10 thoughts on “Game Chat – Gold Coast v Collingwood”

  1. Is Darcy Cameron going to score more than Sheldrick’s emergency score of 102?

    TU : Bench Darcy Cameron to take Sheldrick’s 102 (Darcy becomes R3 and can cover Marshall if he doesn’t play for whatever reason tomorrow)
    TD : Leave Sheldrick’s 102 as emergency in case of Rozzee or Cogs not playing.

    If Maric wasn’t an emergency, I could move him on field to take Sheldrick’s score but not risking that when he could end up on the field.


    1. Up against Witts and then how much extra do you think he would score anyway? Scores 110 you only gain 8 points.
      Scores 80 and you lose 22.
      Wouldn’t expect much of a gain in points honestly.

      I’d say Maric wouldn’t be sub as a key forward as a sub just doesn’t seem to be a smart play



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