Game Chat – GWS v North

Written by Motts on March 16 2024

Venue: Homebush

Time: 4:35pm AEDT

Last time: Greater Western Sydney 15.13 (103) d North Melbourne 11.9 (75), R13 2023

What it means
Greater Western Sydney more than lived up to the pre-season hype with a devastating display against reigning premier Collingwood and can now double down against the less-fancied North Melbourne. The Giants’ had too much firepower for the Magpies with Callum Brown (five goals), Jesse Hogan (four) and Aaron Cadman (two) among the talls leading the way, and can eye an even bigger feast of majors against the Kangaroos’ injury-riddled defence.

North Melbourne faces what already looms as one of the toughest challenges of its season when it opens up against the impressive GWS with a side that has only got younger since a 17th-placed finish last year. But the budding talent throughout the group brings plenty of excitement with it, and more focus on the brisk ball movement of ‘NorthBall’ is sure to make the most of the Roos’ promising crop.

Game shapers
GWS key forward Jesse Hogan looks in peak condition after booting a career-high 49 goals last year. Hogan started this season with four goals against Collingwood as the Giants ran rampant and will now be licking his lips at the prospect of lining up against North Melbourne’s inexperienced and under-sized defence.

George Wardlaw gave more than a glimpse off his talents in eight matches for North Melbourne last year even while the midfielder took time to get his body right for the rigours of AFL. The Kangaroos will look to Luke Davies-Uniacke to burst from stoppages and the likes of Harry Sheezel to add polish on the outside, but Wardlaw can start the engine with his ferocious attack on the ball and GWS onballers.


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20 thoughts on “Game Chat – GWS v North”

  1. I need some advice asap please before this games bounce.

    I am seeing alot of hype around Sam Berry. And the coach said he’s the 4th cog named in their midfield and named onball to!

    TU: Green & burgess (F8 anyway but plays mckercher onfield)
    TD: Steele & S.Berry (pushes mckercher to my bench)


  2. It’s only team sheets I know, BUT
    Lazzaro named down back?
    Sheezel onball?
    Mckercher on bench?

    Could lazzaro have a HB distribution role and rotate with sheezel and mckerch?


  3. Can anyone tell me where mckercher and sheezel are playing? Lazzaro to if you’ve taken note of him out there…

    I have no access to the match atm.


    1. Cheezel and McKercher distributing defenders, Cheezel on ball occasionally, Lazzaro more on ball and floating forward. All are going ok.


  4. Happy so far with Green, Cheezel, McKercher and Cadman (bench).
    Might regret taking Daicos v/c score if Green goes huge.
    Fischer needs to show more, very ordinary first half.
    I’ve already gotta trade 2 injured rookies but Fischer needs a better 2nd half to stay in ahead of my fav “burn man” Heeney next round


  5. HELP PLS!

    TU Dawson & Fyfe F2 17k itb (Sanders M7)
    TD Serong & S.Berry M6 99k itb (enough to upgrade Gibcus to Massimo but leaves Mannagh on field in fwd line sub risk)


  6. Left McKercher out thinking his scoring would be effected by Sheezel Fisher and McDonald. Got that wrong. Having Gibus [D6] and Reid adds to my problems


        1. Don’t worry about it Betty.

          If you look nearly every post on this thread has a Thumbs down.
          Somebody having a bad day with nothing better to do.

          Just ignore the negativity and keep posting.

          Have a good weekend and may your team goes big.


  7. I am having no success in logging onto the supercoach website. I will be SEVERELY pissed if I am unable to confirm T.Green as my C for the round.



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