Game Chat – GWS vs Carlton

Written by Thommo on September 3 2020

Where and When: Metricon Stadium, Thursday 3 September 7:10pm (AEST)

Last time they met: Rd 9: Giants Stadium, GWS 20.18 (138) def Carlton 7.3 (45)

Match Preview: The Giants looked like they gave a stuff for the first time in weeks in their match against Fremantle last round. When they are going well they are a talented, scary prospect but they just don’t turn up most weeks. And if they don’t turn up tonight, the Blues are exactly the type of team who can steal a win and keep their mathematical chance of finals alive. However, even with Kelly out with a mummified face, that won’t happen if the Blues play like they did against the Pies!

SC Watch: For the Giants, Coniglio surely has to go large with Kelly and Ward out. A few coaches are also rocking Haynes and Williams down back and many happy coaches have beast-mode Whitfield and Jake Riccardi.

For Carlton, Docherty returned to some form last week but unfortunately Cripps is carrying a knee injury. Does anyone have any spare trades?

Thommo Watch: Cripps is on his last chance for Thommo’s Tribe. If he looks sore he will be departing after this week.

Thommo’s Tip: Giants by 12 points.


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29 thoughts on “Game Chat – GWS vs Carlton”

  1. So this probably isn’t the place to put this but I’m thinking about doing something sillyish
    I have 4 trades left
    Jarrod Berry named in the centre tomorrow and he tends to do well there (I think )

    Thinking go Macrae to Berry

    TU yeah give it a crack
    TD nah hold Macrae as he’ll be useful the last few rounds


  2. Now my live SC scores have stopped working also
    Happens every year
    As soon as the money stops coming in the site goes to shyt


  3. Got these scores from dream team
    Gives an idea of the scores

    19.Nick Haynes47
    0.B Hill43
    4.Toby Greene40
    14.Tim Taranto39
    29.Zachary Williams38
    31.Jeremy Finlayson35
    2.Jacob Hopper35
    36.Harry Perryman32
    35.Aidan Corr31
    0.Lachlan Ash30
    16.Brent Daniels29
    27.Harrison Himmelberg25
    6.Lachie Whitfield25
    41.Shane Mumford23
    3.Stephen Coniglio19
    23.Heath Shaw19
    0.Jake Riccardi19
    24.Matthew De Boer17
    40.Adam Kennedy12
    25.Lachlan Keeffe8
    18.Jeremy Cameron6
    38.Daniel Lloyd5

    0.Sam Walsh42
    3.Marc Murphy39
    10.Harry McKay36
    4.Jack Martin34
    41.Mitchell McGovern32
    31.Tom Williamson32
    6.Kade Simpson28
    23.Jacob Weitering27
    16.Jack Newnes26
    27.Marc Pittonet25
    35.Edward Curnow23
    18.Eddie Betts22
    15.Sam Docherty20
    11.Will Setterfield19
    2.Paddy Dow16
    0.Matthew Cottrell16
    9.Patrick Cripps11
    41.Levi Casboult11
    29.Cameron Polson9
    14.Liam Jones7
    5.Sam Petrevski-Seton6
    25.Zac Fisher2


  4. Is it just me or is anyone else frustrated by the so called premo scoring this round? You think you are full premo…


    1. It’s like they know it’s Leagues SuperCoach No head to head week.
      Own Walters , Petracca, Shuey , Cripps , Brayshaw ,
      Williams , Whitfield – All under par in same week


  5. 3/4 Time – Blues lead 5.8.38 to Giants 2.11.23

    Nick Haynes 106
    Shane Mumford 83
    Toby Greene 81
    Jacob Hopper 78
    Lachlan Ash 77
    Tim Taranto 70
    Jeremy Finlayson 70
    Aidan Corr 65
    H. Himmelberg 64
    Harry Perryman 62
    Ian Hill 61
    Heath Shaw 61
    Adam Kennedy 59
    Lachie Whitfield 56
    Brent Daniels 55
    Zac Williams 54
    Stephen Coniglio 43
    Matthew de Boer 38
    Jeremy Cameron 34
    Jake Riccardi 26
    Lachlan Keeffe 26
    Daniel Lloyd 21

    Sam Walsh 87
    Marc Murphy 83
    Kade Simpson 81
    Jacob Weitering 76
    Patrick Cripps 74
    Tom Williamson 72
    Harry McKay 69
    Sam Docherty 69
    Jack Martin* 68
    Jack Newnes 59
    Liam Jones 55
    Matthew Cottrell 53
    Ed Curnow 52
    Will Setterfield 52
    Marc Pittonet 52
    Eddie Betts 46
    Mitch McGovern 42
    Paddy Dow 41
    Cameron Polson 28
    Levi Casboult 21
    Zac Fisher 20
    S. Petrevski-Seton 17


  6. Is SPS done at Carlton?
    Sam Walsh (2nd year player and future captain material) had the opportunity to handball to SPS so he could kick inside 50, but decided he’d do it himself rather than suffer the disappointment of a certain turnover.
    SPS 1 kick, 2 handballs and a single tackle to 3qt.


      1. Whole site has crashed
        No more new subscriptions coming in
        To them it’s just costing money to run the site
        Watch how often there is issues now


  7. As it stands at R15, Lloyd is $165,600 more expensive than Haynes. As a coach without either, and with one defender left to upgrade next week (Noble), do I move heaven & earth to get Lloyd in? I have the cash to do a straight swap Noble to Haynes, whereas to get Lloyd, it needs to be 2 trades, and the 2nd one would have to be Draper who is still at R3. With Grundy on a bye next round, and without Draper, I’m running with just the one ruckman in Goldy. Admittedly it is still top 18 scorers so the ruck donut isn’t a major drama, but guess I’m trying to rationalize spending the extra money and the extra trade on Lloyd.

    TU: Get Lloyd. Just make it happen.
    TD: Get Haynes or Saad and bank the cash for the one last upgrade needed.

    Currently 4 trades remaining and still with either Riccardi/Mosquito at F6.



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