17 thoughts on “Game Chat – Gold Coast v Carlton”

  1. CRipps is off the ground – they dont know what is wrong … but Boyd (sub) is warming up and about to come into game – stay tuned for news …

    huge news for those that have him as a C this week if it is Cripps off!!!


  2. Sorry all I traded in Cripps this week. Had the coin to go Chapman, do some DPP and bring in Cripps. Chapman tonned up and Cripps does his hammy. #thatssupercoach


  3. The gods have struck,
    Firstly Pruess has had mummy in his ear too much !
    And yes i am one off the cripps suckers for skipper as he handles the tag -fark
    Kept Stephens in favour of Rachele – to bring in Martin
    Anyways not the end of the world but good chance for the blues to show some metal and prove that maybe they are moving forward.
    Happy supercoach sunday .


      1. Almost tempted to salt, parboil, oven roast and then trade him to English.

        Anticipating I’ll need the RUC cover after Preuss doing his best Mumford impression last night.


        1. I traded him in after his huge R1 score. He’s done little since.

          The really bad news is, Brodie was the one to make way after TOG issues. 🙁



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