Game Chat – Fremantle v Brisbane

Written by Chaos Theory on March 17 2024



Sunday March 17, 6:50pm at Optus Stadium


B: J.Aish 11 A.Pearce – C 25 J.Clark 6
HB: L.Ryan 13 E.Hughes 15 O.McDonald 21
C: M.Johnson 44 N.Fyfe 7 J.Sharp 14
HF: T.Emmett 18 J.Treacy 35 M.Frederick 32
F: S.Switkowski 39 J.Amiss 24 M.Walters 10
Foll: L.Jackson 9 C.Serong 3 A.Brayshaw 8
I/C: B.Cox 36 B.Banfield 41 K.Worner 23 H.Young 26 N.Erasmus 28

Emerg: C.Simpson 29 W.Brodie 17 L.Reidy 42


B: B.Starcevich, D.Gardiner, R.Lester

HB: C.McKenna, H.Andrews – C, D.Wilmot

C: J.Fletcher, C.Rayner, J.Berry

HF: C.Cameron, E.Hipwood, H.McCluggage

F: L.McCarthy, J.Daniher, D.Zorko

FOLL: O.McInerney, J.Dunkley, J.Lyons

I/C : [1] Kai Lohmann,[2] Deven Robertson,[4] Callum Ah Chee,[33] Zac Bailey,[43] Noah Answerth

EMG: [29] James Tunstill,[32] Darcy Fort,[40] Jack Payne

IN: C.McKenna, D.Robertson, N.Answerth
K.Coleman (knee), L.Neale (hamstring), J.Payne (omitted)

Last week’s sub: Kai Lohmann


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16 thoughts on “Game Chat – Fremantle v Brisbane”

  1. Geez Mead is a mare. 22 points at 3/4 time. Flipped a coin between him and Duursma (71 points ). Also went Gibcus over D’Ambrossio, Z Reid over Coffield and J Clarke over O Dempsey.

    Need a new f$&king coin. Looks like a big trade burn this week!


    1. Ooof. That’s rough, T.

      Most of us are doing Gibcus -> Mass, so no real disadvantage to you there. But get it’s annoying to have had him.

      Mead I dropped late yesterday to fund that trade, so inadvertent god send. He’s a no.

      As long as your premos are solid it’s alright. Can adjust rookies, MPs and structure.

      Just Jackson and Young for me in this last one.


      1. Yep – cheers GD.

        I have reconciled myself to multiple “corrective trades” next week. The other one I am considering, and assuming I will get some TD’s for this one, is Grundy to Heeney, sliding Jackson in to the ruck with Gawn. Fundamentally, I think that Heeney will consistently outscore Grundy, obviously same bye. I have good coverage for byes, so no concern there. Build the bank and push Marshall or English in to the ruck and Jackson back to the forward line. No risk, no reward.


        1. Yeah. Get that. I’ve got Jackson as well.

          Only two things giving me pause with Grundy:

          1) His effort has still been good.

          2) His fixture. Dons, Tigers and Eagles.


    2. I’m moving the fridge out during the week T Rex, I’ll let you know if I find any of mine…..


  2. I think this year will be the year we find out if Serong will ever become an elite mid or fall more into the Tom Mitchell accumulator, decent impact category.


  3. Can I just say how much I HATE these early byes. The fact that 8 teams have 2 byes whilst the rest only have 1 totally screws our choices. It truly impacts which premo’s to chose from, unless you’re not worrying about rank and disregarding the early byes. I really hope next year the AFL goes back to a more traditional format – having Round “zero” is a total w..k. Vent over.


    1. Hey Lisa, yep it is frustrating to say the least but on the other side of the coin, it’s indiscriminate, it affects all SC’s. It throws the cookie cutter team into turmoil and has us scrambling first up. But we now have 40 trades to play with. Like our “AFL Fixture” and subjective nature of umpiring, this is what makes our game great and unique. In my view, it keeps it interesting and levels the playing field. And a certain degree of luck is something that defines this game. Enjoy the ride.



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