Punters Club – Motts

Written by Motts on July 31 2020

AFL Multi:

  • Geelong
  • Port -6.5
  • Carlton
  • Brisbane

$40 to win $267

Randwick R2 #15 Mr Magical – $20 @ 4 (Bonus bets if it runs a drum)

Randwick R9 #7 Miss Redoble – $10 EW @ 14/3.50

Meanwhile Hooter is back with $60 to burn. Here’s what he likes:

Moonee Valley R3 Esta La Roca – $20 @ 9 (Bonus Bets if it runs a drum)

Randwick R1 Badoosh – $10 @ 5.50 (Bonus Bets if it runs a drum)

Moonee Valley R8 Silent Command – $10 @ 11

Moonee Valley R9 Hypersonic – $10 @ 2.70

Hail Mary Multi

Moonee Valley R1 – Victoria Star

Moonee Valley R2 – Theresabearinthere

Belmont R1 – Goodbyefeds

Belmont R2 – Panzdown

Belmont R3 – Burning Pride

$10 @ 43.81




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28 thoughts on “Punters Club – Motts”

  1. What was the name of that site that sponsored us last year where you could buy in to a pool, pick players and then you won a % of the pool if your team scored the highest number of points


    1. I love the idea behind MoneyBall, however when I played last year I found that the app contained a lot of bots. Essentially it was impossible to win because they had hundreds of different combinations every round. Very hard to win when you’re picking one combination of players and they’ve got hundreds. I’m not sure if it’s still the same or not, it’s possible they got more users meaning less bots but just keep that in mind.


      1. Cheers for the tips. After seeing your post about disposal multis when I went to sign up to neds found out I already had an account with them. The upside it had $123 in it that I had completely forgotten about

        Was more curious to see what I had left in money ball. …….. only had 4.58


    1. Dangerous game for the Catters. Big ground doesn’t suit and they have a weakened line up. Wouldn’t want Freo to get off to a good start.


      1. I think they’ve got more a strengthened lineup than weakened, Duncan and Stewart much bigger ins than what Selwood and Ablett are outs. Fremantle have Fyffe out – now that’s a weakened lineup. Agree with the big ground but Geelong should have to much class in the middle for Freo. Guess we will find out!


  2. Mildura red hots tomorrow at 11.30am
    Race 1 number 11 Loorrim lake
    Will give everyone a good each-way look and is rated $17 win


  3. Miss Redoble gets up for third in Sydney adding $35 to my total. That means I’ve banked $169.18. I’ll take a seat and bring Raj in next week.



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