3 thoughts on “Game Chat – Geelong v West Coast”

  1. Sam Menegola has been replaced by Jon Ceglar.
    No changes for the Eagles.

    Medical subs:
    @GeelongCats – Tom Atkins
    @WestCoastEagles – Greg Clark


  2. HELP! Have Brodie as mid emergency. Want to take his score. Can do so by throwing non playing Mountford (WCE) on the field. Will need to bench one of Laird, Macrae, Cripps,or Merrett.

    TU: Bench Laird – will have a tag??
    TD: Bench Macrae – possible tag, or else Bont or Libbs may be tagged before Macrae?
    Comment – one of the other two…..


    1. Oh, damn. That is tough, Charlie.

      Look, I think Laird will get tagged by Drew but Macrae hasn’t hit 135 (Brodie’s score) in 2 months. Hmm.

      Gun to my head: I’d bench…Laird. Narrowly.

      See what the TU/TDs but it’s honestly up to you. Go with your gut.



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