Game Chat – Gold Coast v Essendon

Written by Father Dougal on August 12 2020

Where and When: Metricon Stadium, Wednesday 12 August at 7:10pm (AEST)
Last time they met: Essendon 16.10 (106) def Gold Coast 15.6 (96) Round 19, 2019.

What does it mean for Gold Coast: If they win they move into 10th, pushing the Dogs and Bombers down below them.  That still gives them hopes of finals. If they lose they stay at 12th, and only percentage separates them from 15th. Also the Bombers are not one of the very top teams. If they can’t win this match, they are pretty much confirming they are just not a finals team this year.
What does it mean for Essendon: A win and they are 9th, with a game in hand. Finals a challenge but certainly possible. A loss to the Suns and they fall back to 12th, and even with a game in had finals becomes a big challenge. Plus, losing to the Suns. Not as horrific as in the past, but still, nothing says “Not going to win a flag” like losing to the Suns.

Supercoach Watch Suns:  Mostly Miller and Greenwood.
Supercoach Watch Bombers:  Draper! Gawn owners who were counting on him as backup may now quote ET. “Owwwwch”  Ridley owners hope to avoid the same phrase. Merrett is both in teams and on radars. Devon Smith once again promises a 70 but taunts with the prospect of another 105.
Father Dougal Watch:  Rankine, no surprise. He is such a best of 18 player, since he’ll probably go big or small, with less in-the-boring-middle than most rookies.

Father Dougal’s Tip: While I am far from convinced, I think the Bombers are more likely to end up singing than the Suns. Essendon by 6.


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67 thoughts on “Game Chat – Gold Coast v Essendon”

  1. Hoping my players in this game do well, as this round hasn’t gone well for me with only 2 players scoring above 102, being Neale and Lyons


  2. Apologies for posting this in other threads – should’ve waited to post in Game Chat. Would appreciate opinions on this:
    Have D.Cameron as Emergency stuck on fwd bench. As Wicks has been selected for tomorrow, do I trade Rankine (currently on field) to Wicks via Whitfield dpp before the GC v Ess game to get Cameron’s 102 on field?

    TU: Yes, go for it, lock in 102 score.
    TD: No, Rankine could score well plus losing future potential cash gen

    Many thanks!


      1. I wondered about that too Wighty – but if Sydney haven’t played this round as had the bye, are they locked or can you trade a Syd/GWS player in or out?


  3. Would think this will be a high scoring game
    Both teams will want to attack rather than defend
    Expecting Merrett might get off the chain
    Suns by a goal


  4. Tipping against my Bombers tonight, bit of talk about injuries and just not sure if we can win without:

    All of them except for Laverde I would say are in our best 22 at the moment if they are fit.

    Loving the Sun’s work this year and they are my favourite team to watch.
    Looking forward to it…


  5. Last night laird put me in to a fair position to win main league match. Dev Smith putting me back in jeopardy!!


  6. 1/4 Time Suns 3.1.19 lead Bombers 1.3.9. Eyes will be on 1st gamer in S. Flanders for the Suns, a M/F $162,300 option for some teams perhaps. He’d want to score highly I’d think for that starting price, compare to $123,900 for Wicks from Sydney who has kept his spot in tomorrow nights start to Round 12.

    Lachlan Weller 47
    Jack Bowes 49
    Jack Lukosius 32
    Sam Day 25
    Brayden Fiorini* 36
    David Swallow 32
    Noah Anderson 24
    Touk Miller 16
    Josh Corbett 19
    Sean Lemmens 22
    Ben Ainsworth 19
    Ben King 14
    Charlie Ballard 8
    Jarrod Harbrow 21
    Jarrod Witts 14
    Sam Flanders 9
    Brandon Ellis 14
    Hugh Greenwood 14
    Samuel Collins 16
    Wil Powell 7
    Connor Budarick 8
    Izak Rankine 7

