Game Chat – St Kilda vs Sydney

Written by Thommo on August 1 2020

Where and When: GABBA, Saturday 1 August 2020 at 5:10pm (AEST)

Last Time They Met: Rd 23, 2019: Sydney 17.7 (109) def St Kilda 8.16 (64) at the SCG.

What it means for St Kilda: I wrote last week that they needed to prove they had improved with a big scalp and the duly defeated Port at Adelaide Oval. The only thing left to do after a big win is to back it up with a simple win.

What is means for Sydney: The Swans were happy to grab a win against the rubbish Hawks last week, albeit with a few cheapies from the umps. Two in a row would be nice but Papley will need to play out of his skin again!

Supercoach Watch: A year too late for me, Jack Steele is having his break-out SC season. Lloyd is also doing what he always does; rack up touches. With the exception of a couple of Sydney rookies, is there a lot of interest from a Supercoach perspective?

Thommo Watch: I know we are not meant to wish for negative things, but I’d like a nice hard forward tag on Lloyd to bring his price down!

Thommo’s Tip: St Kilda by 20 points.


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29 thoughts on “Game Chat – St Kilda vs Sydney”

    1. King. He’s playing an easier opponent. Don’t see Close casually slotting goals like he did last week. Eagles, unlike Freo, actually defend lol.


      1. Thinking maybe risking King too, GD. Feel like he’s more likely to throw up a 80+ score. Swans defense is actually pretty solid, but he only needs 5-6 touches for a decent score.


    1. Yeah Matt Parker back with his single disposal/behind.
      That’s the right Parker everyone was suggesting right?


  1. Yo, JimmyDee,….next years starting handicap,……..Parker, Townsend, Jones, King, and Co……LOL


    St Kilda 7.4.46
    Sydney 3.6.24

    Jack Steele 83
    Jade Gresham* 72
    Nicholas Coffield 55
    Patrick Ryder 55
    Jack Sinclair 52
    Max King 52
    Rowan Marshall 50
    Zak Jones 49
    Bradley Hill 48
    Callum Wilkie 45
    Hunter Clark 43
    Daniel Butler 42
    Nick Hind 40
    Jack Billings 39
    Jarryn Geary 35
    Josh Battle 34
    Shane Savage 33
    Dougal Howard 32
    Tim Membrey 29
    Ben Paton 17
    Jake Carlisle 12
    Matthew Parker

    Robbie Fox 71
    Jake Lloyd 64
    Harry Cunningham 64
    Luke Parker 57
    Jordan Dawson 51
    James Rowbottom 41
    Dane Rampe 40
    Oliver Florent 40
    Sam Reid 40
    Callum Mills 37
    Tom Papley 32
    Callum Sinclair 31
    Tom McCartin 29
    Aliir Aliir 27
    Will Hayward 26
    Nick Blakey 25
    James Bell 24
    Lewis Taylor 23
    Sam Gray 23
    Elijah Taylor 15
    Matthew Ling 7
    Ryan Clarke 1


  3. I’m Swans fan.

    Zak Jones….what a bull.

    I don’t own him, but I’m a fan. Always have been. One of my favourite players to watch live.

    It’s great to see players thrive in a new team. He’s been driving he Saints mids this year…hard ball gets, decent efficiency.

    Side note…Swans suck ass at the moment.


    1. Yep always good potential, just used to get tagging roles sometimes and disposable was often a little wayward…….but apart from that….bloody good player!!!


  4. Full Time St Kilda 15.11.101 defeat Sydney 6.12.48

    Jack Steele 129
    Nick Hind 127
    Zak Jones 122
    Jade Gresham* 109
    Jack Sinclair 101
    Max King 93
    Jack Billings 92
    Rowan Marshall 89
    Nicholas Coffield 88
    Patrick Ryder 80
    Callum Wilkie 77
    Hunter Clark 76
    Shane Savage 75
    Daniel Butler 74
    Dougal Howard 71
    Ben Paton 64
    Bradley Hill 61
    Jarryn Geary 60
    Josh Battle 58
    Tim Membrey 51
    Matthew Parker 37
    Jake Carlisle 28

    Jake Lloyd 125
    Robbie Fox 108
    Luke Parker 103
    Harry Cunningham 92
    James Rowbottom 91
    Callum Sinclair 87
    Oliver Florent 83
    Callum Mills 82
    Tom McCartin 72
    Dane Rampe 68
    James Bell 66
    Jordan Dawson 66
    Tom Papley 58
    Will Hayward 55
    Sam Reid 55
    Aliir Aliir 44
    Lewis Taylor 44
    Sam Gray 41
    Nick Blakey 38
    Matthew Ling 33
    Elijah Taylor 32
    Ryan Clarke 30


  5. Had king all year for mediocre scores,traded him this week!! Wouldn’t be surprised if he goes back to ordinary next week.


  6. I traded King as well but good luck to the young man . Wish him all the best for the test on the season.



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