’t they put the fake crowd noise on in the background. Surely they would’ve kept the files from last lockdown?


  8. After an entertainingfirst quarter, it’s Melb 6.5.41 leading the Bulldogs 2.2.14. Lots of VC’s in this game I’m sure and its Clarrie & Macrae with the early points.

    Clayton Oliver 50
    Christian Petracca 46
    James Harmes* 45
    Bayley Fritsch 39
    James Jordon 28
    Jake Lever 27
    Tom McDonald 25
    Jake Melksham 23
    Steven May 22
    Kysaiah Pickett 22
    Charlie Spargo 16
    Max Gawn 16
    Angus Brayshaw 16
    Trent Rivers 14
    Michael Hibberd 14
    Christian Salem 13
    Alex Neal-Bullen 11
    Harrison Petty 11
    Ed Langdon 10
    Luke Jackson 3
    Jayden Hunt 1
    Tom Sparrow 1
    Sam Weideman -3

    Jack Macrae 52
    Lachie Hunter 37
    Zaine Cordy 34
    Cody Weightman 31
    Tom Liberatore 30
    Hayden Crozier 29
    M. Bontempelli 26
    Patrick Lipinski 23
    Bailey Smith 23
    Aaron Naughton 21
    Bailey Dale 20
    Roarke Smith 20
    Jordon Sweet 13
    Caleb Daniel 12
    Tim English 12
    Bailey Williams 8
    Alex Keath 8
    Riley Garcia 7
    Taylor Duryea 6
    Jason Johannisen 4
    Lachlan McNeil 3
    Louis Butler 1
    Josh Bruce –


    1. Early days yet Wighty, I also have him but not panicking yet (plus still riding the high of VC Oliver from last round)


  9. Glad I spent all that cash getting Gawn in as I thought he was bottomed out…disregarded the 2nd ruckman killing his score


  10. May has not been a good pick since getting him in my side when his price bottomed out. Got sucked in.


  11. Half Time and the Demons continue with their lead, 9.6.60 to the Doggies 6.5.41, Disappointing first half from Gawn, VC not a great choice after all.

    Clayton Oliver 74
    Christian Petracca 68
    James Harmes* 66
    Tom McDonald 58
    Steven May 47
    Jake Melksham 47
    Kysaiah Pickett 46
    Trent Rivers 45
    Jake Lever 45
    Bayley Fritsch 43
    Max Gawn 39
    James Jordon 38
    Michael Hibberd 35
    Alex Neal-Bullen 34
    Christian Salem 32
    Harrison Petty 30
    Charlie Spargo 28
    Angus Brayshaw 27
    Ed Langdon 19
    Luke Jackson 13
    Jayden Hunt 8
    Sam Weideman 2
    Tom Sparrow 1

    Jack Macrae 91
    Lachie Hunter 64
    Hayden Crozier 60
    Tim English 59
    M. Bontempelli 56
    Zaine Cordy 52
    Roarke Smith 48
    Tom Liberatore 46
    Bailey Smith 45
    Patrick Lipinski 43
    Cody Weightman 37
    Aaron Naughton 37
    Bailey Dale 35
    Caleb Daniel 27
    Jason Johannisen 24
    Taylor Duryea 21
    Jordon Sweet 20
    Alex Keath 19
    Lachlan McNeil 17
    Bailey Williams 17
    Josh Bruce 17
    Louis Butler 10
    Riley Garcia 7


          1. This is CD, early in game, mcrae , who i have , kicked across goal, intercepted and opp kicked goal he went up 5 points. Its like a player sometimes gets set against whatever they do!


              1. True gd , but the fact is one bloke has a shocking clanger and goes up 5, another bloke has a pressured clanger and drops points.


                1. Yeah. Agree, Bruce.

                  It’s f*cked.

                  Anyway, I’m off.

                  Good luck with the Crows, mate. Should be a great game.


  12. I also went with Gawn VC. Been watching him reasonably closely the last few weeks and his issue with scoring for me lies in the fact he is majorly out of form with his marking. When he does take them he double or triple grabs them and the rest of the time he gets both hands to it and then just drops the bloody thing.

    Those intercept contested marks are 8SC points alone plus the kick afterwards, so I reckon he dropped 3 of them in the first half he should have taken which would equate to around 25-30 points dropping him in the 60’s at half time….

    Just my observations….


  13. Spewing… Went the double downgrade instead of to hunter (who’s attractiveness grew with Treloar going under the knife)


  14. 3/4 Time : Melb 12.8.80 to Bulldogs 6.8.44

    Clayton Oliver 108
    James Harmes* 92
    Max Gawn 77
    Christian Petracca 77
    Jake Lever 75
    Bayley Fritsch 72
    Tom McDonald 71
    James Jordon 63
    Steven May 60
    Harrison Petty 60
    Alex Neal-Bullen 57
    Angus Brayshaw 56
    Trent Rivers 56
    Jake Melksham 51
    Christian Salem 50
    Charlie Spargo 48
    Kysaiah Pickett 46
    Michael Hibberd 38
    Ed Langdon 34
    Sam Weideman 28
    Luke Jackson 27
    Jayden Hunt 24
    Tom Sparrow 1

    Jack Macrae 113
    Lachie Hunter 99
    Hayden Crozier 95
    M. Bontempelli 81
    Tim English 75
    Roarke Smith 74
    Zaine Cordy 70
    Bailey Smith 68
    Patrick Lipinski 67
    Bailey Dale 67
    Aaron Naughton 60
    Tom Liberatore 59
    Cody Weightman 46
    Caleb Daniel 40
    Jason Johannisen 40
    Bailey Williams 39
    Jordon Sweet 38
    Alex Keath 31
    Taylor Duryea 25
    Louis Butler 21
    Josh Bruce 20
    Lachlan McNeil 18
    Riley Garcia 7


  15. Take Bont’s 125ish or go Grundy?

    Awkward one – most of my league opponents had Macrae as VC though (I don’t have Macrae)

    TU – take it
    TD – go Grundy (or another premo mid) instead



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