    Andrew McGrath 51
    Kyle Langford 20
    James Stewart 27
    Jordan Ridley 21
    Darcy Parish 16
    Will Snelling 16
    Dylan Clarke 27
    Mason Redman 18
    Aaron Francis 24
    Zach Merrett 26
    Tom Bellchambers 14
    A. M-Tipungwuti 21
    Martin Gleeson 14
    Matt Guelfi 23
    Dylan Shiel 19
    Shaun McKernan 15
    Adam Saad 9
    David Zaharakis 13
    Conor McKenna 12
    Tom Cutler 11
    B. Zerk-Thatcher 7
    Devon Smith 4


  7. Scrappy game
    Bombers fwd line is a mess
    Draper would have made a good reference point for the other fwds to work with
    Mc Kernan getting beaten way too easily up fwd
    Needs to Get on a lead or crash a pack


    1. Need smith to beat 57 for my top 18 to improve score. Not looking likely and probably costing me league win now. Thanks dev!



    I just love owning this Guy!

    Could be my best Non Trade out of the year.

    Looks like a keeper @F6/7


  9. I heard around the traps that worsfold wanted to leave & the bombers said no
    Looks to me like there are some good players out there just going through the motions
    Understandably if the worsfold rumour is true
    Bombers showing about as much emotion as a stoned koala


  10. Dev Smith, you motherf*cker.

    How can you simultaneously be so useless as to be on 20 @ HT and yet have had the skills to fool pretty much all of us into starting you?

    Fact that he has had a bye is literally the only thing keeping him in my team rn.



      1. Better off trading him to a rookie & upgrading somewhere else
        rookie going to score similar to dev
        Maybe we’ll get a couple of extra trades @the byes


  11. Half Time – Suns lead 46 to 27. And D Smith still useless.

    Brayden Fiorini* 75
    Jack Bowes 75
    Lachlan Weller 74
    Jarrod Witts 61
    David Swallow 53
    Hugh Greenwood 49
    Izak Rankine 48
    Jack Lukosius 42
    Noah Anderson 37
    Ben Ainsworth 36
    Sam Day 35
    Josh Corbett 34
    Sean Lemmens 32
    Touk Miller 32
    Samuel Collins 31
    Brandon Ellis 29
    Jarrod Harbrow 26
    Wil Powell 24
    Charlie Ballard 21
    Connor Budarick 17
    Ben King 15
    Sam Flanders 10

    Andrew McGrath 94
    Jordan Ridley 59
    Aaron Francis 58
    Dylan Shiel 57
    James Stewart 57
    Zach Merrett 48
    David Zaharakis 42
    Matt Guelfi 40
    Adam Saad 40
    Tom Bellchambers 38
    Martin Gleeson 38
    A. M-Tipungwuti 34
    Darcy Parish 33
    Dylan Clarke 31
    Kyle Langford 28
    Mason Redman 28
    Conor McKenna 26
    Will Snelling 24
    Devon Smith 21
    Shaun McKernan 19
    Tom Cutler 14
    B. Zerk-Thatcher 10


  12. Hmm. Suns haven’t used Miller as a tagger all season but now he’s wearing McGrath hella tight. Will start factoring that in to potential captaincy candidates v Suns.


    1. I mentioned it in the Suns vs Saints game chat that Miller looked to be back tagging. At least in that game though he looked to be released after half time because Saints were pushing Gresham and Billings onto the wing or up forward and Touk was back as an on-baller. This game though he’s been disastrous as a SC option.

      If anybody has Miller trade him out ASAP.


  13. Aha! My plan worked out perfectly lolol!

    Bitched about Dev Smith and he had a 30 point quarter. Now sail on home to 80, you bastard.


        1. he’s been pretty bad all year mate — just not hunting the ball like last year.

