Game Chat – Fremantle vs Hawthorn

Written by Thommo on August 10 2020

When and Where: Optus Stadium, Monday 10 August at 8:40pm (AEST)

Last time they met: Rd 17: Hawthorn 12.12 (84) def Fremantle 8.5 (53) in Launceston.

What it means to Fremantle: While they are technically a chance to make the top 8, this is more a case of a bottom 8 side needing to show something to prove they are improving. After defeating the Pies last week, the Dockers’ fans would be relatively happy, so make that back-to-back wins (especially against a team they rarely defeat) and it will be all the sweeter.

What is means to Hawthorn: The Hawks sucked really badly for weeks before a weird come-from-behind win last week (pre-bye). That win gave them a brief reprieve from the ‘Dad’s army’ jokes but the media will be happy to sink the boot in if they produce more rubbish footy tonight.

Supercoach Watch: There are a few big names playing tonight, none bigger than Nat Fyfe, Tom Mitchell and Caleb Serong. A few unhappy coaches may be holding Wingard, Worpell and the injured Walters.

Thommo Watch: My man-crush was on hiatus early in the season but Tommy Mitchell is starting to earn back my love in recent weeks. Go Tommy!

Thommo’s Tip: This one is tough! If the good Hawks turn up, they might sneak a win but more likely Fremantle by 10 points.


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48 thoughts on “Game Chat – Fremantle vs Hawthorn”

    1. Fyfe to play mainly up Fwd isn’t ideal, and likely in showers too. Titch won’t be doing that at least, so Titch for mine.


  1. I need to pick one of Grundy or Titch for C, and Cameron being named scares me a bit from going on Grundy, especially given the team tactics the Crows could impose on him, which worked against Gawn.

    Thoughts on who I go with?

    T/U – Leave it on Grundy
    T/D – Move it to Titch


  2. Sean Darcy is going to be a player.
    In the game against the Saints he was BOG for the second qtr before he got knocked out.
    Glad to see him doing well.


  3. frost 11 steps & holding the ball = freo goal
    early 1 sided umpiring
    hopefully freo only get the 4 goals from the umps tonight


  4. Wingard rocketing out of the gates with an electrifying 9 points in the first quarter.
    Just wish he would run to the ball instead of away from it


    1. To be honest, we are playing poorly. The non-50m penalty when Conca threw the ball away was ordinary though.


  5. What do non-Hawks people think of Wingard? So far tonight he has pulled out of multiple contests. Soft as butter in my mind.


      1. I can beat that – traded out Zorko at this start of this round, he scored 163, for T Mitchell, who I would love to see match it so I don’t feel so bad….


  6. hr’snot there for his tackling , thats always a bonus
    he’s a running link up/ fwd goal kicker
    replaced brad hill
    like for like & hill won 3 flags


  7. Tell you what my boys are lucky to not be 6 goals down at halftime. Still in it just need to come out of the rooms firing. Frei been all over us


  8. HALF TIME and its the Dockers by 12 points against the Hawks 4.4.28 to 2.4.16

    Sean Darcy* 90
    Adam Cerra 83
    Andrew Brayshaw 80
    Nat Fyfe 68
    Brennan Cox 57
    Rory Lobb 56
    Nathan Wilson 54
    David Mundy 52
    Reece Conca 47
    James Aish 45
    Luke Ryan 44
    Caleb Serong 44
    Mitch Crowden 43
    Matt Taberner 39
    Brett Bewley 38
    Ethan Hughes 33
    Travis Colyer 28
    Connor Blakely 27
    Taylin Duman 21
    Lachlan Schulz 19
    Stephen Hill 18
    Minairo Frederick 13

    Jack Gunston 59
    James Worpel 56
    Sam Frost 49
    Harry Morrison 47
    Blake Hardwick 47
    James Sicily 42
    Luke Breust 40
    Tom Mitchell 40
    Chad Wingard 36
    Jonathon Ceglar 36
    Tom Scully 34
    Conor Nash 33
    James Frawley 26
    Will Day 25
    Ben McEvoy 25
    Jack Scrimshaw 21
    Jaeger O’Meara 20
    Tim O’Brien 19
    Ben Stratton 12
    Jarman Impey 11
    Liam Shiels 10
    Isaac Smith 5


