Game Chat – North vs Adelaide

Written by Thommo on August 1 2020

Where and When: Metricon Stadium, Saturday 1 August 2020 at 2:35pm (AEST)

Last Time They Met: Rd 4, 2019: North Melbourne 9.17 (71) def Adelaide8.11 (59) at Marvel Stadium

What it means for North: North have been terrible of late and badly need a win to earn back a bit of respect. If they don’t win this, they can expect to cop the brunt of the media blowtorch.

What is means for Adelaide: Like North, the Crows have sucked, but for longer and harder. That said, they have been competitive in recent weeks and they would dearly love to snag their first win of the season.

Supercoach Watch: Laird and Smith have a few unhappy Supercoaches watching on while Simpkin owners aren’t so smug any longer.

Thommo Watch: Pass! It’s going to be tough work watching this match.

Thommo’s Tip: Crows to break their duck. Just: 5 points.


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34 thoughts on “Game Chat – North vs Adelaide”

    1. No rookie rucks debut for about 37 years, then two in less than 24 hours. Supercoach gods having a laugh.


  1. Who to replace Doedee? Just want the better player, not worried about byes. Cheers.
    TU Hurn
    TD Stewart


  2. Had Strachan DPP for a trade in instead of Draper originally……
    …..beware of in coming flying dummies…..


  3. Brodie Smith was off after 2 minutes getting work don on his right leg/knee.
    Up jogging along boundary line, so hopefully not too much of a worry for 6% of coaches


  4. higgins is in an interesting position in his career
    32 yo , high quality mid & a free agent
    probably not on that much coin @ nth
    probably got 2 yrs left in him
    does he stay @ nth & hope they can win a flag in the time he has left
    or does he go to a club like GWS on better coin & win them a flag
    GWS would probably give nth a couple of gun fringe players , like maybe green to boot


    1. ……ahh, the legacies of buying premierships……all for the sake of economical turnover……


    1. Dude has to be playing hurt… he has sucked since hurting his ankle

      his score is actually gone backwards

      9 touches 4 clangers


  5. Call it a masterstroke, call it luck. But culling Simpkin this week is the best move I’ve made all year. Too bad I didnt make it 2 weeks ago…


  6. Was SO close of culling Simpkin this week, was gonna pull the pin and replace him with Neale in my Tech team. D-Oh.


  7. Half Time Nth Melb 9.1.55 lead Adelaide 3.3.21

    Luke McDonald 74
    Trent Dumont 66
    Aaron Hall 63
    Jed Anderson 61
    Shaun Higgins 60
    Todd Goldstein 59
    Jack Mahony 51
    Jamie Macmillan 47
    Majak Daw 47
    Bailey Scott 47
    Josh Walker 45
    Jasper Pittard 43
    Shaun Atley 41
    Cameron Zurhaar 40
    Aiden Bonar 39
    L. Davies-Uniacke* 33
    Curtis Taylor 32
    Ben McKay 30
    Kyron Hayden 29
    Robbie Tarrant 29
    Nick Larkey 23
    Jy Simpkin 21

    Reilly O’Brien 53
    Paul Seedsman 51
    Shane McAdam 44
    Tom T. Lynch 43
    Jake Kelly 42
    Lachlan Murphy 41
    Bryce Gibbs 40
    Daniel Talia 40
    Rory Atkins 38
    Rory Laird 36
    Ben Keays 36
    Matt Crouch 34
    Kyle Hartigan 34
    Andrew McPherson 32
    Chayce Jones 28
    E. Himmelberg 28
    Luke Brown 25
    Tyson Stengle 22
    Kieran Strachan 21
    Brodie Smith 20
    Will Hamill 3
    Riley Knight 2


  8. ………probably had his ankle cold sprayed, it numbs the pain, but you lose feeling and full control.
    …..old players medicine…….


    1. And after all that he is back out on the field. Commentators were first thinking he had a broken leg


  9. Concerning news watching this game as a Sympkin owner. He just doesnt get the minutes in the middle, spends a lot of time up front and doesnt get much of it up there even when north kick 18 goals. Fingers crossed he lifts next week.


  10. Not really understanding Ben McKay’s score. 73% efficiency with only 1 turnover. 91 DT 60 SC
    I assume it ks due to all uncontested possessions and then his teams taking points for all the goals they scored


  11. Final Score – North run out big winners 19.5.119 to Crows 7.8.50

    Jed Anderson 139
    Todd Goldstein 138
    Aaron Hall 132
    Luke McDonald 123
    Trent Dumont 121
    Shaun Higgins 107
    Jack Mahony 94
    Shaun Atley 93
    Cameron Zurhaar 86
    Josh Walker 83
    Bailey Scott 82
    L. Davies-Uniacke* 78
    Majak Daw 76
    Jasper Pittard 75
    Jamie Macmillan 71
    Aiden Bonar 64
    Ben McKay 61
    Kyron Hayden 59
    Jy Simpkin 55
    Nick Larkey 53
    Robbie Tarrant 52
    Curtis Taylor 43

    Paul Seedsman 103
    Reilly O’Brien 93
    Rory Laird 91
    Matt Crouch 81
    Tom T. Lynch 77
    Shane McAdam 75
    Jake Kelly 70
    Kyle Hartigan 70
    E. Himmelberg 65
    Daniel Talia 65
    Andrew McPherson 61
    Lachlan Murphy 59
    Bryce Gibbs 57
    Ben Keays 56
    Tyson Stengle 54
    Brodie Smith 52
    Rory Atkins 52
    Chayce Jones 45
    Kieran Strachan 39
    Luke Brown 37
    Riley Knight 24
    Will Hamill 18



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