          He’s pretty much playing as his mid price starting price and held that level … disappointing, he will go up a bit in price this week, not sure on BE and depending on other issues, especially the makeup of your side and the teams lumped together with byes, he may still be a hold as a warm body on field (which is a tad disappointing)


  14. 3/4 time and its still the Suns – by 12 points now – Suns 9.5.59 to Bombers 7.5.47

    Jack Bowes 92
    Lachlan Weller 92
    Brayden Fiorini* 79
    Sam Day 74
    Jack Lukosius 70
    Izak Rankine 69
    Jarrod Witts 68
    Hugh Greenwood 66
    David Swallow 65
    Wil Powell 61
    Charlie Ballard 51
    Brandon Ellis 51
    Jarrod Harbrow 50
    Josh Corbett 49
    Noah Anderson 46
    Ben Ainsworth 45
    Sean Lemmens 43
    Samuel Collins 36
    Touk Miller 33
    Connor Budarick 25
    Sam Flanders 23
    Ben King 16

    Jordan Ridley 110
    Dylan Shiel 98
    Andrew McGrath 93
    Zach Merrett 87
    James Stewart 86
    Aaron Francis 80
    Darcy Parish 77
    Will Snelling 65
    Adam Saad 61
    Tom Bellchambers 58
    Dylan Clarke 58
    A. M-Tipungwuti 56
    David Zaharakis 54
    Devon Smith 50
    Mason Redman 50
    Matt Guelfi 45
    Martin Gleeson 45
    Kyle Langford 41
    Tom Cutler 28
    Conor McKenna 28
    Shaun McKernan 24
    B. Zerk-Thatcher 11


  15. Merrett just got 18 points for the scrabbly kick that ended up going to Langford (via Tippa) for that goal.

    Zaharakis just got 20 extra for his goal … and he’s been off the field the whole time.

    Interesting interpretations of the points awarded for “key plays that may result in the win” …

    and edit again – King just got about a 20 point boost as well – now a mark – this will be interesting!!


      1. nah mate – watched those … he got the points incremental increases … they came up … then a pause, then a huge jump from 118 to 136 well after the goal had been awarded and the points allocated to Langford and the time waited for the bounce restart – when I make comments and notes, I take all of those into account and wait for times and inactivity on the player …

        Those four players got massive boosts in points for their actions … and any of them (outside of Zerrett) could have influenced / won the game at the death – Zaharakis got two jumps for his two goals … the scorers in Zerretts account obviously took the stance that his action in getting the loose ball and the kick infield which was lucky, potentially was going to win the game for Essendon (with Langford goal)


  16. In the last quarter alone there were 4 holding the ball, dropping the ball, incorrect Disposals against Gold Coast that did not get paid. Disgraceful. And I hate Essendon.


  17. A DRAW – 2nd time for the season 11.7.73 apiece

    Lachlan Weller 123
    Jack Bowes 106
    Jarrod Witts 99
    Hugh Greenwood 92
    Brandon Ellis 89
    Sam Day 87
    Izak Rankine 85
    Brayden Fiorini* 82
    Jack Lukosius 79
    Noah Anderson 69
    Josh Corbett 67
    Touk Miller 65
    Wil Powell 65
    Ben King 62
    Ben Ainsworth 62
    Sean Lemmens 54
    David Swallow 53
    Samuel Collins 51
    Sam Flanders 48
    Charlie Ballard 46
    Jarrod Harbrow 39
    Connor Budarick 34

    Zach Merrett 136
    Dylan Shiel 128
    Jordan Ridley 123
    Darcy Parish 114
    Andrew McGrath 110
    Adam Saad 89
    David Zaharakis 88
    Aaron Francis 86
    James Stewart 80
    Will Snelling 79
    Kyle Langford 77
    Tom Bellchambers 76
    Dylan Clarke 72
    Martin Gleeson 70
    A. M-Tipungwuti 68
    Devon Smith 64
    Mason Redman 64
    Tom Cutler 54
    Shaun McKernan 53
    Matt Guelfi 46
    Conor McKenna 42
    B. Zerk-Thatcher 16



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