Game Chat – West Coast v Geelong

Written by Father Dougal on August 1 2020

Where and when: Saturday 1st August at  Optus Stadium

What it means for the Eagles: Third place on the ladder if they win. If they lose, they could fall back to sixth. Plus, losing to the cats at home? Not good, not at all. 

What it means for the Cats: Third place on the ladder if they win. If they lose, they probably stay at sixth. Also beating the Eagles at Optus? Hoody hoo!

Supercoach Watch:

West Coast: Half their list? Gaff, Kelly, Shuey, Nic Nat, Hurn, Yeo, and debutant Harry Edwards. 

Geelong: Also half their list! Danger, Duncan, Hawking, Menegola, Stewart, Simpkin, and Close. 


Father Dougal’s Watch: Close – Must be near a record for % brought in. Just from guessing, not from looking at stats. But must be! Seven of the top ten trades this week had him coming in. Oh, darn, stat. 

Father Dougal’s Tip:  I am a coward and pick the Eagles at Optus. By 18. I mean, the cats are good, but this is a bad time to be playing the Eagles at Optus.


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31 thoughts on “Game Chat – West Coast v Geelong”

  1. anybody know much about keane for collingwood tomorrow?

    trading out brander for WCE i need cash asap.

    TU : get keane in

    TD: his no good


  2. Hurn yet to have a touch at qtr time. Burning owners who brought him in before the bye. Might be extra juicier after the byes


    1. BE of 162, Shaggi. Relax.

      Got Hurn cheap this week, will complete my DEF with Stewart next round.


  3. Real glad I went with Stewart a week early, won’t be dropping much in price and should score big for me.
    Also good that I didn’t go for Hurn as I just couldn’t trust him and he hasn’t performed the best in that first half


    1. Yeo also, umpiring is the worst i’ve ever seen it. Some of the decisions are laughable. They will have to sort this out quickly because you would hate to lose a grandfinal for trying your guts out like McGrath and get penalized.


    1. Add 3 contested marks, plus 4 goals in a tight game, where he kicked 3 goals in the final quarter, where they came from behind to win



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