Game Chat – Gold Coast v GWS

Written by Father Dougal on August 2 2020

Where and when: Sunday 2nd August at  Metricon  Stadium

What it means for the Suns: Just above the Giants on the ladder by percentage, a win should put them in 7th, maybe higher if by enough. A loss leaves them having below the 8 although still with hopes of getting in. 

What it means for the Giants: They at least go over the Suns and Probably the Dons and Dogs as well. A loss leaves them where they are with the Dockers match maybe dropping them more. 

Supercoach Watch:

Gold Coast: Miller and Greenwood are the big ones, plus the ever present Budarick. And of course Lukosius and Weller for much of the tech teams. 

GWS: Perryman, Whitfield and Hopper are the biggies.  Many other players have gone out although Zac Willims is back in. 


Father Dougal’s Watch: Rankine – He could go anywhere from 50 to 150. A lot of coaches who look like me are going to look at his three round average as meaningful. 

Father Dougal’s Tip:  I think the Suns at home are going to lift and find a way to edge out the Giants by three. There is no rational reason for that, it’s just what my gut is telling me. Unless that’s the salmon mousse. If it is the salmon mousse then GWS by 25.


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40 thoughts on “Game Chat – Gold Coast v GWS”

  1. Bit of advice please

    TU – trade budarik to $102k rookie, loophole Simpsons score (bench Serong) and pocket the $125k to assist with double upgrade (Duncan and Stewart) next week

    TD – keep budarik, field Serong and only get one of Duncan or Stewart next week


    1. Not a good time to be throwing away bench spots if you can avoid it. Expect lots of “managed” players in the next couple of weeks.


  2. Toby Greene (draft team) at one end..

    Rankine at the other.

    Add in a little Lachie Whitfield, and a touch of Josh kelly….

    This should be a very entertaining game.


    1. Jelly, Whitfield and Rankine for me as well, FT.

      Need them to all fire for a shot at pressing 2400.


  3. Greene coming off the ground and down into the rooms. Didn’t even go to the trainers so it looks like his hammy has been injured again


  4. Rankine with doughnuts at qtr time and Budarick leading the SC for the Suns with 28.
    Please say this isn’t going to continue!


  5. Half Time – Giants lead 4.5.29 to Suns 2.4.16. Toby Greene done for the day with a hamstring.

    Jack Bowes 58
    Hugh Greenwood 49
    Samuel Collins 49
    Jack Lukosius 46
    Touk Miller 42
    Brandon Ellis 40
    Pearce Hanley 39
    Wil Powell 37
    David Swallow 35
    Ben Ainsworth 32
    Connor Budarick 32
    Nick Holman 32
    Lachlan Weller 32
    Jarrod Harbrow 29
    Noah Anderson 27
    Jarrod Witts 23
    Sam Day 21
    Alex Sexton 21
    Darcy MacPherson 19
    Ben King 17
    Charlie Ballard 16
    Izak Rankine 12

    Jacob Hopper 82
    Zac Williams 70
    Sam Jacobs 68
    H. Himmelberg 66
    Tim Taranto* 64
    Nick Haynes 61
    Lachie Whitfield 59
    Stephen Coniglio 50
    Phil Davis 49
    Lachlan Ash 43
    Harry Perryman 42
    Josh Kelly 41
    Toby Greene 40
    Jye Caldwell 40
    Brent Daniels 35
    Jeremy Cameron 35
    Matthew de Boer 35
    Aidan Corr 33
    Jeremy Finlayson 24
    Heath Shaw 20
    Lachlan Keeffe 19
    Zac Giles-Langdon 1


  6. Eh, not going to bitch about Rankine.

    Put up two 100+ scores from the FWD pocket in his first year and made some crucial mid-season coin. No complaints here.


    1. Can’t expect too much from a 1st year player
      My only gripe is I thought this would happen and resisted bringing in Rankine after rd 1 to upgrade another line , then brought him in after rd 2 and his numbers dropped .


  7. watching the 1st 2 Q’s ,
    it seems that buderick is very good around the ball
    but needs to be playing tight on someone who can find it to get him there


  8. Zac Williams looking to be a good defensive upgrade target for next round and even the round after as his last 2 games before his injury were 55 and 77 and that 77 was from 60% TOG.
    Should be around 440k


      1. Yeah, I usually start him each year but he usually misses a game or 2 at least every year. Since he has only played rds 2-4, he’s missed 2 times this season, so hopefully he won’t occur any more injuries for the season


  9. Josh Kelly really hasn’t performed the best today. On 24 disposals currently and only 7 contested possessions with 58% efficiency


  10. yeh got close
    might bring in an ultra cheap , late round , non playing DPP as a permanent mid fwd loophole
    buderick hasnt scored over 60 for 6 weeks now
    he Taylor & hill are all going next weekfor stewart etc


  11. Full Time – Giants 9.7.61 defeat Suns 4.11.35

    Samuel Collins 106
    Jack Bowes 93
    Brandon Ellis 85
    Jack Lukosius 82
    Touk Miller 78
    Jarrod Witts 73
    Ben Ainsworth 72
    Lachlan Weller 71
    Noah Anderson 70
    Hugh Greenwood 68
    Nick Holman 68
    David Swallow 65
    Darcy MacPherson 60
    Jarrod Harbrow 58
    Pearce Hanley 51
    Wil Powell 50
    Connor Budarick 48
    Charlie Ballard 41
    Alex Sexton 38
    Izak Rankine 33
    Sam Day 30
    Ben King 23

    Lachie Whitfield 141
    Jacob Hopper 128
    Tim Taranto* 125
    Stephen Coniglio 116
    Nick Haynes 107
    Zac Williams 105
    H. Himmelberg 105
    Josh Kelly 103
    Sam Jacobs 96
    Matthew de Boer 91
    Jeremy Finlayson 91
    Harry Perryman 82
    Phil Davis 79
    Lachlan Ash 72
    Aidan Corr 68
    Jye Caldwell 68
    Brent Daniels 61
    Jeremy Cameron 60
    Toby Greene 40
    Lachlan Keeffe 38
    Zac Giles-Langdon 33
    Heath Shaw 28


    1. I was considering trading him to Close this week, but held him thinking he’d still be worth it, but that score hurts



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