Game Chat – St Kilda vs Geelong

Written by Thommo on August 10 2020

Where and When: GABBA, Monday 10 August at 6:10pm (AEST)

Last time they met: Geelong 12.12 (84) def St Kilda 8.9 (57) at the Cattery.

What does it mean for St Kilda: The Saints have been on fire over the last month and defeating a good side like the Cats will be the icing on the cake, not to mention it will maintain a top 4 spot.

What does it mean for Geelong: The Cats are stuck in a win, loss, win, loss cycle at the momebt and they need to break that pattern to jump back into the top 4. If they lose, they could drop as low as 7th and from there life on the road could get tricky.

Supercoach Watch: There is a lot of SC relevance in this match with Dangerfield, Duncan, Stewart, Steele, Billings, Marshall, etc playing. As if we needed a reason to watch this match!

Thommo Watch: I traded in Stewart last week for an ordinary return so I have my fingers crossed he’ll show something this week.

Thommo’s Tip: Saints by 6 points.



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36 thoughts on “Game Chat – St Kilda vs Geelong”

  1. Strange decision, especially against a team with no genuine ruck. Saw what they did to Port with Lycett out.


    1. Ryder was always due for a rest in the condensed fixture, his TOG was getting as low as 65%. Will be back next round.


  2. Wasn’t confident Schoenberg would be selected this week so went early on Bytel. Hope he keeps going, a nice 80 on debut would do


  3. never been a big fan of hawkins , dead time goal kicker
    quite over rated before this season imo
    looks like he’s really put the work in this year
    very impressive strength , tank & covering a lot more ground
    good chance win the coleman from here i recon


  4. Will put scores up for half time soon…

    Now that tomorrow night’s teams are in (thanks Chaos Theory) I am considering trading out Budarick for Schoenberg. I have only made 1 trade this round, and it would be purely done for cash for next week, to assist in trading in a premium player. Regardless of whether I keep Budarick or trade in Scholeberg, they will be on my bench for the remainder of this round, so not needed on field, and already have playing emergencies. Is this worth a trade? I will have 10 left if I do this.

    TU – Trade Budarick to Schoenberg – he’s basically at his BE and can be culled OR

    TD – Hold the trade – wait for Wicks or Bytel next week instead, and Pickett can possible be traded out instead or as well.


    1. for me, for what its worth, I plan to hold Budarick through to the end.
      He seems to be best 22, has dual status and can be used as we move down the track and teams rest players etc closer to the finals … while he may only get 40-50 each game, it could be valuable in the end … and his DPP may allow you to also make use of him for other Emergencies scores, depending on your structures …


  5. Half Time – Geelong 7.5.47 to St Kilda 4.6.30. First gamer Bytel on 43, another one to consider in your midfield for next week.

    Ed Phillips 66
    Ben Long 55
    Jack Steele 52
    Jack Billings 52
    Jack Sinclair 50
    Josh Battle 47
    Jack Bytel 43
    Jake Carlisle 38
    Bradley Hill 38
    Rowan Marshall 36
    Jade Gresham 35
    Tim Membrey 35
    Nicholas Coffield 33
    Hunter Clark 28
    Max King 26
    Dean Kent 24
    Dougal Howard 23
    Callum Wilkie 22
    Ben Paton 21
    Daniel Butler 12
    Nick Hind 6
    Jarryn Geary 4

    Sam Menegola* 73
    Gary Rohan 73
    Mark O’Connor 72
    Tom Hawkins 69
    P. Dangerfield 66
    Rhys Stanley 58
    Tom Stewart 54
    Mark Blicavs 49
    Cameron Guthrie 43
    Mitch Duncan 42
    Jed Bews 42
    Brandan Parfitt 41
    Joel Selwood 39
    Lachie Henderson 38
    Bradley Close 38
    Jack Henry 30
    Jack Steven 25
    Gryan Miers 24
    Zach Tuohy 22
    Jake Kolodjashnij 20
    Harry Taylor 17
    Tom Atkins 6


  6. 3/4 time – Geelong running away with this match 11.7.73 to St Kilda 4.8.32

    Ed Phillips 81
    Ben Long 72
    Jack Sinclair 71
    Jack Billings 63
    Jake Carlisle 62
    Jack Steele 60
    Rowan Marshall 59
    Jack Bytel 56
    Jade Gresham 56
    Dean Kent 56
    Josh Battle 55
    Bradley Hill 50
    Hunter Clark 43
    Nicholas Coffield 43
    Tim Membrey 42
    Dougal Howard 42
    Max King 36
    Callum Wilkie 31
    Nick Hind 25
    Ben Paton 22
    Jarryn Geary 19
    Daniel Butler 16

    Sam Menegola* 131
    Tom Hawkins 103
    Gary Rohan 98
    P. Dangerfield 94
    Rhys Stanley 94
    Mark O’Connor 90
    Tom Stewart 81
    Mark Blicavs 78
    Mitch Duncan 75
    Cameron Guthrie 61
    Joel Selwood 59
    Jack Steven 57
    Jed Bews 57
    Gryan Miers 52
    Lachie Henderson 51
    Zach Tuohy 51
    Bradley Close 47
    Brandan Parfitt 46
    Jake Kolodjashnij 43
    Jack Henry 37
    Harry Taylor 33
    Tom Atkins 17


    1. Gabba is not a small ground

      170.6 metres (east-west) by 149.9 metres
      MCG – 171 metres x 146 metres

      Metricon on the other hand
      158 x 134 metres


  7. Full Time scores and it’s the Cats by 59 points over the Saints
    Geelong 14.9.93
    St Kilda 4.10.34

    Ed Phillips 98
    Rowan Marshall 86
    Ben Long 86
    Jack Sinclair 85
    Jack Steele 81
    Jack Billings 81
    Jade Gresham 72
    Jack Bytel 70
    Jake Carlisle 70
    Dean Kent 66
    Tim Membrey 60
    Nicholas Coffield 59
    Josh Battle 58
    Dougal Howard 53
    Bradley Hill 53
    Callum Wilkie 50
    Hunter Clark 49
    Max King 42
    Ben Paton 29
    Nick Hind 29
    Jarryn Geary 25
    Daniel Butler 20

    Sam Menegola* 148
    Tom Hawkins 121
    Gary Rohan 119
    Rhys Stanley 110
    P. Dangerfield 109
    Mark O’Connor 107
    Mitch Duncan 96
    Tom Stewart 95
    Mark Blicavs 95
    Jack Steven 77
    Jed Bews 75
    Zach Tuohy 75
    Joel Selwood 70
    Cameron Guthrie 67
    Brandan Parfitt 66
    Gryan Miers 66
    Lachie Henderson 65
    Bradley Close 65
    Jake Kolodjashnij 64
    Jack Henry 42
    Harry Taylor 34
    Tom Atkins 33


  8. Was disappointed with watching that game. Was expecting a great game but this was just all Geelong. Glad I dont have any Saint players for SC as none cracked the tonne tonight. Only real positive was Bytel with 70


  9. Any reason why Supercoach have locked in the unscaled points for this game? There was still at least 170 points to be given out.
    Edit: Just ignore me. I was being impatient



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