Game Chat – Essendon vs Brisbane

Written by Thommo on July 31 2020

Where and When: Metricon Stadium, Friday 31 July 2020 at 8:10pm (AEST)

Last Time They Met: Rd 4, 2019: Essendon 17.10 (112) def Brisbane 9.11 (65) at the MCG

What it means for Essendon: Having played one less game than the rest of the top 8, the Bombers are being overlooked in 2020. If they win this one, the Bombers are within one match of top spot on the ladder with a game in hand. Surprising, right?

What is means for Brisbane: The Lions are in the hunt for the premiership and they have few excuses in 2020 having spent most of the season in their home state. At the half-way point of the season, they’ll want to continue chalking up wins against sides like the Bombers to seal the double chance come finals.

Supercoach Watch: If you’re not watching Lachie Neale, you’re not doing it right. A few coaches will also have McCluggage, Zorko, Merrett and Shiel (returning from suspension).

Thommo Watch: I have done few things right this season, but I am loving watching the Jordan Ridley go about his work. Go the Riddler!

Thommo’s Tip: Brisbane by 6 points.




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26 thoughts on “Game Chat – Essendon vs Brisbane”

  1. Oh shit this is today! Both my defenders injured and manage i need help

    TU: Trade in Saad
    TD: Trade in B.Smith


  2. Do we go early on Draper ? Need to triple down and really build a bank.

    McInerney, brander & Taylor/king out

    Watson, close and Draper in?


  3. 1/4 Time – Lions 5.3.33 to Bombers 1.3.9

    Tom Cutler 29
    Devon Smith 28
    Darcy Parish 27
    Michael Hurley 25
    Zach Merrett 25
    David Zaharakis 21
    Aaron Francis 21
    Dylan Shiel 19
    Andrew McGrath 19
    Adam Saad 18
    Will Snelling 17
    Jordan Ridley 12
    James Stewart 12
    Sam Draper 11
    Tom Bellchambers 11
    Mason Redman 9
    B. Zerk-Thatcher 6
    Jacob Townsend 5
    Brayden Ham 1
    Ned Cahill 1
    A. M-Tipungwuti 1
    Martin Gleeson -5

    Lachie Neale 61
    Jarrod Berry 50
    Charlie Cameron 45
    Alex Witherden 42
    Lincoln McCarthy* 36
    Zac Bailey 34
    Callum Ah Chee 30
    Oscar McInerney 29
    Jarryd Lyons 28
    Cam Ellis-Yolmen 25
    Darcy Gardiner 23
    Dayne Zorko 21
    Cameron Rayner 20
    Brandon Starcevich 18
    Eric Hipwood 18
    Noah Answerth 14
    Harris Andrews 13
    Mitch Robinson 12
    Grant Birchall 12
    Sam Skinner 11
    Hugh McCluggage 10
    Connor Ballenden 8


  4. Anyone know what’s happening with Lyons I’m not watching, hasn’t moved since quarter time


  5. HALF TIME – Lions 5.5.35 to Bombers 2.3.15

    Andrew McGrath 69
    Devon Smith 55
    Will Snelling 50
    Jordan Ridley 48
    Michael Hurley 47
    Darcy Parish 47
    Sam Draper 45
    Zach Merrett 41
    Aaron Francis 40
    Adam Saad 34
    Mason Redman 33
    Dylan Shiel 30
    James Stewart 29
    David Zaharakis 28
    Martin Gleeson 24
    Tom Cutler 20
    B. Zerk-Thatcher 20
    Tom Bellchambers 19
    Jacob Townsend 9
    Brayden Ham 8
    Ned Cahill 3
    A. M-Tipungwuti -4

