13 thoughts on “Game Chat – Gold Coast v Geelong”

  1. There’s no late changes for #AFLSunsCats this afternoon.

    Medical subs:
    @GoldCoastSUNS – Jeremy Sharp
    @GeelongCats – Mark O’Connor


    1. I don’t expect a strong tag to occur, if any at all. He has dealt most tags quite well with only 4 games this season below 100, where 2 were a 98 & 99


  2. I bench looped English but am tempted to bring in Parker, as my H2H cash prelim has me projected to only win by 20.

    The opponent has both Parker and English so no advantage there, simply a matter of risking a potential injury/lower score versus a higher one. Trades not an issue, with 2 saved for next week should I make it.

    (Trade must be done tonight as will be selling Jackson from R3 and moving Teakle)

    TU: Gamble on the upside, bring in Parker
    TD: Take the bird in the hand, stick with English


      1. Well if your season is dead, you can at least hope this occurs to try and reduce scores. This should then reduce starting prices next season


    1. I’ve had so many disappointments this round I’m thinking 120 captain is a safe bet at this point. If I leave the C on Oliver, he’s gonna pull out at half time with syphilis or some nonsense


      1. I’m happy with Touk’s 125.

        With how my season has gone and with most opponents having Oliver as C, he’ll go 150+



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