  9. Who is a better pick up this week – thinking for Job Security as well as scoring etc

    TU: Ruscoe -holds his spot this round with a few Pies injuries. Had M/D so could work in with Rivers who I still have (will be trading out Starcevich)

    TD: Schoenberg – also holds his spot in the Crows line up

    Will also be looking at Wicks and/or Bytel next week


  10. For those looking at Fyfe … look carefully, he seems to be favouring that shoulder of his significantly …


      1. at times he was really favouring it and carrying it … he does get some ‘favourable CD scoring’ though too which helps him. At one stage, it looked like he was done for the night, but came back on again …


  11. Geez, this is very un-Hawthorn like … such poor skills and … poor options, panicked possessions … well everything, right across the ground … and against Freo too … they have really fallen off the cliff badly …


  12. Sigh, very tough to watch as a hawker and an owner of 3 hawks players 🙁 My loyalty to my boys always hurts my fantasy team


  13. 3/4 time for anyone still watching sees the Dockers in control 7.4.46 to a disappointing Hawks 2.6.18, Colyer & Smith both done for the night with leg injuries

    Sean Darcy* 120
    Andrew Brayshaw 116
    Adam Cerra 103
    Nat Fyfe 91
    Brennan Cox 90
    Nathan Wilson 78
    Luke Ryan 76
    David Mundy 75
    Rory Lobb 68
    Reece Conca 66
    Caleb Serong 63
    James Aish 60
    Taylin Duman 58
    Mitch Crowden 57
    Brett Bewley 57
    Matt Taberner 55
    Lachlan Schulz 53
    Stephen Hill 53
    Ethan Hughes 50
    Connor Blakely 45
    Travis Colyer 29
    Minairo Frederick 22

    Tom Mitchell 72
    Sam Frost 72
    Luke Breust 70
    Harry Morrison 69
    James Sicily 69
    James Worpel 65
    Will Day 65
    Ben McEvoy 63
    Jack Gunston 61
    Blake Hardwick 52
    Jaeger O’Meara 49
    Jack Scrimshaw 44
    Jonathon Ceglar 44
    Chad Wingard 40
    Conor Nash 36
    Liam Shiels 34
    James Frawley 34
    Tom Scully 29
    Tim O’Brien 25
    Ben Stratton 18
    Jarman Impey 12
    Isaac Smith 5


  14. there goes Sicily’s scoring for the night … has been moved up front and that will halt his scoring … especially the way the Hawks are plahying … they just cant hold or get decent clean possession … and as I type this he takes a big mark!!! hopefully 4 more please!!!


  15. Been meaning to say as well, is Brayshaw a twin?? … he must be, he just seems to be everywhere – all over the ground … one I have just never been able to target sadly …


  16. Full Time – Dockers run out winners by 16 points, which sounds closer than it was.
    Freo 7.6.48 to the Hawks 4.8.32. Hoping my Treloar replacement in Mitchell can finish on 3 figures after scaling…..

    Andrew Brayshaw 140
    Sean Darcy* 129
    Adam Cerra 126
    Nat Fyfe 122
    David Mundy 99
    Brennan Cox 99
    Nathan Wilson 92
    Luke Ryan 90
    Reece Conca 88
    Rory Lobb 85
    Caleb Serong 78
    James Aish 74
    Ethan Hughes 71
    Matt Taberner 71
    Brett Bewley 70
    Mitch Crowden 64
    Lachlan Schulz 64
    Taylin Duman 61
    Stephen Hill 56
    Connor Blakely 50
    Minairo Frederick 35
    Travis Colyer 28

    Tom Mitchell 95
    Ben McEvoy 91
    James Sicily 89
    James Worpel 86
    Luke Breust 84
    Sam Frost 84
    Will Day 82
    Jack Gunston 75
    Jack Scrimshaw 74
    Harry Morrison 71
    Blake Hardwick 60
    Jaeger O’Meara 57
    Chad Wingard 53
    Conor Nash 49
    Jonathon Ceglar 46
    Tim O’Brien 39
    James Frawley 39
    Liam Shiels 38
    Tom Scully 36
    Ben Stratton 27
    Jarman Impey 15
    Isaac Smith 4



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