    Player SC
    Alex Witherden 114
    Lachie Neale 85
    Jarrod Berry 62
    Zac Bailey 59
    Lincoln McCarthy* 56
    Oscar McInerney 56
    Charlie Cameron 55
    Cam Ellis-Yolmen 53
    Callum Ah Chee 46
    Harris Andrews 42
    Hugh McCluggage 41
    Mitch Robinson 39
    Grant Birchall 38
    Cameron Rayner 36
    Dayne Zorko 36
    Darcy Gardiner 36
    Eric Hipwood 34
    Brandon Starcevich 30
    Jarryd Lyons 26
    Noah Answerth 19
    Connor Ballenden 18
    Sam Skinner 16


  6. Umpires are ruining this….. 17/9 at the half. Shiel gets head ripped off…play on…..Smith gets ridden into the ground from behind…htb…..draper perfect tackle 30 out from goal…itb !!!
    Lions are afl love childs


    1. Yeah. That ITB blew my f*cking mind, Wighty. Obscene.

      You kept them goaless that quarter though. Still in it.


  7. I’m the most neutral person when it comes to umpiring. I never have any qualms whatsoever with umpiring however a few shit decisions have been made tonight. Essendon have copped the worse of it, so far.


  8. Umpiring in Haw/Carl was a disgrace,this game it is nothing short of f#cking shitful.


  9. Decisions are what referees and judges make.
    Laws are what umpires see have been broken.

    I once asked Glenn James, one of my umpiring teachers at exam time, “Do the players have to pass an exam like us before they are allowed to take part?”

    After about 10 minutes when the umpires finally stopped laughing and were able to speak again, they said “If that was the case, we would be lucky to have enough qualified players to make about 2 full teams”.

    No I didn’t get 100%- the one I got wrong was, if a player takes a mark, and is held restrained after the mark is paid, then a 10 metre penalty (now 50) is paid and if they are not released instantly then they should be reported for deliberately wasting time as well…….
    Gee have things have changed…….


  10. Final Score – Lions a comprehensive win 14.7.91 defeat Bombers 3.10.28

    Darcy Parish 88
    Andrew McGrath 85
    Jordan Ridley 84
    Zach Merrett 83
    Michael Hurley 83
    Will Snelling 83
    Dylan Shiel 72
    Sam Draper 70
    Devon Smith 66
    Tom Cutler 55
    Aaron Francis 55
    Adam Saad 55
    Mason Redman 51
    David Zaharakis 45
    A. M-Tipungwuti 44
    Tom Bellchambers 40
    B. Zerk-Thatcher 38
    Martin Gleeson 36
    James Stewart 32
    Jacob Townsend 29
    Brayden Ham 20
    Ned Cahill 10

    Alex Witherden 163
    Lachie Neale 149
    Jarrod Berry 118
    Jarryd Lyons 111
    Lincoln McCarthy* 111
    Charlie Cameron 105
    Zac Bailey 99
    Cam Ellis-Yolmen 93
    Oscar McInerney 87
    Noah Answerth 85
    Harris Andrews 84
    Grant Birchall 80
    Dayne Zorko 78
    Callum Ah Chee 74
    Mitch Robinson 73
    Hugh McCluggage 71
    Cameron Rayner 65
    Darcy Gardiner 64
    Sam Skinner 56
    Brandon Starcevich 49
    Eric Hipwood 48
    Connor Ballenden 46


  11. I bought in Townsend rd 2 , 220k to fill a spot in forward line. For various reasons haven’t been able to shunt him. I would suggest he is worst player getting a game in afl.


  12. Draper is going to potentially be a very risky buy next round. The potential is there but he needs more strength and to work on his combos with the mids. Big O physically got the better of him on a lot of contests and the better rucks in the comp (the 3 Gs) will probably dominate Draper from the first tip. I could see Essendon dropping him for Belcho or Phillips and then rotating Draper back in later against ‘weaker’ ruck opponents.

    Also credit to Jarryd Lyons. He scored something like 90 odd points in 2 quarters. I’m certain he was on 23 or something like that 10 min into the 2nd quarter.



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