Movers & Shakers – Round 11

Written by The Salamander on August 10 2020

Player Name (Other Position) (Club, Price, Average, 3-Round-Average, 5-Round-Average, Remaining Matches)

Numbers are accurate to the beginning of Round 11.

* indicates that player has already played this round or has a bye.


Jake Lloyd (SYD, $631,500, 118.6, 138.7, 125.8, 7) *

Young Skywalker hasn’t been below 101 since Round 1. Are they really a mover if they’re always up? I’m not sure, but you should probably have them in your team either way. If you can’t beat them, buy them.

Sam Docherty (CARL, $457,300, 100.1, 82, 76.8, 7) *

After averaging 129 over the first four rounds of the year, Doc has averaged just 76 since. Personally, I’m holding – he’s far too good a player to stay down forever – but I can see why some are thinking of moving him on.


Clayton Oliver (MELB, $667,400, 127.4, 162.3, 142.8, 7) *

I’ll let the numbers do the talking:

Wow. How is he in under 13 percent of teams!?

Jy Simpkin (NMFC, $397,800, 96.9, 64.7, 75.6, 6) *

Simpkin bounced back nicely on the weekend after a rather lean few weeks. Very good value at this price, albeit with a bye yet to come.


Oscar McInerney (BL, $389,700, 79, 97.7, 75.8, 6) *

With Stefan and Archie out injured, ‘Big O’ as he’s affectionately known has been shouldering the number one ruck duties. And, predictably enouh, he’s been scoring like a number one ruck. With the aforementioned pair still 4 or 5 weeks away, he’ll keep on scoring like a number one ruck for a little while yet

Marc Pittonet (CARL, $338,700, 84.6, 51.3, 62.4, 7) *

He may have lost almost $100K since his peak, but he’s still been a very good cash cow. For anyone still holding on, though, it really is time to let him go.


Tom Lynch (RICH, $321,200, 69.6, 80.3, 62.6, 6) *

After a very quiet start to the year, Lynch has clicked into gear over the last couple of weeks, and is still very attractively priced. With a high cieling, and a number of best-18 rounds yet to come, he’s definitely one to consider.

Devon Smith (ESS, $359,900, 79.6, 75.7, 73.2, 7)

Smith has scored exactly 105 on three separate occasions this season. Unfortunately, the most he’s scored apart from that is 73. One of those 105s came last week – is he back? Definitely one to watch over the next week or two.


Has the last few weeks had your team  moving on up or shaking on down? Let us know in the comments below!


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2 thoughts on “Movers & Shakers – Round 11”

  1. Alex Witherden is another ‘mover’ and I’m bringing him in next week as a POD. Is getting a tonne of back half possessions and they’re almost all kicks with plenty to advantage. Last 3 games has scored 170, 85, 100. As long as Brissy are at the Gabba and competitive then I don’t see how Witherden doesn’t continue to pig out. Was $435K before this round and will jump a significant amount as his BE was only 10 or so before the Dogs game.


  2. Thanks again, again, Sal. 😉

    So much content …

    So little time..

    Loving starting Oliver ( and Petracca ) this season. 🙂

    Make’s up, just a little, for not starting Gawn 😉



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