Poll: Round Score

Written by The Salamander on September 4 2020

One game to go. Keeping in mind that it’s best-18 scoring this week, what do you expect to score this round?

What do you expect to score this round?

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9 thoughts on “Poll: Round Score”

  1. Currently 1840 with Grundys score less 48 so around 1900. Seems trash but loads of premos stunk it up this round.

    TU: Hold rank
    TD: Look out below


  2. Should just get over 2000 depending on captain Neale’s score.

    Really like this poll any chance we can do it every week? Maybe in the progress scores, what do you think you’ll score early in the week, and what does it look like you’ll score later in the week.


  3. 1950/Gawn

    Neale and Grundy to come, only 21 on field

    Two of my lowest scores have been from Dusty and Walter with 50 points each basically smh


  4. Shithouse/Whitfield.Two weeks in a row haven’t taken Titch vc ,both times shafted by Macrae then Whitfield.



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