15 thoughts on “Game Chat – Fremantle v North”

  1. No late changes.

    Medical substitutes are
    Fremantle: Neil Erasmus
    North Melbourne : Jack Mahony


  2. Whos the best trade out this week:
    TU: O’Driscoll
    TD: JHF
    Has there been a reason NOD’s scores have dropped after posting a few big ones?


  3. Have unintentionally got both JHF & NOD on the field – need them BOTH to actually DO something please – at least to make their BE’s. I must stop moving rookies on/off the field close to game time, making last minute decisions – NOD was meant to be on the bench FFS. At least I got the VC on Macrae.


      1. I thought with Bont out, he may go back to the Macrae score hog that we want. Plus I was limited with loophole options.


    1. Lisa I had this issue a few years ago and I was tearing my hair out every week.
      I ended up just making a decision that whenever I was tossing up between 2 players on who to field I just pick whoever has the higher average and then live with the result.

      Has been a great move for my SC stress levels.


  4. Sad that I had to trade out Chapman last week but the 2nd week of protocols meant the trade had to be made 🙁

    To make matters worse Vlastuin who I traded in is out this week.


    1. Me too, but I do think when playing Nth, defenders in SC should be given a 20pt start !!



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